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Is there an SEO plugin that also works on product pages? Thanks.

I believe All In One SEO works with everything.

Hows the progress on the WooCommerce Support for this theme. Six Months ago you said, there is a chance you will make it. Any new developments on this subject?



Well there’s always a chance, but right now I have no plans to create a WooCommerce version of the theme.

This theme looks wonderful and it seems to be the right fit for my client’s needs. I have one doubt before going ahead and purchasing your product. Would this work with the lite version of the Cart66 plugin? And if so what are the limitations.

Thank you!

It works just fine with the lite version. Nothing changes about the theme at all, just the functionality of the plugin. Feel free to try Cart66 Lite prior to purchasing the theme if you’re not familiar with it.

And thanks for the interest!

is there an option or actually can you make this option for me and i will pay where the prices of specific items change to the price of gold or silver. Example, if i am selling silver and gold coins and bullions i need the products to change to the current price of gold and silver which changes monday thru friday when the market opens and closes

That’s a very specific thing customization you need done. Please contact and they’ll be able to get you a quote on that, but I can tell you right now it’ll be quite expensive.

I’d like to purchase this theme, but I want to just be able to use it with PayPal for now. Does the theme allow for that? Meaning mainly can i use it as a stand alone tool or does it need to be hooked into some other third party cart software (cart66 or otherwise) in order to work as a full shopping experience for a user (select product, size, color, quantity, etc. add to cart and pay via paypal)?

Thanks a lot

Thanks for the interest!

You still need to have Cart66. Cart66 Lite is free and allows for PayPal. You can try the plugin out first prior to buying the theme if you’d like.

Thank you for the quick response. I’ll take a look.

No problem!

Can I integrate this theme with CubeCart?

I suppose if this theme is meant for wordpress, I can use wp e-commerce cart as well instead of Cart66 or a woocommerce one… can that be done?

Technically any cart system will work, but the theme has specific styles for Cart66. I can’t guarantee any other cart plugin will look the same as Cart66. So it will work, but I don’t recommend it.

Oh okay.. Thanks :D

Hello I’m going to buy your theme, but I have one question – is it possible where it says “View Item Details” to be changed with add to cart button? It will be used with cart66, just asking if you aware to some limitations by cart66 or something like that. Thanks in advance.

That’s not possible, no. Cart66 buttons are added via a shortcode into the content editor and there’s not a clean way for me to pull that to other pages in a theme created for the masses. In theory, it could be done, but you’d be doing a lot of customizations.

I think I get it – the add to cart button should be inside the post content, it can’t be outside the loop. Do you think I can achieve that with something like lightbox that preview the post content, sismilar to the Botique theme from Elegant themes.

You probably could, but again, that’s not standard in the theme. You’d have to customize it and it would be an easy job.

Hey ! I have purchased your theme and tried to login to the forum but for some reason it would not go through. I simply want to know how I make custom categorized stores.

Just like you have on the demo: Store>Animals

I want to be able to separate products but can’t seem to figure it out. I have my products tagged and categorized but how do I build a page and tell that page to only show those categorized products?

Thanks again!


You need to use the same username and email address that is associated with your ThemeForest account. Also, ensure you are using the correct purchase code, found here.

In the demo those are links to the archive pages for the product categories. You can set them on your Appearance > Menus page. If they’re not on the list in the left, hit the ‘screen options’ tab on the top right of the screen and check the box for categories.

Let’s move back to the forum for any other issues you may have, please and thank you :D

How do I add items to the store?

You do that through Cart66. Adding product posts themselves is done through the theme. Please see the included help file and for walkthroughs.

Hello can i have the sample content because i found some problems creating the theme. Thank you!

Unfortunately no. I don’t have permission to redistribute the images in the demo. If you follow the help file step by step it will walk you through setup.

ok i will try thnx!

Sure thing!

Hi, I’m trying to put a Widget in my Blog_Sidebar, but it’s appearing on the Product Type pages see Is there a way of just showing this sidebar on my actual Blog Page?

Thanks in advance

You’d need to create a new widgetized area specifically for the product archive’s. Please open a thread in my support forum and we can point you in the right direction over there or we could customize the theme for you.

Also, a newer version of your theme is available. You can learn more about how to download and update your theme here.

Includes Cart66 Premium or i have to perchuase? For editing my site i need premium version

You have to purchase Cart66 Pro separately.

Is this theme generally SEO friendly? Does this theme work properly with Yoast SEO Plugin? The title on a product page is a H2-Tag. Can I change it to a H1-Tag?

I actually recommend Yoast SEO or All-In-One SEO for all of my themes ;)

If you’re comfortable going into the code, you could just pop into single-products.php and change the h2 to an h1. I’d recommend doing so through a child theme, but that’s a pretty minor change if you wanted to do it right in the main theme.

Where can we buy the template for the tshirt?

Oh, I thought it was a template

I havent check this for a while, but i cant access products in dashboard when i tried to check for drafts. I can add new products though. I also reinstalled wordpress but not helping.

I can access Product-types, tags, add-new with no problems. Help please.

Error Server error The website encountered an error while retrieving It may be down for maintenance or configured incorrectly.

Can you confirm you’re using the latest version of the theme, Cart66, and Options Framework?

If so and you’re still having this problem, open a thread at http::// and we’ll help you over there.

how to add multiple images to the product pages

Just upload them to the product post. They’ll automatically show up.

Please open a thread at and we’ll help you over there.


I’ve just bought the Stored theme, and to be honest I’m a quite disappointed…I wanted to use it only for the “affiliate mode”, but I did not find the functionnalities I was looking for.

Could you please cancel my subsription and refund my Envato account?

Thank you,


No I can’t, sorry. I don’t have that power. You’ll have to take it up with Envato support, linked to in the bottom of the site here.

I’m more than happy to help with any issues you’re having though.

Hi! I’m looking for a theme that meets my client needs, this looks like one : ) Is it possible to change the color of the header? I mean not using the light or dark version, use one of a mine. Also, how does the affiliate button version works? I don’t need to have the cart, After the client sees the product its gonna be redirected to different site to complete the purchase. Can I do that?

Thank you!

The affiliate mode in the theme works exactly as you describe needing. The purchase button simply links to another site. There’s N option on each product post for the link.

As far as changing the header color, you can do that via a hold theme assuming you know a little CSS. A starter child theme is included with the download.

Thanks for your interest!

Hello, I bought this template today and have been working on gettting it setup. I like it overall, but I am having a problem with the drop down menues going crazy on me. The store menu that comes stock with the template does weird things. I was wondering if anyone had the same problems when they installed it. the site is so you can see what i am talking about with it. I tried it in chrome and IE.

Thanks for the help Ryan


It looks like you just need to set your WP Custom Menus. In your dashboard, head over to Apperance > Menus, and then set which menu you’d like to use in the first panel on the top left corner of the page. Seen here:

Let me know if that helps.


- Bryan DC Staff

That was close enough to get me pointed in the right direction. Thanks for the help and for creating a great theme

No problem Ryan, thanks for the purchase!