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On the sample page for this theme you have the store on the homepage and then a link to a blog on the top header. Is there an option to enable this on the current theme? I can’t remember if I turned it off or it wasn’t there to begin with but I’ve been trying to find where to enable it for the past 30 minutes with no success.


Ah. Gotcha.

You need to create a Page for your blog and a Page for your homepage, and then go to Settings > Reading and set them as the front page and the posts page.

Then from there you can add those pages to the menu.

Awesome. Thanks a lot!

sure thing!

Hello. Can t seem to find a way of putting the login to work. The shortcut is [account-login], correct?

Kind regards,

Miguel M.

Yes that is. Note that the member logins are only for restricting content. You can read more at Cart66:

If you’re having issues with it, you should contact Cart66. I can and will support the theme, but I can’t support the plugin itself.


How can I show full blog posts including all pictures on the blog page? I’ve read its just a matter of changing a line of php in one of the files but I was hoping you could point me in the right direction.

the goal is to achieve something like this:


In index.php you need to change <?php the_excerpt(); ?> to <?php the_content(); ?> and you’ll likely want to remove the calls to the featured image as well.

If you need help, please open a thread in my support forum and myself or Bryan will help you out.

Is it possible to have the home page footer widgets show up on the other pages? My client wants to have the same footer widgets on all pages. Let me know, thanks.

It would require quite a bit of customizing since the inner pages are not the same width as the the home. If you’re comfortable with code and CSS you can open a thread in my support forum and we’ll point you in the right direction (however, we won’t do it for you). Otherwise, you can contact and they’ll be able to quote you on getting that customized.

For some reason, no matter what I do, the prices and variations are not showing up for my products.

Please help!!!

Also – is Cart 66 required to use this?

Just figured it out. Disregard the Product Details question and the Cart 66 questions.

Is there an option to add a front and back picture for each product?

Hi there! All you need to do to add multiple images is upload them to a product post and they’ll automatically appear on the front end. You can find out more in the help file.

If you have any more issues, please open a thread in my support forum

I am trying to use Paypal Standard for gateway but I am seeing this message on checkout.

Invalid Mijireh Configuration In order to use Mijireh, you must enter your Mijireh access key in the Cart66 Settings Panel or use the WordPress page editor to replace the gateway shortcode on your store/checkout page with the checkout shortcode for the gateway you intend to use.

Please advise.

You need to put the paypal shortcode on your checkout page. Cart66 places the Mijireh shortcode there by default.

If you have any more issues, please open a thread in my support forum

can I get your t-shirt mock up design?

I’m not sure what you mean. Can you clarify?

in your demo, those t-shirt images looks good I was wondering are those mock up design that we can purchase/get

Those aren’t a mockup, they’re actual shirts from

Can this theme be used with WooCommerce?

No, sorry. It’s only for Cart66.

Can i have the sample data file (exported one) as in the live preview ?

Sorry, but no. I don’t have permission to redistribute th images of the shirts. Open a thread in my support forum if you need help.

Is there any way I don’t have to upload the same image for multiple products? Some of my products share certain images and would like to avoid the hassle and clutter of duplicate images.

Also, I installed a plugin that hooks into the post page but not the theme’s product page. How can I include the plugin’s goodies in the theme’s product page?

These things are the only issues I have with your theme so far (other than the extra price field on the product page)... Other than that great work, hope to see some enhancements soon!

If your images are the main image, you can upload it once as the. Set it as the features image on all of them. Otherwise, you’d need to upload it to each one.

For the plugin, you’ll have to contact the plugin author.

Please post in my support forum of you need any more help.

Hey there I use this as a store and love the theme it’s great. A neat fature to add would be an over lay on the products when they are on special. Like a check box if a product is on special that adds a graphic to the existing thumbnail that basically say’s it’s on special or sale or what ever.

regards Josh.

Not a bad idea! I’ll keep it in mind for the next update.

Hi there, I just tried to sign up for support but your system doesn’t recognize any of my licence codes…. All I am trying to do is get rid of the comments, author and catagory lines for the posts and post date. But I’m not sure how to go about that. Thanks in advance.


Make sure you’re using the correct code. You can find it here:

You also need to use the same username and email as you use here at ThemeForest; Those three items are all checked against each other.

I like this theme. And I decided to buy. But I live in turkey. Does this theme support turkish? If does not support can you give me a configuration file that I can translate the words to turkish?

Hi there! Thanks for your interest!

An English translation file is included with the theme in the languages folder. You’d just have to take that translate it to Turkish and set WordPress itself up for Turkish, of course.

Does this work with the latest Cart66 plug-in? I see only 1.3, but they are now on 1.5

Thank you.

Yes it does. It’s been tested with the latest pro and lite versions.

Does it work in POST ? Can i paste the “add to cart” in POST instead of PAGE to make it work ? I see the demo, after create product they place it in a PAGE .

The theme uses custom post types for the products. Technically you can put the shortcodes anywhere, but this theme is built with custom post types.


How you could add the widget “New Products” in the individual product page (single-products.php)?

Thanks, Greetings.

There’s not a widetized area on the single product pages. You’d need to add a whole new widgetized area.

You can contact and they’ll be able to quote you on getting that customized.

Hey there,

Great looking theme, I’d like to pick it up however I am using it in combination with a spreadshirt store…is it possible for the buy buttons and such to link to individual spreadshirt products as opposed to adding to cart? Basically it’s just a gallery/description of products that links off to spreadshirt.

Thanks very much!

Absolutely. The theme has something I call “Affiliate Mode” that lets you add products and then instead of a buy button, a button is there that lets you link to whatever you want. So all you would need to do is add the product and drop in the URL .

If you buy, just follow the included instructions and it’ll walk you through setting up the theme.

Wonderful thank you!

Sure thing!

How can I dictate the product order on the front page and in store?

Check the support forum, there’s a thread for that.