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I’ve downloaded the theme, zipped it and uploaded it using the Wordpress install uploader and it keeps saying failed…Do you have a file already zipped that works?

Thank you very much for your message and for purchasing one of my items — both is much appreciated!

The version of the Storefront template you picked has been released in the so called “Site Templates” category here on ThemeForest which is the one which just includes plain HTML templates instead of completely integrated CMS themes which is the reason why WordPress doesn’t accept it during the installation unfortunately.

The pure mobile version of the Storefront template is just available as an HTML template, but Storefront Pro — which also includes a desktop and tablet view as well as many other features — can be purchased as a WordPress or Shopify theme as well and works right out of the box. You can see the WordPress version I’ve been talking about right over here: http://themeforest.net/item/storefront-pro-for-wordpress-ecommerce/2848560

I’m really sorry that you picked the wrong version of the item, but it has been released in the right category, the term “HTML Template” has been included within the title and the difference in pricing compared to any other WordPress theme available here are pretty much the only things I could do to indicate that this item isn’t a WordPress theme.

Please feel free to send me an email to hello@indiqo.eu at any time if you should have any further questions — I’m usually here to help out as good as I can.


to whom it may concern I purchased this product i appeared to be great well documented but it had nothing about setting it up with my pay-pal account to make sure it will work. the button you have does not work when you hit submit and it does have any information about linking it to a pay-pal account or merchant account. How is this possible.

Thank you very much for purchasing one of my items — I really appreciate that!

All items in the category “Site Templates” here on ThemeForest are just pure and plain HTML website templates which by default don’t perform actions.

Same with Storefront Mobile — it’s a HTML template which still needs to be integrated into an e-commerce solution of your choice. Completely integrated e-commerce solutions of this theme are either Storefront Pro for WordPress or Shopify.

These support the WP e-Commerce or the Shopify platform, just need to be installed and work perfectly out of the box with the inventory and payment systems of the systems they have been created for.

This HTML version however doesn’t come with a complete e-commerce functionality though and developing something like this would exceed the scope of a simple HTML significantly anyway. HTML templates usually need a bit of knowledge and experience in order to create websites out of them and make them work — if you’d like to skip this step, one of the other versions of Storefront mentioned above will be helpful.

It’s not necessarily difficult to generate and put a PayPal buy button on any of the HTML pages and there are many tutorials available which explain how this works, but this would exceed this comment and the documentation in many ways.

I hope I could answer to your request so far and will remain available in case you should have any further questions of course. Please feel free to send me an email at any time as well to hello@indiqo.eu.


Hi indigo, are you still supporting this template?

Hi and thanks for your question!

Yes, I do support all of my items of course, just didn’t had a chance to publish new works lately due to other commitments. This will change as well quite soon once again.

That said, please feel free to send me an email or drop a comment whenever you like or need to — I’ll do my best to reply as soon as I can. :-)


PS: I already saw that you asked pretty much the same on the comments page of another item of mine so I just copied the answer above.