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Hi there – I’m very interested in buying your theme. My existing website uses the Gold Cart plug in. Is it as simple as uploading and activating your theme and making a few changes to the settings to get it to work? Or would I have to completely re-enter all my products again? Thanks in advance…

Thanks for your message! From what I can see, it should be possible that you keep all of your products since you’re obviously already using WP e-Commerce as well as the Gold Cart plugin.

You might have to adjust some of the settings in WP e-Commerce and WordPress itself in order to complete the setup successfully, but that should affect the products itself.

The only thing which could happen even though I’m not entirely sure yet would be that the product image dimensions won’t work immediately, i.e. if you’re currently using different product image size settings in WordPress, then WordPress already generated suitable thumbnails using these dimensions — the Storefront theme however most likely got different settings here and so it could be possible that you’ll have to upload them again.

There might be a way to just regenerate the thumbnails from within WordPress or WP e-Commerce as well, but I have to admit that I’m not aware of it myself.

Aside from that, it’s usually recommended to create a copy of your current setup first — maybe even locally — and then try to switch themes in a safe staging environment like this just to make sure everything works as expected.

This is something I’d highly recommend always because it’s never impossible that something can go wrong and so it’s invaluable to be able to restore live data.

That said, I hope that I could answer to your question so far. From what I can see, it should be possible and comparably easy to switch themes even though you might have to adjust a few settings here and there to make it look properly — creating a backup or trying it in a sandbox environment is highly recommended though.

Thanks for your feedback – much appreciated. I’m still deciding which theme to go with :)

You’re welcome! Please feel free to take your time and just let me know if you should have any further questions meanwhile! :-)

hello, does this theme have the capability to upload images? where a client can upload their own design.

Thanks for your message! Unfortunately I don’t think this will be possible or at least I have to admit that I’m not entirely sure if WP e-Commerce supports something like a user image upload option out of the box.

If you like me to and if you’re sure that WP e-Commerce supports an image upload option, then please just let me know about it and I’ll have a closer look at this myself in order to confirm that the theme supports it as well — if it’s a custom function not included in WP e-Commerce itself, the theme definitely doesn’t support it though.

Hi like the theme. Just a few questions

Can the cart button be visible on cell phone responsive view in the header? Can PayPal express checkout be integrated? Can you set the theme to show all product pages as grid by default? The see all products but isn’t working on the demo Thanks

*also does the theme come with demo data?

Thank you very much for your feedback and interest — please let me try to answer to your questions right below if you don’t mind:

  • By default, the cart button doesn’t show up on top of the page on mobile devices. This could be achieved during the course of a smaller customization project but you won’t be possible to achieve it with the unmodified theme or some theme options alone unfortunately.
  • The default product presentation should be the grid format already. Please just let me know if you mean something different but as far as I can see, the product presentation should be like this already.
  • The ‘See All Products’ link seems to work just fine for me. It might be a little confusing because the demo setup just includes a few products in general and so it looks like they appear repeatedly or that not all products will be shown but this seems to be correct too.
  • XML demo data isn’t included by default but please feel free to send me an email after you should decide to purchase the theme and I’ll be glad to export it for you of course.

I hope I could answer to all of your questions and of course will remain available just in case there’s anything else you’d like to know! :-)


I’m not able to install this theme, at the moment ‘storefront’ is my theme. I just bought Storefront PRO and try to install the themeforest.zip when i upload and install this, it says (in dutch) :

Bezig met installeren van thema vanuit bestand: themeforest-2848560-storefront-pro-for-wordpress-ecommerce-wordpress-theme.zip

Uitpakken van pakket…

Thema installeren…

Doelmap bestaat al. /public/sites/www.maureencenten.com/wp-content/themes/storefront/

Thema installatie mislukt.

I also unzipped it but then there are too many folders so i can’t upload everything at once.

Hope some one can help me with this :) Thanks a lot.

Thanks for your message and for purchasing one of my items — it’s much appreciated!

Please let me answer to your question right below if you don’t mind:

First of all, please note that the ‘Storefront’ theme you’ve been using so far isn’t related to the ‘Storefront Pro’ theme — in fact, ‘Storefront’ is an entirely different item created by a different author / company.

Aside from that, my dutch isn’t that good but from what I can see, both themes share the same folder name and WordPress usually throws an error if you try to install a theme which appears to be installed already.

That said, please try to create a backup of your current theme, remove or rename its folder and try to install ‘Storefront Pro’ once again. This way, the installation itself should work just fine! :-)

I’m just about to buy this theme, but I have a question. I am working on just one website. But I am designing a new theme for this site on a dev version of the site that isn’t visible to the public. So I know I can export the skin from the dev site and import it onto the live site, but does working this way mean I need two licences?