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Hi there I am about to buy this. Just wondering if this has to be installed in desktop or in our website? our websites build with WooCommerce. Can you please confirm

Thanks in advance

Hello there,

You don’t install the theme as you would an application. You upload the theme files to email applications such as MailChimp or Stampready. Alternatively you can edit the HTML files bundled with the theme using an app such as Sublime Text.

Unfortunately there are no WooCommerce email templates included – as in you can’t link the files to your product database. However, many of the people who have bought the theme use the files alongside eCommerce platforms like WooCommerce and Shopify.

If you need any more help please feel free to email us – info@ds-themes.com

Thanks for your interest.

Hello I can export the HTML and use in my e- mail trigger program ? I use a program that is not listed, but he accepts html , I can export?


Only compatible with Aweber? or also it is with other SMTP servers as SendGrid?

Thank you

Please give info on how to access your online bulider and unlock the donwload button. It is not that clear to me. Thank you


please respond to my ticket from 2 days ago. Thanks


Thinking if buying this theme for Mailchimp. Will these templates work with Shopify integration? As in (in Mailchimp):

Insert Product Content Bloc > Choose Store > Pull all product info from that shopify store like title, price etc


Sample Template is Not working. Fix the preview.