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Hello, I am having difficulty logging in to the forum. Previously registered two months ago, but am having trouble now. Tried to re-register and my purchase code was not accepted. Thank you.

If you already registered, your username is “tmcode” and you can use the password reset if you forgot your password.

Do you have a link you could post so we could check out this template in “Affiliate mode”? Would really help my purchase decision, thanks.

I don’t, but I have it installed locally so I took some screenshots for you.

This is the backend of a product post: – Those few extra fields show up when in Affiliate Mode.

The frontend looks like this:

Hope that helps!

Yes, that’s helps a lot.

Awesome. Thanks for your interest!

Other than the upper-navigation, how would I enable filtering? For example, by color, size, style, etc.? Thank you again.

That’s all that you can do. Just display links to tag and category archives. Unfortunately that’s all that WordPress has built in. And even if you weren’t using the Affiliate Mode, Cart66 doesn’t offer anything as far as filtering either.

Hi there,

I’m just wondering if we could add something that shows if the product is on sale?

Cheers, WW

Yes, that’s an option in the Cart66 plugin. I suggest trying the plugin before you buy the theme. The theme simply styles the output of the plugin.

Also, is this theme responsive?


No it is not.

How’s it going? Great theme, just got a couple questions before I commit to purchasing. I was wondering if it were possible to do something like illustrated in this sample I made of an idea I had using your theme:

To be specific, is it possible to place text/content above the main shirt slider your theme currently has? Like a Slider (from a plugin/script) and/or text and images.

Also, is it possible to remove the shopping cart from the homepage but have it for the rest of the other pages and align the main menu to the right.

Please let me know if this is already possible using your theme without the need for extensive coding, thanks.

No it’s not possible without extensive coding. You’d need to do some heavier modifications to make this happen. It’s definately possible to do via a child theme, but it’s not something that can be done just by the theme itself.

Well, I know building in some functions would take some work, however, is it possible to add text above the main slider?

There’s not a setting for that built in already, but putting a loop in there wouldn’t be that hard. You could literally just copy the loop from page.php and put it above the slider, which is in header.php

I love the slider on the home page!

Question: Will this theme work with Cart66 Cloud just like it does with Cart66 pro?

Before you purchase, if you’re not doing it right away, check back in with me ;)

We will be purchasing once they making inventory tracking part of the cloud version. I don’t want to upgrade with it out since the pro accounts have that. makes things a little easier!

I will check in with you before we purchase!

Cool. Thanks!

Hello, I was wondering if you have some kind of instructions or a video tutorial regarding this theme before I purchase it. I am very interested in this theme because all I will be selling will be t-shirts. I look forward to your reply.

There’s an included help file that walks you through step by step, but there’s not a video.

Hello my website’s front page all of a sudden went blank. I disabled all the plugins and it still was like that. Can you offer me any help?

Please open a thread at and we can try to help.

Hi, can i use another payment system instead of Cart 66?

The theme is only styled for Cart66. Any other plugin would technically work, but the look of them won’t match the theme and the cart/checkout links on top won’t work correctly.

With Cart66 you can use several payment gateways though, if that’s your concern.

Hello, I am having issues with images showing up on my product page. There is an image visible on the grid view of products, but then if I click on the product it’s just text on the product post page. There is an error that says my inventory won’t work because of a javascript error (I didn’t touch the JS) but the error only shows for a millisecond then disappears. I tried to make an account on your support page but it states that my purchase code is invalid.. Please help!

Your WordPress version should be the latest version as well, yes.

I just checked my user list on the support site and it looks like your account is active. It’s possible the register button got hit twice or the page loaded weird or something, registering you and then trying to register you again, throwing the error.

Either way, go ahead and just try to login, you’ll be able to :D

I got to log in and I fixed the problem. Thanks guys :)

Sure thing!

I’d appreciate a 5 star rating on the theme. You can do that on your downloads page. Thanks!

A few questions before I purchase!

1, How difficult is it to update/modify the header logo/images. Say if wanted to use my own header-imagery and not the dark lines there now?

2, In the ‘product’ posts can I link to other images and products that would compliment the one being viewed. Say for example I am on a t-shirt product page, can I in the ‘info area’ post a picture and a ‘add to cart’ button for a ball cap that goes along with it?

3, Can I remove the search bar, and or make general CSS customization’s easily?

1) The logo and all images are settings or posts in the theme. The background patterns would need to be changed through a child theme. You’d need to write your own CSS for that. So level of difficulty really comes down to your familiarity with coding CSS.

2) There’s not a ‘related products’ option or anything like that, but you can put whatever you want in the text area as that’s just through the WP editor. However, you wouldn’t be able to add a second Add To Cart section because the theme automatically grabs that and places it to the right.

3) Again, this all depends on your familiarity with CSS. You could do it through a child theme. If you’re not familiar with that, here’s a little blurb on my site, or you can Google it.

I hope that helps!

I was wondering if someone could help me out with a question I have.

I prefer the dark color scheme to the light color scheme. When I run the dark color scheme through google speed tests I see this… /wp-content/themes/stored/images/bg_blackstripes.png could save 226.5KiB (50% reduction) And a pretty long server response time.

When I switch the theme to light, the reduction kicks in, my performance grade shoots way up and my server response time increase by 1-2 seconds.

So obviously the dark style is slowing down the response time. Is there anything I can do to keep the dark style but work around this response time because I prefer it greatly to the light theme.

The images are already compressed, but you could try to compress them more if you want.

And the size of that bg_blackstripes.png is 217.5 KB, so I don’t know how Google thinks it can be compressed by 226.5…

Where I can download xml demoData file ? I want tools—> import and import settings from page demo.

Hi there! Sorry, I can’t redistribute the images that are in the demo so I’m unable to give you an XML of the demo. However, the included instructions walk you through setup step by step.

There’s just one thing between me purchasing this and not, and it’s the front page. I’m not sure I like the fact that the first thing you see is a product, is there any way I could customize it to something else with a picture and text? Thank you!

There’s not a setting for that in the theme. If you wanted to do that, you could do so via a child theme (which, a starting child theme is included in the download).

Does it works with WordPress 3.8?

Any related products plugin which work well with this theme ? I have used many (over 30 -50) none of them works.

Why make a theme for eCommerce if the theme doesn’t support,display related products ?

There’s nothing right now, but I plan to including something like that in the theme in an upcoming release.

I bought this theme for cart66 a few years back but never used it. I’m now wanting to use this theme for a easydigitaldownloads shop. Will this work or do I have to buy another license?

This theme isn’t set up for Easy Digital Downloads, only Cart66. I have another theme called “ReStored” that’s made for Easy Digital Downloads, it’s the same exact layout as this one, but setup for EDD instead of Cart66 :)

I’m aware. I was asking if I could swap the license.

Ah. That actually has nothing to do with me, you’d have to ask Envato. Since it’s been a few years and ReStored probably wasn’t available at the time, I doubt they’ll swap it for you, but you can ask.


which social sharing plugin would you recommend us to use with your theme? I was using the plugin called “Social sharing toolbox”, but then realized that when it’s activated I cannot close the picture window in the product detail (when maximized). I tried some other social sharing plugins but the problem is that I couldn’t include the sharing buttons on products pages, just blog posts.


I honestly don’t know. I’ve never used any, so your guess would be as good as mine ;)

dude i purchased this item but do you have any instructions on how to make it look like yours after installing word press and uploading the them all i get is a empty site

There’s no demo content included in the download (as I don’t have permission to redistribute the images). If you follow the instructions on how to set up your site it’ll take you through everything step by step.