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Wow! This is an amazing template! Congrats and best of luck!

Thanks! Glad you like it. :)

Really nice! can the menu bar stay put while the contents scroll?


You can do this very easy with a few CSS changes. Let me know if you get the template and i’ll tell you what you need to change.

Thanks, Allan

Your service and support is excellent! Purchased and it works GREAT !!!!!! Thank you!

Very impressed! May buy this soon to learn a few of your tricks :) I love your navigation ideas.

Hey, thanks. I’m happy that you get inspiration from it :)

Nice Nice, possibility of swf/flv background ? regards

Cheers! I’ll let you know as soon as we decide on new updates for the template.

Thanks for letting us know what you’re looking for. It’s very helpful. :)

Very nice design!

Is it possible to assign a different image for each gallery?

Also, I assume that all galleries (Fancy box, Pretty box etc.) support different size format photos like they do in general right?

Thank you, Motti

Yes, you can have any images you want in each gallery. The galleries work as normal so you can have any size.

that’s an amazing template ! i would buy it if there was the possibility of automatically changing background images and a different background image for each subpage. is that possible to do?

thank you aquaro

Thank you :)

We will soon be releasing an update with the automatically changing backgrounds feature.

You can also have a different background for each sub-page, contact support for help with this.

Just to let you know the current version has automatically changing background images.

Simply amazing template ! Good job.

Just one question, please : Are the pictures automaticaly detected in a specific directory by a script or I need to build the diaporama myself ? I need several galleries with more than 50 photos each one.

Thanks. The slides are added manually in the galleries, however with some cutsom PHP you could have it read directories and have it generate the HTML for you.

ThemeCatcher—this is one beautiful design!

If I purchase this template, I will need to add audio and video functionality. Would this be a problem?

Many thanks, Psi Fidelity

That shouldn’t be a problem, send us a message if you have any trouble.

Hey there, I love this theme. Simple and beautiful. How customizable is it? Mainly the font style/color, adding my own logo? I am fairly new to this so I’m assuming that it’s as simple as uploading to my hosting site via an ftp server? Thanks for your time (and patience).


You can customize it as much as you want by changing the stylesheet, we have commented it to make it easier to find the right style to change. The font headings are changeable by generating a new Cufon font file, send us a message if you want any help with that.

We have included a documentation file explaining how to change the template such as the logo, layouts and much more. Then it’s just a case of uploading it to your server.


great theme! I would like to use it for one of my websites within my WP 3 .1 multiblog system.

Do you have any plans for offering a Wordpress version (multiblog and WPML compatible)?


Thanks. Yes we have plans to make a WordPress version.

WordPress coming soon??? I hope!

Yes we have plans to make a WordPress version.


I really like that theme, might be my next purchase.

My only concern is that I’ll have a great deal of pictures (200+).

Does this mean that I have to create a smaller picture for the portfolio pages please ? Are they automated or handmade ?

How does one deal with Blogs/Posts (I’m used to Wordpress) please ? Especially when my customer wants to add a post, what is he to do please ?



Hi Pierre

Just now the thumbnails need to be resized and inserted manually, since it’s just an HTML template. You could add in custom PHP to read a directory and resize images for you.

The blog layouts are included so that if you wanted to put the template into a CMS such as WordPress then it would already have styles for that.

We are working on a WordPress version of the template that will have image resizing and of course blog functionality, but it may be about 2 months away.


Thanks for your answer.

I don’t really get the Blogging thing, sorry, my bad.

I meant : I’d prefer the HTML version for my clients, but I was wondering if that’s easy for a client to add a post ?

Am I right to assume that this means :

- Create a small version of the “featured image” - Add the post header and summary on the multi post page - Create a HTML page (for the post itself) from a copy of an existing post HTML page. - Move the last post header and summary of the multi post page to the top of the next multi post page (or the archive).

Thanks a lot, I really like your theme, and I’m just trying to figure out how blogging works outside WP.


Yes that’s exactly what you would need to do.


Thanks very much for that answer.

Would it make it easier to buy a Admin Template ? If so, which one would you recommend please ?

Thanks for this beautiful work


Hi, using an admin template would not make it any easier, correct me if I’m wrong, but I thought they were just for the design of admin panels and don’t actually contain functionality. To make it easier to add blog entries you would need to put it into a CMS (e.g. WordPress) or write a custom PHP script for dealing with the blog entries.

Amazingly beautiful. Great work. Quick support too. Can’t wait for an update

Thanks :) It won’t be long now, hope to get the next version up at the weekend.

Nice…is there any way to integrate keyboard arrow navigation?

The full screen gallery has this functionality just now, I’ll add it to the main theme in the next version.

Just to let you know the current version has keyboard arrow navigation.

I really love your script, ThemeCatcher. But i’m not ready to buy it because : - There’s no gallery management - There’s no thumbnails management

Of course, this features can be developped by myself but for a photography template, it should be a standard !

We are planning to put the template into WordPress, which will give you the ability to manage the gallery. So stay tuned :)

Hi! This is great template, i bought it!

Im very happy with it but i cans loop background images… i dont know how to do it, i add my images with simple file names, but when i go to last one and i click on next i have black background with nothing… how to fix that?

Ohhh ;) its broken :/ :P omg ;) im stupid :D thanks for help! :)

Nice website but… great template! :) i love it :)

I just change only one thing :P i put lightbox to show any resolution of my photos :) anything alse is great! :)

I just bought your template. It’s great. But do you know when you finished with the wordpress template of it? Would be amazing.

Thank you

Regards Buhi

I couldn’t give a release date at the moment, but we’ll be working hard to get it out as soon as possible.