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Awesome ! Good luck with sales.

Thanks IulianN!

Great theme! Congratulation! One question, where can I buy the T-shirts? They look great as well…!

Thanks businessware! The shirts are from they were kind enough to let me use them for the demo.


Ivor Envato Team

Very clean Jake. Nice job!

Hey thanks Ivor!

Bookmarked – really nice.

Thanks Eyemagin!

nice store, interested in purchasing this theme, is it possible to have full background images like as seen here?


Sorry, no. Not without some heavy customizations.

I’m interested in purchasing this theme. I’m not familiar with Cart66 but is it possible to have a more integrated checkout process. Something like with this theme:

In yours it goes straight to Paypal. Thanks, I love your theme!

It all depends on the payment method you’re using. In the demo I’m using PayPal Express. I believe PayPal pro allows you to take payments on your site without having to be taken away to their site. Also, the rest of the payment methods Cart66 uses (check to see the list) would keep you on site as well.

Thanks for your interest!

This looks great! Could you possibly tell me how item titles will look when they are longer than the box provided?

On this page ( all item titles are quite short, most of mine are much longer (I sell music)

thanks, Adam

Hi Adam, If you have longer titles the title area will simply expand. They row it is in will get taller but everything remained aligned as much as possible.

You can check out this screenshot.

I just purchased this theme but it will not install… Error message as follows….. The package could not be installed. The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet.

Theme install failed.

I am uploading the zip file into WP???

Please help, thanks

No, you don’t upload the entire zip file.

If you’re using the WordPress theme uploader, you should zip the theme file only and upload it. If you unzip the folder you downloaded from ThemeForest you should have a folder called 1.0 and within that is a folder called stored. This is the actual theme folder. You can then zip that file and directly upload that through your Theme Uploaded in your WP dashboard.

Worked Perfect Thanks!

No problem! ;)

I’ve never used Cart66 – would like to buy the theme and roll with the Cart66 Lite version to start. Will this theme work with the lite (free) version of the plugin or do we have to buy the pro version?

Excited about this theme! Thanks!

Yup, it’ll work fine with Cart66 Lite. The only difference between the two is some of the features and payment gateways. You can learn more about it here

Thanks for the interest!

Awesome thanks – and thanks for the quick reply! Purchase the theme and can’t wait to get it up and running!

No problem! Thanks for the purchase! Shoot me an email if you need anything =)

Hi, it looks like a shop that I seek. - It is possible to have a Home page like this page: ?

- It is possible change the size, the height of the slider?

- It is possible there have products in multiple lines (such as three)?

- What is paging (for multiple products, product pages)?

- Is it possible to transfer money to pay?

- What about foreign language translation? It is easy and completely translate in .po .mo files?

Hi filipos,

1 – The home page can look like that by simply removing the slider and NOT filling in the options in the Theme Options for the ‘subheader message’ and the button on the bottom.

2 – The slider already auto-sizes based on the content that is in it, however it does have a min-height set in the CSS that can be changed if you need it to be smaller.

3 – The Theme Options lets you set how many items you want to show. You can have as many lines of products as you want. There are separate options for the home page and for the rest of the site

4 – There are ‘previous’ and ‘next’ buttons that appear when you have more products than are set in that last option I showed you ( )

5 – You mean like credits? Like ThemeForest does? I don’t believe so, but that would be part of Cart66 if it did. You can see the features here

6 – I currently do NOT have any translation files, sorry.

Thanks for your interest!

Lovely theme! I have a couple of questions before I purchase:

  • The search results seem buggy on the demo.
  • See this screenshot where I search “t-shirt”.
  • Are there any options in the theme for displaying search results?
  • The demo only shows 1 category, so what would the “Store+” page show if there were more than just 1 T-Shirt category?
  • I’d like my visitors to be able to sign-in/register with Facebook.
  • Will the ‘Stored’ theme coexist with FB single sign-on for WP plugins like Simple Facebook Connect, Janrain Engage or WP-Facebook Connect?
  • Thanks! Looking forward to your response and using your theme!

