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After testing the email template for responsiveness I have only seen the iPhone using the Apple Mail truly display a responsive design. Samsung and Droid lines just downsize the full 600px wide email into the viewing area. Am I doing something wrong here are we just waiting and praying that these devices will allow css media queries on their default email app?

Also to note on the iPhone I downloaded the gmail, yahoo, and hotmail apps and they just downsize the email rather than pick up the media queries… Is there anything that we can do? Beyond this it is a fantastic template.

Hi digmember!

Thanks for your nice words about Storesletter! I’m so glad yopu like it so much :)

Related to some devices or other specific mobile apps…they may display the email template different applying their app design guidelines. But as you can see on an standard mobile email client like “Mail” it’s working like a charm.

The template was tested with all major clients, desktop and mobile, and works perfectly on them.

Regards and thanks for buying “Storesletter”.

This may be a dumb question, but can I use your template with Aweber? Thanks!

Hi smcd, YES !

You can use Storesletter with the email software you want. But sometimes you just only need to adapt the standard provided HTML template to the template system used on that plattform. I’m sure you’ll find the way to do it. It’s a simple process because you usually need to add some extra tags to the template provided for the plattform system you choose.

So, feel free to use Storesletter in Aweber :)

Regards and thanks for buying “Storesletter”.

Hi -are the email templates compatible with Sendblaster ?



Hi Peaceonearth!

Storesletter are 12 standard email HTML templates and ca be used with all major campaign/emailing softwares. Sometimes theses systems require you to add some tags to the template to display some values from their system. It’s easy to do if you have a little HTML knowledge :)

I’ve checked sendblaster site and I read you can import your HTML files to their system: http://www.sendblaster.com/desktop-e-mail-marketing-software-features So it seems Storesletter will work on their software. But to be sure please contact them and ask it too.

Thanks for your interest in Storesletter, and thanks for buying :)

These templates are note ‘responsive’ at all..!? You have only one breakpoint: max-device-width: 480px. The layout doesn’t change at all, only the objects are smaller (so useless).

For example some items placed in a row should be stacked on smaller screens. Nothing happens, can not say this is ‘responsive’ , maybe ‘adaptive’.

Design is good, frontend not good.

Hi brightjoeri,

Storesletter it’s an email template so it needs to be viewed in an email client, also desktop and mobile. If you check the template in your mobile/iPhone as a normal website with any browser it’s not going to work like works in email. When it’s NOT viewed through and email client the template is resized and in case you browse it on mobile is partially responsive resizing the screen and adding/removing/changing some elements but not 100% mobile friendly because the browser adds its rules. But when it’s sent and seen on an mobile email client all changes and works fine!

Storesletter is a MOBILE FRIENDLY email template but it needs to be checked on a mobile email client. It’s not going to work as any other standard responsive website in a browser.

Thanks for purchasing Storesletter and let me know by mail if you need any help or need to chat about it.

Regards and thanks for your words about the design :)

Hi there, I want to buy this and use the layout with the sidebar but was wondering if the overall template was expanded to 728px wide so that the left column is about 500px, would it affect how it renders on mobile? Would it still keep the responsive functionality?


Hi, I like your design. Just a silly question – can I use this template on the microsoft outlook installed in macbook air? Thanks!


Can it be used to create and send several campaings from the same company? Thanks!

Are the files available for download fully compatible with mailchimp?

Awesome as always;



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Thanks for your message. I just checked the template with CampaignMonitor email testing tools and is working fine with all tests :) Let me know if I can help you. Thanks.

Hello, is the HTML fully customization whereas I can ad custom backgrounds etc… I can code, but have never plaid with the email coding side, so is it like an website template whereas I download the files, upload them to my host server, but than insert the HTML in the mail client I am using for delivery? Thank you for your assistance!