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Thanks for the great looking template. Is it possible to position the navbar so that it is positioned at the very top of the screen? Right now there is a small black border at the very top, followed by a small section of the background image, then the navbar. For my site, I would like to move the navbar to the very top, and am wondering what changes I would need to make to the css or html to accomplish this.

Yes, I will ask our designer to get back to you.

Regards, TC

Hi, add this CSS to the bottom of the main stylesheet.
#header-outer {border-top: 0 none; margin-top: -15px;}

Regards, TC

Thanks! That works great!

Is it possible to add image descriptions that will be displayed in the portfolios when viewing an image?

I like the full screen gallery the most, but would consider the other choices if they allow for image descriptions. If the full screen gallery does not support image descriptions, which of the other gallery types would you recommend instead?

Our WordPress version of Storm supports image captions on the full screen gallery, if you are interested. This is not available in the HTML version.

Otherwise, I prefer Fancybox but it seems you need to make a change to the code to get the description to show. In the file js/fancybox.js, search for the line:
'speedOut': 200,
Below this add the code:
'titlePosition': 'inside',
Now you can set the description by putting a title=”My title.” attribute on the a tag that surrounds the image in the gallery.

Regards, TC

Thank you for that information. I like the look of the image captions in the WordPress full screen gallery demo, but I prefer to stick to a non-WordPress site due to my lack of familiarity with it.

I will try the suggested changes in Fancybox.

I have a question about tracking.

Does this template already includes tracking or do I need to write codes from google analytics? Do you have any suggestion/


There isn’t any tracking included with the template. You’d need to paste in the code from Google Analytics.

Regards, TC

Hello, I have been working on the template and so far so great. Looks really good!

Question; I want to have a still image (not streaming) as a background of fullscreem-grid page.

I read a thread “Different default background per page” but I do not understand clearly where to locate index numbers and that code per page.

Could you let me know, than you so much.

great, that works, thanks!

Also a question for the typography… How do you change the default font you have for the titles to Arial/Helvetica?

If you edit js/scripts.js, find this line and remove it:

Cufon.replace('h1, h2, h3, h4, h5');
This will disable the font replacement, the headings should then go to Arial/Helvetica, or you can change it in the CSS.

Regards, TC

I changed the code to have plain black background on drop menu. It appears ok on background and text but does not go over the grid thumb nails. Also it works on Safari but not on Chrome. I must have deleted the code by mistake but I am not capable to find where. Could you let me know, thank you.

Hi, could you send me a link to your site so I can have a look at the code. You can post a link here or you can send it privately via our profile.

Regards, TC

Awesome template, such a pleasure to work with and your customer service is out of this world. I have bought many templates from Themeforest and yours is by far the most excellent!


Hi Ally and All,

Not only is the Ajax driven version of “Storm” a code-master peace!

I have never experienced such a high level of support in my entire life!

On every question I got a clear answer from one of you and at the same time this was the best Ajax /Java Script explanation a person can get.

It made me really understand how it all functions and relates to each other.

Thanks a lot!


Hi, it’s a great template, but I was wondering, how do I change the twitter pop out box to open the facebook “like” box, shown here, instead?

also, how do I have it so this facebook box is open by default?

also, I’m sure this is simple and I might have missed the explanation somewhere, but how can I use gallery .html pages besides “fullscreen” without the enlarged photos opening in a separate page?

ignore that, i figured it out! I added the jquery.easing plugin to the wrong js. thanks nonetheless!

actually, I thought I figured it out for ajax lol. I guess not; if you can help, awesome, but if not i’ll keep trying to figure it out

You’d need to add the code to call quicksand inside the ajaxCallback function of script.ajax.js. The code below is from our other template Pearl, which may work.
// Portfolio Quicksand filter
    if ($('#portfolio-filter').length) {        
        var $data = $('.portfolio ul').clone();

