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nice & unique! :)

Thanks a lot — Your feedback is much appreciated! :-)

Glückwunsch :) Sieht schon mal sehr sehr sauber aus.

Was man an diesem Design verbessern könnte sind die Form Elements, was sich eigentlich noch ein bisschen vermehren kann, und der header Bereich. Der ist IMHO bisschen eng geraten bzw. die Fonts sind zu klein.

Was in TF eigentlich fehlt, und irgendwie keiner merkt, sind Social Networking Designs. Ich missbrauche gerade dieses Template dafür. Aber ein social Network design das auch responsive wäre und so schön gemacht ist wie dieses, wäre nicht schlecht :)

Freut mich aber im großen und ganzen zu sehen, das auch mal etwas neues gemacht wird anstatt alles nachzumachen. Nochmals, Glückwunsch und wünsche noch einen schönen Abend :)

Hallo und vielen Dank für Dein Feedback! :-)

Ich werde diese Woche mal schauen, was ich tun kann um das Template noch entsprechend zu ergänzen. Was genau meinst Du denn mit Social Media Templates bzw. in welches CMS oder in welche Plattform sollte das integrierbar sein?

Wenn Du magst, so kannst Du mir auch gerne eine E-Mail mit einer ausführlicheren Beschreibung und ggf. einigen Beispielen schicken. Ich bin eigentlich ständig auf der Suche nach neuen Ideen und werde diese dann auch nachdem die beiden ersten E-Commerce Serien so weit komplett sind weiterverfolgen.

Vielen Dank noch einmal für Dein wirklich nützliches Feedback!


Klar gerne auch mit Beispielen :)

Hier das modifizierte Awesome Theme.

hier sind die Screenshots.

2 typen von Seiten die in ThemeForest wirklich nicht Zuhause sind. 1. Eine Such-Seite so etwas wie die HP von Yandex oder Google (ja die einfache Seite, es gibt sie nicht :) ) 2. Ein Social-Network Theme wie das da. Ich habe schon früher ein Theme von ThemeForest ganz verändert und es aussehen lassen wie ein Soziales Netzwerk. Das ist der erneute Anlauf :)

Ich bin immer gerne für Tipps zu haben. Ich schreibe demnächst auch wieder :)

Bis bald!

Sehr interessant — vielen Dank!

Was die Suchseiten angeht, so kann ich Dir uneingeschränkt recht geben, so etwas habe ich hier auch noch nicht gesehen, nur bin ich mir auch nicht sicher, ob ein simpler Versuch wie dieser den Review Prozess überhaupt überstehen würde. :-)

Für welche Zwecke sollte so ein Seitentyp denn geeignet sein bzw. denkst Du, dass viele Verwendung dafür haben würden?

Social Network Templates hingegen sind durchaus denkbar, da ich diese in HTML Format auch eher selten hier sehe. Aber schau doch mal in der Wordpress -> Buddypress Kategorie vorbei — dort sind diese recht zahlreich vertreten oder hattest Du an etwas spezielleres Gedacht?

Bis bald! Max

Hallo nochmals Max:)

Ein Suchseiten-template empfehle ich wirklich zu machen denn so etwas gibt es nicht. Sieht zwar leicht aus, ist aber schwer hinzubekommen. Für ein gutes Beispiel, siehe Yandex HP :)

Ja, bie Buddypress dinger habe ich auch gesehen aber, so etwas mehr generelles wäre schöner. Ist ja auch nur ein Tipp von ‘ner einzigen Person wie mir :) Kann ja alles noch schöner werden :)

Der Zweck ist manchmal möchte man etwas aufbauen, eine Seite machen. Z.B. möchte man eine Seite für eine Firma machen, was macht man, man sucht sich ‘nen Template aus und kauft es. Was tut man aber, wenn man seine Web-App baut? Dafür muss man wirklich so ein Template nehmen, was in diesem Falle z.B. Awesome ist, und muss es so modifizieren, das es auch mehr oder weniger aussieht wie ein App Interface.

Ich bin der Meinung das genau so was fehlt :)

Ich bin auch nur ein Mensch. Vielleicht irre ich mich ja auch :)

Bis Bald!:)

Vielen Dank noch einmal für die Anregungen — ich werde über beides in jedem Fall einmal genauer nachdenken. Zur Zeit arbeite ich gerade an einem Admin Template bzw. Interface, was auch schon ziemlich gut aussieht — mal schauen, wann ich es letztlich fertig bekomme und veröffentlichen kann! :-)


Great!! thaks!! but i have a problem with the css in IE, the radius can´t see, how can i do?? :crying:

Hello and thanks for your comment!

