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Before proceed in buying …. is that the html-css version or worpress

This is the HTML / CSS version. Below are the links to both.

Storm WordPress

Storm – HTML / CSS


I’ve problems with the install.

JInstaller: :Install: Cannot find XML setup file Path does not have a valid package.

Any idea?


It isn’t a Joomla theme, it’s a HTML / CSS template.

Regards, TC

Maybe is not compatible with joomla 2.5?

In the file I download some hours ago there’s not any templateDetails.xml file or something similar to other templates.

This is an HTML / CSS template – it was not made for Joomla or any other specific content management system.


Thank you! More easier to me. :)


I would like to set up a blog, I know there’s a blog template for the website but can anyone set it up or do I have to be a programmer? If it needs someone with programming skills could I pay you to set it up and if so, how much would this cost?

Kind Regards, ktlb

You could manually write each post into the HTML and do it that way, but if you have a lot of posts it would be harder to manage. Otherwise you would need to build the blog into a blogging tool, which would require coding knowledge.

We have a WordPress version of Storm here, which is ready blogging ready and requires no coding to configure.

Regards, TC

If I manually write the posts in dreamweaver can people still post a comment on them?

Or does the posting comment mechanism need javascript?

Kind Regards

No, users could not comment in real time without using a commenting system. You could add comments manually if you added the comments in the HTML that come via a basic email form, but perhaps not worth the time.

You could consider Facebook comments as a solution?


Hi, very impressive template. I have a few questions :

(1) How many photos can be contained in each gallery ? (2) About the background fullscreen photos : since they are very large, are they picked up from a special directory, different from the directory containing the galleries photos (which are smaller) ? (3) Is it possible to add a title under each photo (particularly I think about the “galleria”) ? (4) About the “galleria” : what is the max size for a photo ? Currently my vertical photos are 600 pixels tall, in order to avoid scrolling for users owning little screens.


1. There is no limit.

2. Yes they are organised into separate directories. Although you have to specify, in the code, the paths to the images to use, they aren’t automatically read from the files that are in the directory.

3. Yes, according to the Galleria documentation you can add a title/description in the HTML like so:

<img src="image.jpg" data-title="My title" data-description="My <strong>description</strong>" data-link="" />

4. You set the size you want and the script will fit the image into the space. In the file js/galleria.js you can set the size in pixels (this code is already there, just change the numbers if you need to)

        width: 900,
        height: 450
Regards, TC

HI, I have reduced my background images to around 100kb each, yet I am still having about 8GB a month of data transfer due to the background images, there are 7 images total. Is there any way you can think of to reduce this?


To receive support can you post a message from the account that purchased the item.

Hi I would like to reposition the search drop down within my menu bar. I can only see the calls for the hooks but cant find where the search dropdown is implemented. Could you shed some light on where I can find it.

This comment is for the HTML version of Storm, but it sounds like you are asking about the WP version. Can you post a message on the WP version comments if this is the case. I can’t see if you have purchased anything and we can only offer support to purchasers.

Regards, TC

Hi, i like this template, I wonder, is it set up so that I can put soundcloud widgets inside the text, or maybe even the soundcloud stratus that places itself at the bottom of the page? Thanks!

We haven’t designed the theme to support this, but I don’t see any reason why it wouldn’t work. You may need to remove the template footer or move it so that it doesn’t overlap the player.

Regards, TC

Hi, Loving the template. Not sure if this has been asked before, or I’m not looking in the right place, but is there a way of making the current page navigation menu item a different colour to the other menu items? I’ve looked in the CSS , but can’t seem to find the right code to do it. Hope someone can help me out. Thanks.

Hi, add this CSS in the styles.css file, at the bottom.

ul#horz-nav-ul li a.on {
    text-decoration: none;
    color: #ffa200;
    background-image: url(../images/nav-a-bg1.png);

Then add a new class to the main nav a link called on, like this.

<li class="home"><a class="on" href="./">Home</a></li>

Regards, TC

thanks for the reply.
I understand where to add the CSS , but where do I add the new class? In which page
Regards. N

To receive support can you post a message from the account that purchased the item. If you purchased the WordPress version, please post on the Storm WP comments.

Regards, TC


About the photos displayed in the “Pretty Photos” gallery : is the title of the photo UNDER the photo, or ON the photo ?

In a single gallery, can I put photos of distinct sizes ?

Thank you for your help

In prettyphoto the title goes above the image. You can use any size of photo for the popup image.

Regards, TC

Hi, I’m afraid there is a little problem with the template on my Mac OS X. After clicking on “About” or “Blog” or “Contact” : when I click on “Home”, instead of displaying the Home page, it displays a box of my Finder, above the window of the template. But I must say that this phenomenon doesn’t happen when I use index.ajax instead of index (if this information can help …). Could you please help me to fix this problem ? Thanks

If you edit the page and search for href="./" (there are 2 occurrences) and change it to href="index.html" it should fix the problem. You’ll need to make this change to each page.

Regards, TC

When I start index.html, and when I click on “Home”, I have the same problem : A box of the Mac Finder appears on the main window of the template ! I must tell that I didn’t started to customize te template : I just downloaded it on my disk and started “index.html”. Is there a problem with Mac ? Thank you for your help.

Please see my reply to your other comment.

Regards, TC

Ok, fine, it works ! Thank you

Hi, I just installed your template, and all works fine, except … the contact form. I believe my server doesn’t have PHP5 (only PHP4), but I’m not sure, I’m waiting his answer. Meanwhile, I’ll contact you on your personal mail and let a link on my site.

Ok, the problem is fixed.

I added a file .htaccess on root, which contains “SetEnv PHP_VER 5” and all works fine.

Thank you, your template is a real pleasure

Glad you fixed it :)

I like this template but I just wanted to know if I could set the full screen image to be static? I will have a need for a slider in the future but for now I need it static.


Hi, yes you can use just one image and switch off the slideshow.

Regards, TC