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But it doesnt change slides with Slideshow button. Just changes 1 slide when button and pressed and gets stuck.

What is the ajax version used for ?

Also I want to be able to write in the image URLs in the head of my pages rather then the JS file so I can make the background images easy to add/remove with PHP .

Am I able to designate the URLs outside the scripts.js file ?

1. The Ajax version loads the page content without reloading the page, which some may prefer.

2. Yes, in the documentation there is a section named “Different backgrounds per page” with how to specify them in the head of the page.

Regards, TC

Before buying the license, are waiting for version for Wordpress. Alert me when it comes out the version for WD. Thanks Leonardo

Will do, it’s very close to release.

Regards, TC

The WordPress version is now available here.

Regards, TC

Oh yes, good news ! Though it’s been 1 year now since you say it’s gonna be released soon. What “very close to release” means for you ? Last year in september it was a question of several weeks :-))

The theme is built and working, we are building the preview site now. We hope to submit it to ThemeForest in the next couple of days.

Regards, TC

Believe me, I would then be one of the 10 first buyers. I apologize for being ironic previously.

The WordPress version is now available here.

Regards, TC

you have a wordpress version of this?

It will be available for sale in about 1 week.

Regards, TC

The WordPress version is now available here.

Regards, TC

Can the fullscreen portfolio be used with a thumbnail strip somewhere over it? Thanks!

No, it’s not possible to do that without custom work.

Regards, TC

Thanks so much for the code, looks great. I just have one last question…. I have one page that I don’t want a background image on (just the default black). What code do I remove from the source? I didn’t want to touch the js script as other pages use it.

thanks again!

In the head section of the page source. Add the following code, before any other script tag.

<script type="text/javascript">
var backgrounds = [];
Regards, TC

Hello all

For those interested in the WordPress version of this template, it’s now available for sale here.

Enjoy, TC :)


I’m thinking of buying this template – but had one questions first:

Is it possible to create individual pages that have their own galleries?

I want to use the template as a portfolio for multiple artists – where each artist has their own page with a gallery?




Yes, not a problem. Just upload your images to the Portfolio section in corresponding categories. Then create the pages and use the Portfolio shortcode to display the images on from their Portfolio category. There are many other settings to create it to your preference.


That is awesome – thanks a lot for your help!


Hello ! Could you help me ? First, excellent work, this template is really awesome ! Good job !

I have a problem. I try to fix the title (and author) in all the photos of my fullscreen diaporama (like the “storm wordpress” version). I want to use the Title tag of my and the personalized font of your template (cufon) ? For the position (top left) for example.

How can I modify the “script.js” file to do it ? Is it possible ? Thank you !

It’s not possible with the current scripts. I want to backport the features from Storm WordPress to the HTML template, but I don’t know when this will happen. In the mean time the only thing you can do is put the caption directly on to the background image – in PhotoShop for example.

Regards, TC

Thank you for your response.

The Caption is not a good idea for me because I have a lot of pictures. The best way is using Title Tag but I am a noob in scripting lol

I can only wait for your future script modifcation ;-)

I will try to update the script in a reasonable timescale.

Regards, TC

Thank you very much ! Your template is gorgeous !

Hi, First, thanks for the great template and all of your help. I am almost finished with my site, however, I have one Fancybox gallery in which I need to turn on off the hover/popup js for that gallery only. I just want to be able to click on a photo and take the user to a separate html page.


If you remove the class fancybox-portfolio from the div surrounding the portfolio it will stop the popup.

To stop the hover effect, add another class no-hover to each link around the thumbnail e.g.

<a class="portfolio-thumb-link no-hover" href="images/portfolio/popup/sunrise.jpg" rel="portfolio"></a>
Then in js/script.js find this line
$(' a').append(
Replace it with
$(' a').not('.no-hover').append(
Regards, TC

Good Afternoon,

I am wondering how i can add Portrait Photos to the Fullscreen format, as the 1680×1050 just doesnt work for Portrait Shaped Photos?

Great Template

At the moment you will need to create a landscape sized base image and put your portrait image in the center.

Regards, TC

I got the pop-up disabled from the thumbnail in the portfolio and added the no-hover class to each thumbnail as well as changing the javascript, however, i’m still getting that magnifying class image…what am i doing wrong?

The change to the script.js file should hide the magnifying glass. If you are using the Ajax version make the change in scripts.ajax.js.

Regards, TC

With your portfolio, I tried to have links, spans, and lists within the description section, but all of that html is stripped from the description while on the grid style portfolio. It all works while looking at a the single portfolio page, but not on the grid.

Lets say that I have a picture and I wanted to put the information like this: Name:



It comes out like: Name: Where: Description:

Any tips?

The portfolio description uses the excerpt rather than the raw post content. If you enter raw HTML to the “Excerpt” field when editing the portfolio item it should do what you need.

Regards, TC

That did the trick! I really appreciate it! Love your portfolio!

Hello I have a problem with the “contact-form” that is included in the Theme. I have the following bounce back email with this error: “Remote host said: 550 Access denied – Invalid HELO name (See RFC2821 4 .1.1.1)” Is possible to configure the HELLO name somehow in the script?

Thank you Harry

It sounds like the server is requiring authentication, can you edit the file contact-form/classes/iPhorm/SuccessHandler/Email.php and find this line:

//$transport = Swift_SmtpTransport::newInstance('', 25)->setUsername('yourusername')->setPassword('yourpassword');
Uncomment it, (remove // from the start) and enter the SMTP server URL , username and password.

Regards, TC

Hi guys, I like the storm theme but i was wondering if the top navigation menu has a transperency/opacity level. Basically i want to make it transparent so only the letters of the tabs/link show up. Is that possible?

Still did not work TC. Any other ideas ?

Hi, Perhaps I have not understood correctly what you are trying to do. Because it looks like what I thought you wanted.

Could you explain more please?

Regards, TC

Hi TC, The global navigation menu sits a not of black bar that goes throughout the entire page. I want that black bar to disappear, i just want only the menu to show like Profile, Work and in the background should be only the background full screen image

is it possible to make the header static so it doesn’t move when you scroll?

Hi, Add the following CSS into the bottom of the main style sheet.

#header-outer {
position: fixed;
width: 100%;
z-index: 1;

.content-outer {
margin-top: 145px;