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nice animatons.. i like it, :D

Wow. This is really well done. Good luck, Jo. :)

Many thanks :)

Thank you!

I urchased the template. Try with orginal images but looks very bad on my iPad on rotate the device. Can you please review it?

Thats all i get as solution? This answer?

It isnt designed to work on small devices, it states this on the sidebar of the item’s description.

too bad.. not useful for me. another death gulli

No animation on IE9. Your thoughts?

There’s not much I can do about this until Internet Explorer catches up with other browsers! :)

..then IE9 should not be listed as a compatible browser, right? I’m using Quartz and love it.

It is compatible as everything works bar the animation, exactly the same as Quartz.

Since the template is not optimized for mobile or anything other than desktop browsers, is there a way to keep everything proportionate when on a mobile device?

Looks like shit on my iPhone. The template is great, I just want to keep everything in tact and looking like the desktop version on mobile (not responsive or anything, just desktop only). Right now it expands on any mobile device.


Sorry to hear this but it does state that it is a fixed template. I think that it passes on the horizontal view on the iPhone doesn’t it? What do you mean by ‘Right now it expands on any mobile device.’?

Thanks for the response! What I mean by this, is it loads much larger than the standard 320 pixel width or whatever an iPhone or other mobile devices standard width may be.

I have tried editing the meta viewpoint tag, etc. but cannot get it to load smaller for mobile devices. Don’t suppose you would have a trick to make it load so that the user would not have to manually shrink the size down upon loading?

Here is a link just in case:

Thank you again for the quick response and help!

This is because it’s a fixed width… I checked on my iPhone and it fits on horizontal view. There’s not much I can do unless I make it responsive and I did try but it’s difficult due to the text transitions.

Really easy to edit. Got my client’s design up in less than 10 minutes. Well pleased!

Jolly good! :)