Sounds good. Thanks!

This reply came back from cart66 support:

“Unfortunately, this is not a current feature of Cart66. Sorry about this. We don’t have any current plans to integrate Cart66 with Facebook or any other single sign-on authentication sites.

“If you have any further questions, please let me know.”

Thanks davebrad!

That’s what I expected, but it’s nice to have it confirmed. Sorry if the theme doesn’t suit your needs because of that!

very clean very easy very nice…...thx for your work! Good luck!

Thanks a lot danelcon! And thanks for the purchase!

I was just checking out the sample site and noticed that once you click Paypal button in checkout that it brings you to an external page from Paypal with different styling…Is there any simple to keep that section of the Paypal checkout embedded in the site framework so the user never feels like they leave the site / cart? Or is it just normal for that part of the Paypal checkout to be on the Paypal styled page?


You can’t keep them onsite with PayPal, no. You can use one of the other payment gateways to keep them onsite though. The full list of Cart66 features is here

Hi there,

Great theme, Love it. I want to buy it, but bit confused, Here are my requirement;

I would need the options on the buy now page so that the price of these options can be added.

Also I want to add some packages on this page which can be added in cart from there.

I want to show these packages on separate page with buy now buttons.

How can you help me.

1 – Yes that’s possible. In Cart66 when you need an option to have an additional price you just need to put a ”+ $2.00” or whatever the price may be next to it.

2 – The single product pages can only handle ONE add to cart section. If you want ‘packages’ you would need to create them each as their own product.

3 – Putting the ‘Packages’ on a separate page isn’t a problem. Just add them each as their own product and put them in their own category. You can then just put a link to the category page in your menu. Much like this page

Hi Design Crumbs,

Great theme I need a bit of help please.

I’m busy building my Products with this Theme. I’ve managed to build the Slider pages no problem but how do I build a page with the Product Details as seen on this page

Do I use the ‘Pages’ or the ‘Products’ part, as this page seems to have 3 Frames and I don’t know how to mirror this style.

Thanks in advance,


Hi g7uy, Thanks for the purchase.

That’s the product page. You can follow the steps in the help file here and it will automatically create the three columns.

If you have any more issues please create an account on and I’ll help you there. Thanks!

Thanks for your help

No problem!

Really love the theme man! Great work! Couple issues I’m struggling with;

1) My “View All Products” button on the homepage is linking back to the homepage. How can I fix this link?

2) This may be a Cart66 question, but I’m interested in seeing the price on the product pages change as options with additional costs are added. Any way to accomplish this?

3) My search results show all of my products, not just the ones that match the query. Is there a fix for this?

Hi Eric, Thanks for the purchase!

1 – That’s set on the Home Page tab under your Appearance > Theme Options. You most likely left it blank.

2 – That is a Cart66 question. I’m not aware of that ability, that’s why the additional features just say + $2.00 in the description I believe. You might want to ask in their forums or on the plugin forums if you’re using the lite version.

3 – You’re right. That appears to be a bug, as it’s happening in the demo site as well. I’ll look into it first thing tomorrow and release and update to the theme.

If you have any more issues, I’d appreciate it if you could post them over at I just launched it and haven’t updated the help file included in the theme yet (So I’ll do that tomorrow as well).


The fix was easier than I anticipated. I uploaded version 1.4 to ThemeForest, it’ll go live as soon as they push it through. Just watch for the main preview image to say 1.4 in the top left and then download the newest version.

Thanks again for pointing that bug out ;)


I can get the theme to work after downloading, and Cart66 is installed, but when I click on a product it says Product Info Not Available for each product.

I looked through your help file, but it doesn’t cover this.

Any ideas?

I haven’t seen that before.

Could you send me your WP login info to ( support at designcrumbs dot com ) and then create a thread at and I’ll respond over there. Thanks!

Thanks for the reply. I’m out of the office until around 5 or 6 pm EST today. I will be back then and will forward login information as well as make a support thread. Hopefully you will be able to fix it then, thanks again.