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Hey are you guys releasing a major update anytime soon similar to how you guys revamped Karma? (Curious) :-) I’m a big fan of you guys!!!

Hey mate!

We’re going to be rolling out smaller updates to Sterling instead of massive overhaul, however it’s going to be getting lots of love and great new features.

Cheers :)


I purchased the Sterling theme some time ago, and I have a valid License key to access TrueThemes support. However, I’ve changed my email and I no longer have access to the domain hosted email account I used when I registered, so the “forgot password” cannot send me a new password

Can you help please?

Thanks John

Sure thing John.

Please send us an email letting us new your old email address and new desired email address. We’ll manually go in and point things to the new email.

You can email us at:

Thank you :)

I am seeing bugs in this template, in the jquery slider.

Below 990px, the banner slider buttons are incorrect. It looks like they are pulling styles from _mobile.css that refer to a time when the button images were set in bg-slider-navigation-arrows.png. But style.css defines the slider button images from sprite.png. So, the size and background position are off in _mobile.css.

Additionally, images in the banner are getting cropped weirdly when the window width is below 990px. I haven’t figured this one out yet.

You can see these errors in your own demo site:

Have you guys got a fix coming up any time soon?

Thanks for reporting this my friend.

We will definitely review and implement the necessary fixes.

Cheers :)

I found another bug in the jquery slider. If the window is above 990px wide, when slides move to the edge of the screen, they don’t slide all the way off. Instead, they stop before reaching the edge of the screen and hang there overlapping the next slide, then disappear after a quarter second or so.

I would love to get a fix for this.

Thank you for this! We will review and implement fix.

Another bug with the jquery slider: if you use the arrow buttons to navigate the slides, after a few clicks the slider disregards whatever per-slide delay was set, and just starts scrolling through slides at a rapid pace.

By the way, I am seeing all of these bugs on Chrome and Safari, both on OS X.

Thank you for this! We’ll review and implement fix.

Cheers :)

I recently purchased sterling theme and I am finding it impossible to install various plugins. Revolution slider is one, nivo slider (which i was going t use before picking revolution) was another. Please help. If I can’t install plugins then the theme is useless to me.

Sure thing, we’re very happy to help you my friend.

Both plugins have worked nicely in the past so we’ll just need to take a closer peak behind the scenes to help determine the issue and provide a solution.

Please use the links below to submit a Ticket on our secure HelpDesk so we can gladly provide further assistance. Please include temporary login details to the dashboard so we can peak under the hood.

Thank you :)

TrueThemes HelpDesk:

Training Videos | FAQ | KnowledgeBase | Submit a Ticket

Where do I find the widget for newsletter? To put in the footer

i get this notification. “There is a new version of the Sterling Theme available. You currently have version installed. Please update to version 2.1.4.”

my style css syas Version:2.1.7 i have downloaded latest version from themeforest.


Please kindly ignore this notification. If running 2.1.7 you’re up to date and all good to go.

Sometimes web server will cache an old version of the ‘update notifier’ and provide false reading.

Thanks :)

How do i hide my slider on mobile version of site? Also for some reason whenever i add a class to my heading tags it outputs them as this:

Promote Hair Growth with Low-Level Laser Therapy

Hi there,

We’re very happy to help out. We’ll just need to see the website in action so we can determine which slider you’d like to hide as well the header output issue.

Kindly use the links below to submit a Ticket on our secure HelpDesk so we can gladly take a closer look.

Thank you :)

TrueThemes HelpDesk:

Training Videos | FAQ | KnowledgeBase | Submit a Ticket

Hi there, I am using your theme Sterling with satisfaction. However, it came to my attention that Site Options menu suddenly doesn’t work in Admin mode. If I click on Appearance > Site Options, it only shows blank. I have tried to re-upload Sterling files but it’s the same blank. It’s blank on my PC, Mac, all on browsers including Safari, Chrome, and IE 9. Any ideas? Thanks.

Hi John,

We’ve not run into this issue but we’re very happy to take a closer look behind the scenes and help to locate the issue.

Kindly use the links below to submit a Ticket on our secure HelpDesk so we can gladly take a closer look. Please provide temporary login details to the dashboard so we can replicate the issue.

