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Good luck with sales – DCSF

Thank you. :)

Congratulations. Excellent theme. Good luck with the sales :)

Thank you! :)


Amazing Work, Good Luck With Sale :grin:


Congratulations! Nice Work, Good Luck With Sale :grin:

Thank you.

~ Nice Work ~ GLWS :)

Thank you. :)

Amazing Work, Good Luck With Sale :)

Thank you. :)

hello, i had purchased your theme but your not providing theme demo import if there is no demo import option then it is use less theme for me.please provide me XML file for the demo so i can import it to my wordpress please reply to my comments ASAP, Thanks,

hello, i had sent you an email can you please get back to me with XML file ? if not revived email please check your spam

Thanks for your quick emails and help . your theme is best and hope for great sale.

Thank you. :)

Hello. I purchased this theme and I like it a lot, but I really need to remove the “written by” part, the avatar next to it, and the email link. I tried different plugins but none works. If you could give me detailed instructions as how to get this done, i’d really appreciate it.


Hi Keisy. Please send me an email at giovanni@emana.design with username and password of an administrator account of your site and I will do that for you. Thanks.

storia seems to be a very nice theme; would be great for my needs as a photographer for one of my projects, too if it’s possible to include a lightbox in the posts.

Hello. Storia already includes Fancybox for showing images in posts. Please follow this link to see if this is what suits your needs.


Hello. In some Android mobiles and entering to the blog from Facebook, the menu slide is always visible and don´t let see the blog. ¿How can I fix this? Thank you

Hello, I will look into this. Thanks for reporting the problem. Anyway, expect a theme update in the next weeks. Thank you.

Hello EmanaDesign! I have few questions: 1. Is in “Storia” an option to have homepage without left or right (it doesn’t matter) sidebars? 2. I will have to delete “wirtten by” or just translate some words in polish language. How can I do this? 3. I want to know how are looking posts with photos in the articles. Could you show me this? Just for example. and the last one… 4. Is in settings an options to put miniature logo of Instagram/Twitter (in header menu for example or right menu), to add Instagram/Twitter Feed into right menu or into sidebar? Waiting for answers; Anyway – great theme! :) Best wishes!

Hello marcind1. 1. No, sorry. The homepage will always have a sidebar; 2. You’ll find the .pot file in the theme’s /languages folder. You can use it to generate the .po/.mo files in the languages you want to translate the theme into; 3. Sure, here’s a post with a photo and a gallery: http://demo.emana.design/storia/short-stories/alone/ ; 4. There are no specific options in the theme settings to configure Instagram or Twitter feeds, you’ll have to rely on third parties widgets. :)

Please, tell me if you have further questions.

This theme looks beautiful! Question though: Does it have the capability for normal static pages, in addition to the blog post/story format pages? I’m an author and I’d love to have a blog that looks like this, but also a full about page and a page for my books, etc.

Hello and thanks for your comment. Pages and posts in this theme have a very similar layout (the only difference is the height of the header image, which is fullscreen for the posts, shorter for the pages), and for now it’s the only one available.

This is a static page: http://demo.emana.design/storia/what-i-write/

Oh great. Thanks for responding! Okay, this theme is definitely top of my list right now. :D

Great. :) Do not hesitate to contact me if you have further questions.


Great looking template, I’m very satisfied with the appearance but there are a couple of multi-language details that I have to iron out so please help me out here:

1.The “a story told by author” text in posts, how can I translate it to other languages (as my site is multi-lingual and that is the key factor here)?

2.The reading time on posts is a fantastic feature I love it! Just need to translate (the minutes and seconds text) to couple of languages (using polylang plugin with 3 languages)?

3.The must read box is beautiful, but the same multi-language problem persists. I cannot show differently named posts as you can only pick one category and if that category contains posts with one language (Which it does) there is nothing I can do with polylang nor with hacking it with multi-categories. This is a mayor problem that I wasn’t aware of. This is my biggest pain point.

Other than these 3 things I absolutely love the theme, keep up the good work.

Thank you.

Hi and thanks for your compliments.

Please, email me at giovanni@emana.design with username and password of an administrator account of your site and we will figure it out. :)

Hi, is it possible to use the 3 featured items on the front page to link to pages? And for example category pages? Thnks!

Hi, I’m sorry but it’s not possible yet. I’ve never heard of the plugin you’re talking about. It may work with Storia, but I haven’t tested it so I can’t be 100% sure.

Thnks. Do posts support video embedding?

They do, with the default WordPress embedding feature.

Hello, I looking for a theme as Storia, but it must be to multi authors and the options to close content for subscribe users. Does Storia have these features? Thanks


WordPress supports multi authors, so it’s not a theme related feature, you can do it regardless of the theme.

Storia as a theme has no option for restricting content, but again, it’s not a theme related feature. You can find several plugins that will do that for you. Just google for “wordpress contenct restriction” and you’ll find many solutions.

Please tell me if you have further questions.

Hello! I’ve run into a strange problem with my site. For the “about me” widget bio, it’s showing my Wordpress username (“briannathegreat”) instead of my profile display name (“Brianna da Silva”). Obviously I want people to see the latter, not the former, haha.

Everywhere else on the website where it shows my bio (at the end of articles), it pulls my profile display name (“Brianna da Silva”), as I want. Just not for the widget. I don’t see an option to make the widget choose a different name. How do I fix this?

Thank you!!

Hi and sorry for my late answer. Please, contact me at giovanni@emana.design and we’ll figure out a fix.

No worries, I’ve been busy and only just now got to check if you had responded. Will email you. Thanks!

Hello, I am having problems with posts not showing when I load an image under featured images. I have tried reinstalling a number of times but doesn’t make any changes, this is the URL, www.short-lit.com, any help is very much appreciated.

Thank you

Hello Abdul, please send me an administrator account at giovanni@emana.design. We will figure out a solution.

Thank you

Hello again, further to my earlier query, I have also checked the version numbers for WordPress, the current version of WordPress installed is WordPress 4.3.1, would this cause a compatibility issue?

Thank you for your time.


Heya, I noticed that sharing buttons from Jetpack don’t show up – probably the needed section was removed from the theme. Is there any particular sharing plugins that you recommend with the theme?