Just like I probably mentioned elsewhere already, older versions of the Internet Explorer got a pretty sloppy support for todays CSS3 features and so can’t display round corners properly for example.

This template and any other I create degrade gracefully which means they make use of the latest technologies available in order to offer a perfect experience in modern browsers. However, all of the templates including the one you purchased also support outdated versions of the Internet Explorer at least down to version 7.0 which has been released back in 2006.

Users who still refuse to update to a more current version of that browser or switch to one which supports web standards properly usually can’t experience what other users see in their browsers unfortunately but on the other side, they’re oftentimes not used to visual enhancements such as round corners or anti aliased fonts anyway.

So, if you’d like to see the round corners properly as well I’d highly recommend switching to IE9 or any other browser — all visitors who refuse to so should be aware of the fact that they’re using outdated software which doesn’t support the latest, albeit particularly very good looking web design technologies. It doesn’t affect their experience — it just doesn’t look as good as it could look.

I hope I could answer to your question and will remain available if there’s anything else you’d like to know of course. Today it’s a common practice to make use of CSS3 properties such as border-radius for example even though web designers are aware of the fact that older versions of the Internet Explorer don’t support it. After all, you can’t expect to run the latest video games on Windows 98 as well anymore. :-)


Thks! MAx, i have ie8 is the problem??

Particularly, yes. See, the developers of that browser didn’t care about supporting web standards for a very long time unfortunately which is also the reason why especially older versions of the Internet Explorer particularly don’t display things the way they should be displayed.

The CSS border radius property has been around as a working draft for quite some time now and other browser vendors implemented these techniques properly already. The IE9 works fairly well too and the upcoming IE10 should support most of these things accordingly as well but for now, users who still use outdated versions of the Internet Explorer just won’t be able to see every website perfectly.

Things like round corners fortunately aren’t necessary to make a site work of course — but they’re nice to look at and enhance the visual experience a bit further.

I hope I could answer to your question so far and will be back in my office on March 4, 2012 again if there’s anything else you’d like to know! :-)


Nice! Any intention to code a Wordpress version?

Yes, it’s in production already — will take some more time though because an OpenCart version should be coming up next, but it’s definitely on its way even though I didn’t decide which e-commerce plugin should be supported from the start yet.

Do you have any preferences or recommendations here?

From my research the woo commerce theme appears to be a winner for small-medium size business and in terms of user friendliness it’s nice. Though I admit I haven’t thoroughly tested WP e-commerce, shopp, Eshop or Jigoshop.

It seems as though most cover the basics. But I don’t envy yours or others efforts to develop templates. It’s a mine (and mind) field!

Thanks for your feedback — it’s much appreciated!

Yes, I agree — Woo Commerce looks really good to me as well. I also already reviewed WP E -Commerce and Jigo and they look great too so it will be a difficult decision as it seems. :-)

hey! nice! i need the menu in one colum is possible?

Thank you very much for purchasing one of my items and for your message!

I recently had a closer look at your request, but unfortunately it’s not entirely clear what you mean to me. Do you refer to the drop down menu which by default displays in a two column format or to another element on the page?

I’ll be looking forward to further details then and will see what I can do in order to assist.


Thanks Max!! sorry , i refer to the drop down menu which by default displays in a two column format , i need only one column and i need to know if there are ways to display a menu disabled? Thanks!!!!

Thanks Max!! sorry , i refer to the drop down menu which by default displays in a two column format , i need only one column and i need to know if there are ways to display a menu disabled?


Sure, no problem — this will require a small modification of the template itself though. Would you mind sending me an email to so we can quickly adjust the template accordingly for your needs?


Is there any way to easily integrate this with a e-commerce application?

Thanks, I’ve gotten it to look like you’re default layout. First step donw. Next I will have to start getting the functionality of the front page working then I’ll slowly move through the theme polishing off the sharp edges and hopefully I’ll have something to be proud of.

You’re theme is amazing I have to say. It’s a treat to work with. I really don’t give it justice with my skills with magento.

I’ll keep you updated.

BTW , I was just like that too. But 48 hours later and only 5 hours sleep. I’m feeling more confident with it. :) Time to sleep.

Thanks for your feedback — it’s much appreciated!

I tried to do the same once with Magento but I’ve been working with many other e-commerce systems before and decided not to dive into that one too much after a while.

You can get used to others fairly quickly but it seems as if you’d need to be a dedicated Magento developer if you’re really like to work with it and that’s something I didn’t want to become.