Thank you :)

TrueThemes HelpDesk:

Training Videos | FAQ | KnowledgeBase | Submit a Ticket

I inserted a Gravity Form into a sidebar widget and subsequently there is a large gap between the widget heading and the form fields. How can I get rid of that gap?

Thanks in advance!

Sure thing my friend.

The sidebar on that page is a bit small for a fully-functional contact form. The form is essentially “too wide” which is causing it to be pushed down below it’s neighbor on the left.

A quality alternative might be to remove the contact from from sidebar and instead link to the contact page with a bit of text or button. (ie “Contact us today” and link to:

Thanks – that’s a good idea. I decided to use the awesome form-maker included with the theme.

How can I change the font color in the the main nav menu? Nothing I have tried has worked.

Thanks in advance!

Excellent glad to hear all is well :)

The nav links can be adjusted with a bit of CSS code. Simply grab the code below and drop into the ‘Custom CSS’ section of Sterling’s Site Options Panel and you’ll be all ready to rock.

‘Custom CSS’ is located under: Appearance > Site Options > Styling and CSS > Custom CSS

(adjust color as desired)

header nav a,
.search .current_page_parent a {
color: #000000;

Cheers :)

Here is one more question. Is it possible to put the picture on the footer widget? Please check this site. ( I want to make the footer widget like this web site. Can you help me, please?

Hi There,

Yes adding a picture to a Wordpress footer is indeed possible.

We’ve just put together this article outlining the steps:

Hope you enjoy :)


I have an alignement problem on the gallery page as you can see :

How can I fix this ?


I will try this. Thank you

Worked fine. GREAT !! Nice job

Excellent :)

Do you have plans to create a splash page like you did for Karma? Something that can be used as a landing page for online ads that can have the top navigation removed?



This wasn’t on the radar but it’s an excellent idea. We’ll add this into the upcoming release.

Cheers :)

Hi. Is there any RTL support in sterling?

No, not at this time. Perhaps a release in the future will receive RTL.

Thanks so much

This may have been answered previously, but unfortunately I am on a tight deadline and do not have time to sort through all the comments and I apologize for that. I am setting up a “new website coming soon” page with the template provided in the theme. However, there is an alignment problem with the “Days”, “Hours”, “Minutes”, “Seconds” labels when the window size is under 480px wide. I’ve attached two links to images showing the problem. How can I fix this?

Thanks in advance.


We’re very happy to assist you my friend.

Kindly use the links below to submit a Ticket on our secure HelpDesk so our support staff can gladly provide assistance.

Thank you :)

TrueThemes HelpDesk:

Training Videos | FAQ | KnowledgeBase | Submit a Ticket

I already had your Sterling Website Template. Now I am interested in WordPress Template How it is possible to customize the other form element such as -

  • Radio Option
  • Checkbox
  • Select List
  • Upload File
So We can create the theme for form element.Please note that we don’t want for all colors.We need CSS for form element & png/jpg image.

Following is the the site for checkbox & radio button

I don’t website for
  • Selection List
  • Upload File Button.

If you are implementing it ,I am interested to buy this. Note : I wanted to know also How can I change the look & feel of textbox & text area.

Hi There,

Thank you very much for your interest in the Sterling theme.

The items you’ve listed (radio, checkbox, etc) currently only come with their “default styling”. Styling these types of elements can be done with JavaScript however cross-browser compatibility sometimes becomes an issue as these are “non-standard” styling elements. We don’t have plans to style those items at this time but when browser support increases we surely will re-visit.

Thank you :)

Installed on my Window 7 developement server & Latest XAMPP version. My top menu is not showing as per (as per your Website).I have installed parent Theme & child theme also.I have installed layer slide &3D CU3ER plugin also. But Where I am committing mistake I am not been able to find. Please guide me. This is very urgent.Since I have to start night only.For your reference I have attached screen shot of first Page.I have raised support ticket for the same on your help-desk.

Sure thing my friend. Solution has been provided via HelpDesk.

Cheers :)

Superior Theme Support! Thank you for your amazingly fast replies with clean code that works. Five Stars for the entire Sterling Theme Team! :bigsmile:

Thanks so much! :)

I have an video account, can I use it in your slider post ‘Featured video’ section… it says on youtube and vimeo?

Hi There,

The featured video uses Wordpress’ built-in oEmbed functionality and Wistia is unfortunately not yet built into the core.