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Hi, theme looks sleek but the placement for Price & Qty are a bit weird. Not compatible with woocommerce?

Hi! Thanks a lot for your feedback — I saw this kind of placement a few times lately and decided to do so as well. I guess it’s just a personal preference but fortunately the source code is really clean and so it can be easily adjusted in numerous different ways via CSS .

Aside from that, you’re right, this theme is just for WP e-Commerce so far — I’ll see how it performs and will decide wether it makes sense to implement support for other WordPress e-commerce solutions later on.

For now however, WordPress e-Commerce seemed to be a very good solution to implement and I really enjoyed using it myself during the development process because it worked just fine and made it comparably easy to set up an e-commerce website with WordPress.

Great theme… how is WP e-Commerce 3.8.8, is it finally stable.? i went to woo after so many issues with WP e-Commerce. If so I might have to give this a shot…


Well I have to admit that I didn’t use WP e-Commerce in a production environment with large amounts of products and customers, but during development itself, I didn’t notice any problems or oddities myself.

Uploading products, creating categories and setting up the store worked flawlessly for me. Woo is a great tool nevertheless — I evaluated WP e-Commerce, Woo and JigoShop before I made a decision which one to choose and while Woo seems to be the most polished and feature rich, I felt that WP e-Commerce will be a better fit initially because it allowed a very tight control about every aspect of the theme without too much unnecessary complexity which was important to me.

After all, if you’re already familiar with Woo and feel comfortable using it I don’t necessarily see a reason why you’d have to make a switch once again. In my opinion all of the three solutions evaluated and mentioned above got strengths and weaknesses here and there but overall any of them felt solid and usable.

Hope I could help you at least a bit — please feel free to ask even more specific questions regarding commonly known WP e-Commerce issues and I’ll try to check them myself to see wether they still exist or not. :-)


Very nice work. Love the design !

Thanks a lot — glad you like it! :-)

Good job indiqo

Thanks a lot!

Will this work with Multisite environment?

Yes, this will work just fine — the entire theme is as dynamic as it could be and there are also no hard coded areas such as specific author information which couldn’t be changed through the theme options dynamically on a per site basis.

The WP e-Commerce plugin seems to support multi site environments as well for a while now and after performing a quick multisite test myself using the Storefront Pro for WordPress theme I didn’t notice any problems.


I have a few questions regarind it. This cart can have these features:?

1. Easy adding products with many images. One main image and others (5 images) as a mini gallery

2. Produse similare / din aceeasi categorie / cine a cumparat acest produs a mai cumparat si…, top 10 produse vandute (cu posibilitatea de management)

3. Top 10 products sold by the store (this feature to be edited by the webmaster – yes you may say that this is not correct but we want to influience the sales editing the top ten).

4. Similar products. Who puchased the produc X also purchased the produc Y and Z

5. Products tag

6. Product description

7. Other product features. Like: T-shirt with different colours, sizes, cotton or sintetic, etc

8. Changind the product colour with simple click on the palette with other colours

9. SEO firendly

10. A product to be a part of at least two categories

11. NEXT and PREVIOUS product navigation buttons when visualise a product.

12. recent visualised products

13.Side bar filtering products (example: price range, colours, or other feature)

14. First page product listing

15. Discounts on first page



first of all, I’d like to thank you very much for your message and your interest in general — both is much appreciated and I’ll try to answer to each of your questions right below if you don’t mind:

1.) Yes, this will be possible — however, the theme uses a rather unique way to display multiple images as they won’t show up in some kind of modal or popup window but in the top slideshow itself directly. Please note: The WP e-Commerce plugin which has been used by default just provides the option to display and add one product image per item and you’ll need the additional Gold Cart plugin they offer on the website directly which basically unlocks a few more options then.

2.) I’m sorry, but I unfortunately didn’t understand what you meant here.

3.) By default, the WP e-Commerce plugin will be shipped with a latest products widget but without a widget which dynamically displays the top products unfortunately. It might be possible that something like this is available as an extension on http://getshopped.org but I can’t say this for sure. There are ways however to highlight important products in several features product areas on top, at the bottom and within the sidebar manually though.

4.) No, a feature like this isn’t available as it isn’t supported by the e-commerce plugin unfortunately.

5.) Yes, product tags are supported as well as filtering by price ranges which can be quite useful as well. You can also display the product tag links directly in the sidebar — there’s a widget available which does that for you automatically.

6.) Sure, the WP e-Commerce plugin offers various different things you can add to each product in order to describe it in a suitable way — a normal and an extended description area are included as well of course.