Wishing you a pleasant and restful weekend then — you definitely deserve it now. :-)

Hey! looks great! Two questions: 1) Are the fonts customizable 2) does it work with woocommerce?

Thanks — I’m glad you like it! :-)

Yes, fonts are customizable but this is not a WordPress theme (yet) and so it isn’t compatible with WooCommerce either. A WordPress version of this theme is in production though — however, at this point it’s just available as a normal HTML template or as a complete Shopify theme.

Hey! looks great! Two questions: 1) Are the fonts customizable 2) does it work with woocommerce?

Is it possible in this theme to make the home page be the page that has an About Us/Blog feel and the rest of the site be the shopping, contact us, etc.?

Yes, this should be possible — however, please note that you’re just looking at the pure HTML version of this template which means that whatever you’ll try to achieve, a certain amount of HTML experience and work will be required in order to modify it to your needs and add the contents of course.

Aside from that, it will be rather simple to add properly formatted static content to the homepage due to the overall code structure of the template. If you’d rather like to manage the contents dynamically in a more convenient way, I’d recommend having a closer look at the Shopify or WordPress e-Commerce version of this template which works this way out of the box already and integrates a complete e-commerce solution.

Furthermore, please feel free to send me an email to whenever you got any further questions of course.


Its a great theme and i have purchased it but i am facing three issues.

1. The theme is not installing. Shopify says it does not recognizes it. Which file am i supposed to exactly upload?

2. The theme has a browse by tag column. Instead of tags, can i have browse by collection?

3. I will be selling eBooks and hence the book covers have a larger height in comparison with their width. However the featured products section shows images with greater width than height. Can there be a solution which will help me display book covers in a better way?

Please reply asap as i am dying to get this theme on my store.

Thanks for this beautiful theme.


Hi Akshat,

thank you very much for your feedback and for purchasing one of my items — both is much appreciated!

I just read your description and saw that you purchased the HTML version of the Storefront Pro theme instead of the complete Shopify version. Even though the Shopify version is based upon the initially created HTML template, it can’t be installed to the system for obvious reasons.

Please make sure that you get the correct version and feel free to send me an email to so we can discuss what we can do regarding the modifications then.

I’ll remain available in case you should have any further questions of course.


My bad..

Can i purchase the shopify version and get a refund for this? Can you help me on that? I am ready to purchase the shopify version.

I’m not in my office this weekend unfortunately, but please send me an email to and I’ll get there tomorrow — I’m sure we’ll find a solution for this together though. Thanks!

Hi, Great template. Thanks. I see that from one of the comments above that this template can be integrated with a PayPal account, so people can pay for items this way. Can you please give details about how to do this, it would be much appreciated. Thanks again.

Hi, Thanks for the quick reply. I really wanted an “out of the box” type shop template. I’m new at this so looks like I purchased the wrong one. I see you have a Wordpress version. Is this all set up to run as a shop? Just need the Wordpress ecommerce plugin right? If so, Would it be possible to get a refund for this version and purchase your Wordpress version? Sorry for the inconvenience.

I just saw that you already sent me an email and will reply to it in a few minutes directly if you don’t mind. :-)

Ok. Thanks :-)


I have had this template for some time, and just now noticed that some of the images are completely out of place when used with retina devices.

I had to disable @2x support on the CSS. Any fix for this?


Thanks for your message and for purchasing one of my items — it’s much appreciated! I also got your email and will reply to it in-depth in a minute.

Meanwhile, please note that Retina support is just available for all of the image files used by the theme itself, i.e. backgrounds, icons, etc.

Inline images not set as CSS backgrounds but via the html tag obviously don’t support those high resolution alternative images even though it would be possible to modify this in a way that it works as well, even though you’d most likely have to create 2 copies of each images on each page.

Anyway, I’ll get back to you via email in a minute so we can see what we can do.


Is it easy to connect this to Paypal?

Sorry for the late reply this time, but I’ve been out of my office for about a week.

The HTML version of Storefront Pro is basically just a plain HTML template without too much functionality built in. It is surely possible to add PayPal Buy Now buttons to the individual product pages and it’s also possible to turn this item into a working theme for the e-commerce platform of your choice.

However, if you’re looking for a fully functional solution out of the box, I’d rather recommend to have a look at the Shopify of WP E-Commerce version of this theme which already supports all of these things by default.

Please just let me know if you should have any further questions — I’ll be here in my office again to answer to them accordingly whenever you need me.