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Hey there,

So I did end up picking up the theme…going great so far! Loving it. Only issue I’m having is the “View All Products Button Text” button isn’t showing up. I have set text to it in the theme options but for some reason it doesn’t want to show.

Any ideas?


Did you also put in your URL for the main store page? That’s needed as well.

Please open a thread in my support forum if you have any more issues, myself or my staff will be back in there on Monday.

Worked, thanks very much :) I thought the store link was just for Cart66 stuff, and as I’m in affiliate mode I didn’t think I needed that.


Hey Designcrumbs! is it possible to have the site display the way it does in the demo? Like use sample content etc, and then just upload my own content as I go? Kinda confused about some of the steps in the setup.

Sorry, no. I don’t have permission to redistribute the images of the shirts in the demo. If you buy the theme, just follow the included instructions and it’ll walk you through setup.

@designcrumbs; I did purchase and download it, what’s the file for the instructions? The steps I was following was in the theme options>support>help file but some of the information isn’t really clear. I’m just trying to get the structure of the site down. If you could help it would really be appreciated.

my site is (it’s an electronic cigarette distributor)

Please open a thread in my support forum and we can help you out there.


yes, i started a thread and commented on a couple others (rippoffnow) please hit me back as some of the issues seem small but i just want to get them fixed and out of the way.

Myself or my staff will get to it sooner than later.

Hi, I purchased the theme yesterday. I have a bit of a problem with the slider images. It seems that if I use an image with a transparent background in the slider that is a different size than (460×500) than the background of the image is all black.

I noticed that all of the slide images on the demo are (460×500). How can fix this so that I can use another size image for the sliders?


That black isn’t anything in the theme, it’s the way your saving your images out. Try saving them differently.

Hi, I purchased your theme. In my install, when a user buys an item, it doesnt get added to Car66 : orders, the only way of tracing it is in the Paypal description. I added this inCart66>orders: new (0) | complete (0) | canceled (0) | All (0), but stilll no luck, can you advise please? The url is Thanks for your help, great theme btw.

I haven’t seen this before. Have you contacted Cart66? This seems to be an issue with the plugin, not the theme.

Hey there,

Purchased the theme and loved it but I am having a problem with the homepage slider not flowing evenly.

Instead of it gracefully going to the next picture and resizing the rest of the site below it accordingly, it just jumps to the next picture after completely disappearing for a second.

Any reason why this might be?

Offhand I’m not sure. Please open a thread in my support forum and we’ll take a look.

I also just uploaded version 2.4 which has quite a few updates to the file structure and some important backend things for the latest version of Cart66 and newer jQuery. Check back later to see if ThemeForest pushed it out yet, you’ll see a yellow 2.4 badge in the top left of the preview image.

Version 2.4 is now available. You can get it on your downloads page.

I’ve purchased this theme prior to the affiliate mode being introduced. Is this available to me? The version it says i have is Version 2.3.

Affiliate Mode was introduced in version 2.0. If your current version is 2.3, you have it.

You can also download the latest version, 2.4, from your downloads page.

Similar problems to drfunk1986 Sample content with dummy images a HUGE help to a lot of to get started.

When I try to verify my site is reports “purchase code is already used” So I cant even start a ticket.

I just checked, it looks like you do have an account on the support site. Did you try to login? Maybe you accidentally hit the submit button twice or something?

hi, there .. i luv ur theme. i think this is what im looking for. i have a few questions b4 i purchase it… does the german translation come with it? can i also add visa or master card or bank debit as a payment form? do i need anything extra to use paypal ? i saw something about cart66- what is that?.. thnx for your reply…


Thanks for the interest!

The German translation does not come with it. You’d need to translate it yourself. A Google search will bring up plenty of tutorials on how to do that. As seen here.

Cart66 is the cart system that the theme uses. The theme itself doesn’t handle any payments or inventory or anything like that, it simply styles it. You can try the Cart66 Lite plugin for free before buying the theme if you’d like to see how it works. The Lite version only handles PayPal, to be able to accept credit cards you’d need to need Cart66 Pro; You can learn more about that here.

thnx for the quick reply.. all the best

No problem!


I'm using this theme in affiliate mode. I just want to know how to add related products.

Every related posts plugin i checked is focused around posts, categories, tags. Cant find a plugin which shows related product types or product tags.

There’s nothing built into the theme for that, but you can contact and they’ll be able to quote you on getting that customized.

hiya, still luv the theme so far but trying to wrap my head around the whole ecommerce thing… quick question? which gateway would u recommend and what are the differences…thnx for ur help :)..

and misija or cloudswipe?

That’s a big question!

First off, while the theme will work with CloudSwipe, it designed for Cart66. Mijireh has support for any gateway you want.

It all comes down to what you want to offer your customers. Every business is different so I can’t really say which route you should go… I’m just here to make sure you look good while doing it ;)

Hi there, I’m looking for a great affiliate theme to sell books and digital downloads. I want to sell my own products and allow affiliates to create stores and sell theirs. Is that possible with this theme?

Thanks, Rita Lorraine

I don’t think so. Technically it’s possible with any theme, but not out of the box. Honestly, I’d recommend having a custom site built for you from the ground up.

Got it.

Hi, I was wondering if your theme would work with the Shopp Plugin? or just Cart 66?

Technically it will work, but it’s specifically styled for Cart66. I wouldn’t recommend using it with anything but Cart66, it won’t look the same as what you see in the demo with any other plugin.

Hi Jake,

Will the Carousel Gallery of Wordpress Jetpack work on an individual product page (ie. thumbnails of 3 different angles of a hat that when clicked, opens in a lightbox slideshow showing larger images)?

I inserted a gallery but when I previewed/updated, there was only a black stripe with “This slideshow requires JavaScript.” on the line above it.

Love the theme :)



It looks like you uploaded the wrong file (which is causing other problems for you, too). You uploaded the entire download file, you need to upload ONLY the stored theme folder. Since you uploaded the entire download folder you have a space and a period in it and that’s breaking links to other parts of the theme, including the jQuery.

Ha! I knew it was my bonehead move! That worked :) Thanks dude.

No problem!

Hi, I am having an issue with my products. I want them to look like this one.

But they all end up looking like this one.

Thank you for an awesome theme! :)

I did this, it still doesn’t work right, please explain like im completely ignorant, because i am. :)

we fixed it, we did this, Upload a new one and not choose a already uploaded.

also, my prices show &dollar after them, how do i fix this, or get rid of it i should say.

Open up a thread in my support forum and leave your URL. Shoot an email to bryan at designcrumbs dot com with your WP login info and reference the post you created in the support forum and he’ll take a look to find what’s going on.

How do you remove the product list off the home page? I only wantt he main slider to show the item for sale. Email or reply :)

Please open a thread in our support forum and we’ll help you out.

I use Stored. The products pages stopped working. I cannot for the life of my figure out how to get to support. I havw a license. I created an account at Evato.(sp) Cannot find the page on Themeforest. This is ridiculous. Please get me to some support. My site with Stored is totally screwed up.

Hi there, You don’t have a ‘purchased’ badge on your account. You must have purchased it on another account. Please log into my support forum using that account.

Problem with product tags not showing in menus, resolved trough forums thanks.

Great! Thanks!