7.) Yes, you can define an infinite amount of product variations such as colors, sizes, materials, etc. and users will be able to select what they would like to receive accordingly then. Furthermore, you can also specify a stock limit for each of those variations which can be quite useful as well.

8.) I guess you mean if there’s some kind of color picker available so customers can pick a color instead of using a normal drop down menu, right? In this case, something like that isn’t available unfortunately because it’s a quite unique request and a generic e-commerce platform and theme wouldn’t be able to handle that out of the box. However, you could surely define multiple color variations easily just like I already mentioned in no. 7.

9.) Yes, the theme makes use of all common WordPress functions and so you’re just limited by WordPress itself and the SEO plugins available for the CMS . Aside from that, you can also add custom meta information to each product you’ll add which might be even useful and efficient to drive more traffic to the product pages.

10.) Yes, you can add any product to one or more categories at the same time.

11.) No, as far as I can see, WP e-Commerce doesn’t seem to support this by default — it might be possible to add it in a small custom project later on if it should be critical, but by default it doesn’t seem to be there unfortunately.

12.) By default, this isn’t a feature which comes with WP e-Commerce but you might be able to find a suitable third party add-on directly at http://getshopped.org/fpt-plugins

13.) Particularly — you will be able to easily offer product filtering by price range and tags which could be quite useful so far. However, there are no further widgets available to filter products dynamically out of the box.

14.) Yes, it is possible to make the product overview page your websites homepage and so also display products in there accordingly.

15.) It won’t be possible to handle this directly but you could create a “Sales” category, add discounted products to it and make it your websites homepage in the WordPress settings. This way, the homepage would just display discounted products accordingly.

I hope I could answer to all of your questions in a transparent and meaningful way in order to be able to help you making a decision. It is not my intention to sell a theme to you which might not be perfectly suitable for the purposes you’re aiming at and so I tried to evaluate each aspect as good and careful as I could even though I noticed that at least some of the features you mentioned are not supported by the WP e-Commerce plugin I’ve been using to build this theme around.

Anyway, I really hope I could help you and remain available in case there’s anything else you’d like to know. :-)


Hi Indigo, i have a probleme with your theme with the function : switchmethod() . In fact, the page is not reloaded when you chosse the shipping method, there are an error : SyntaxError: syntax error (I use the french plugin WPCB for shipping method).

Do you have an indication for modify this? THx


I just enabled shipping on the demo site and it seems to work just fine as far as I can see so I assume you’re using a third party plugin integrated into the system, right?

Please send me an email to hello@indiqo.eu and I’ll surely have a look into it for you. Please note though that you should need to send this email to me through my profile page here on ThemeForest so I can verify that you purchased the theme which will be a requirement for any kind of support of course.

I’ll be looking forward to your email then and I’m sure that we’ll be able to find a solution together quickly.


Yes of course, i will contact you directly ps : i bought this theme with an other account for the company, i will notify you the exact account.


Perfect! I’ll be looking forward to it then! :-)

HallO! I have a problem connected with slide show, write me please

Thank you very much for your feedback!

Unfortunately I can’t contact you myself because I couldn’t see a contact form on your ThemeForest profile nor do I know your e-mail address unfortunately.

Please send me an email to hello@indiqo.eu instead so I can see what I can do in order to help you out.



Great theme, and Max is the best! Thanks for all your support and help!

Thanks a lot for your feedback — I’m glad if I could help. :-)

hello, I am not able to upload theme.It says:- Unpacking the package…

Installing the theme…

The package could not be installed. The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet.

Theme install failed.

Please help me

Hello and thanks for your message!

I just had a quick look at your request and there are basically two things which might have happened:

1.) You tried to upload the wrong theme archive. Could you try to extract the contents of the package you’ve been trying to upload to WordPress and let me know exactly what you see there? If you tried to upload the correct package, it should just include a folder called “storefront” with template files, images and the style.css file. It might be possible that you tried to upload the complete archive you got from ThemeForest which also includes subfolders for the documentation and the PSD source file — uploading this file obviously won’t work.

2.) Your server doesn’t support extracting archives. This sometimes happens as well depending on the hosting company you’re using, but I assume that you really just attempted to upload the wrong file.

I’ll be looking forward to your answer and will remain available in case you need any further assistance at any time of course.


Hello, I purchased this theme but am having trouble setting up the product images/thumbnails. When following the thumbnail settings you have in the documentation, I see more fields in the documentation than I do in my WPeCommerce presentation settings page. The Gallery Thumbnail Image Size option is not showing up on my end therefore I’m not able to properly add product images. Please help

Hello! Thanks for purchasing one of my items — it’s much appreciated!

Some of the functions and so also the options are just available for a third party WP e-Commerce plugin which is called Gold Cart and can be purchased from the WP e-Commerce website.

During the development of the theme I noticed that many people who use WP e-Commerce also use the Gold Cart plugin and so I decided to include support for that as well even though you obviously don’t need to use this plugin as well and a normal WP e-Commerce installation will do just fine.

Now that that should explain why you most likely don’t see the same options I’m not entirely sure if you still got an issue with the theme itself.

If you got a problem and need help, please feel free to send me an email to hello@indiqo.eu and I’ll have a closer look at this for you of course.


Just purchased your theme. Is there a way to upload demo data so the site appears like shown on theme forest?

Thanks for your message!

I’m currently answering to all of my emails this morning and — please correct me if I’m wrong — it seems as if you already sent one to me as well, right?

In this case, I’ll reply to you in a few minutes directly if you don’t mind — if this email isn’t yours, please feel free to send one to me at any time so I can go ahead and help you out. :-)


Hi, I’ve got a Product with variations with different productimages, the productimage isn’t changing if I select a diffrent variation in the shop.

I’m using WP-eCommerce 3.8.10 and Wordpress 3.5.1.

Thanks for your help

Thanks for your message!

Could you send me an email to hello@indiqo.eu with a link so I can have a look at this accordingly please?



Hi Indiqo! This is an awesome template!! I am very interested in purchasing this theme, however I just needed to see if it would be possible to replace the slider with an extend Categories Section w/ product photos? I have about 25 product categories I need displayed on the home page. Please let me know! Thx

Thanks for your interest and please let me try to answer to your question right below:

From what I can see, you’d basically like to increase the amount of images shown in the slider on top of the homepage to more than 25 so you can display all of your product categories in there and link to them accordingly, is that correct so far?

I am having an issue on uploading images. I have permission set correct but this specific file I can’t locate. ”/wp-content/uploads”.

Nevermind Got it working


Now that I got the images to work I want to add my product categories to the top info bar but don’t see that option in the widgets area. I have it set to the sidebar but that doesn’t show sub categories. I would also like the products in on the category page show as they do in the demo with an image and price with clickable link to main description how do I get these things done. I currently have the theme deactivated and change one thing at a time.


From what I could see so far, most of the problems were related to insufficient file and folder permissions — I’ll be looking forward to further emails from you now and I’m sure that we can solve it together today.

All permissions are now fixed. Email sent

Perfect! I’ll have a look into the backend within the next hour once again then. Thanks for your feedback by the way! :-)

If you’re thinking about getting this template but are worried there will be no support, don’t worry. I’ve had some issues getting the template and all it’s functions working and the support thus far has been outstanding in replying to emails etc. Highly recommend.

Thanks a lot for those kind words — I really appreciate it that you’re taking yourself a minute or two to submit a comment like this! :-)

It’s not always easy to provide support due to the sheer amount of emails you get as an author, but I usually try to see what I can do in order to assist as good as I can.

I look forward to hearing from you.

This is absolutely one of the Great WP e-commerce themes.
Highly recommended!
Well coded, simple to configure and works with latest WP, WP e-commerce and WP e-commerce Gold cart.Thought I will have problem with https but it all went alright.CSS is clean and easy to customize.Tested with sub-domain installation, it works! just in case if you have problem with add to cart ajax not working in sub-domain/folder installation; check that you had tick mark Display Fancy Purchase Notifications to ‘YES’ in STORE-> Settings->Presentation.
And, above all the Support from indigo is absolutely Great!
Thank you for a Great Theme!

Thanks a lot for your feedback — I’m glad that you like the theme and that I could help you out in some way. :-)


We have a beautiful website already set up but the shopping cart “product-page” and ESPECIALLY the shopping cart page are terribly styled. Would love to incorporate your beautiful work. Have you written the code such that I can just use your styling for a few pages related to the shopping cart?


Thanks for your message and please let me answer to your question right below if you don’t mind:

Storefront is a complete WordPress theme which registers its own functions, stylesheets and scripts and also comes with all page type templates required to run a WordPress website with WordPress e-Commerce.

That said, it might be possible to merge parts of the theme, i.e. the product pages or the cart into an existing theme, but I assume that it will most likely clash with existing styles provided by the original theme in some way.

That said, I guess it should be possible to achieve that but it surely doesn’t work as a drop-in replacement as it is and will require a bit of work to make sure it works properly.

I hope that I could answer to your question so far and will remain available in case there’s anything else you’d like to know of course.


Thanks for your response, Max. I’d love it if you made a blog post about styling the cart!

Sure, I’ll definitely think about that but truth be told, it’s way easier to create an entirely new WordPress theme from scratch instead of merging two entirely different ones in my opinion. :)