        $('#portfolio-filter li a').click(function () {
            $('#portfolio-filter li').removeClass('active-filter');
            var filter = $(this).data('filter');

            if (filter == 'all') {
                var $filteredData = $data.find('');
            } else {
                var $filteredData = $data.find('[data-type="'+filter+'"]');

            $('.portfolio ul').quicksand($filteredData, {
                duration: 800,
                easing: 'easeInOutQuad'
            }, function () {
                $('.serene-portfolio a.portfolio-thumb-link').serene({
                    onOpen: $.fullscreen.unbindKeyboard,
                    onClose: $.fullscreen.bindKeyboard

            return false;
Regards, TC

I am sorry to bother you , but I bought this template for a client and she likes everything but the hide and show media icons. I wonder if there is a way to have simple footer that always shows underneath the end of the content.

I edited my page and the looks looks right except for on a page such as about us (which is longer) it hovers above the content at the bottom of the page. Not sure if this is a easy fix.


Add this code into the bottom of the style.css file.

.content-outer {padding-bottom: 50px;}
#footer {position: absolute; }

That should do the trick.

Regards, TC

On the iPad and iPhone, the scroll to top function (i.e. the “TOP ^” button at the bottom right) is not working for me on your demo site. Tested iPad 1 (iOS 5.1) and iPhone 4 (iOS 5.1.1). Do you have any suggestions on how to fix this?

Confirmed. Can you copy the code from this file and paste it into the js/plugins.js file on an empty line.

Then edit the file js/scripts.js, find this code:
// Bind any links with the class 'scroll-top' to animate the scroll to the top
var scrollElement = 'html, body';
$('html, body').each(function () {
    var initScrollTop = $(this).attr('scrollTop');
    $(this).attr('scrollTop', initScrollTop + 1);
    if ($(this).attr('scrollTop') == initScrollTop + 1) {
        scrollElement = this.nodeName.toLowerCase();
        $(this).attr('scrollTop', initScrollTop);
        return false;

$('a.scroll-top').click(function () {            
    if ($(scrollElement).scrollTop() > 0) {
        $(scrollElement).animate({ scrollTop: 0 }, 1000);
    return false;
Replace it with:
// Bind any links with the class 'scroll-top' to animate the scroll to the top        
$('a.scroll-top').click(function () {
    if ($.isFunction($.fn.smoothScroll)) {
    return false;
Regards, TC

I tested the suggested changes and it is working now on both iPhone and iPad. Thank you!

Im having a real problem. The theme wont upload as a zip. Tried loads of times and it sops after 3-4 minutes and says upload failed so would I like to try again! then I uploaded the normal theme file using FTP. It took 5 minutes to upload then said that the upload was completed. When I went back to he admin panel to choose a them it wasnt there BUT it did say that there was a theme but it had a problem. It said tthe theme didnt have a “style sheet

Hi, I have sent you an email reply from you form submission .

Regards, TC

Im having a real problem. The theme wont upload as a zip. Tried loads of times and it sops after 3-4 minutes and says upload failed so would I like to try again! then I uploaded the normal theme file using FTP. It took 5 minutes to upload then said that the upload was completed. When I went back to he admin panel to choose a them it wasnt there BUT it did say that there was a theme but it had a problem. It said tthe theme didnt have a “style sheet

Just saw that storm was finally upgrade for Wordpress. Congrats and just a quick question. So customers who purchased this have to repurchase to get the wordpress version correct?

Hi, yes they are two completely separate products although share the same Storm Design. So you would need a new purchase for the Theme. Regards, TC

Interesting, I purchased the theme based on the numerous comments you posted on how a Wordpress update would be coming month after month. Didn’t think this would get left out. Thanks for the response.

You could contact Envato and ask for a refund for the HTML version if you didn’t use it. I can’t guarantee it will be successful though.

Regards, TC

Hi, I’ve purchased the HTML version of this template – but I’ve noticed that it doesn’t appear to be the same as the WordPress version? In particular, I’m trying to get titles to appear on the backgrounds, the WP version has this but the HTML version doesn’t. Is there a reason for that?

Is it just a case of getting the latest version of the plugin to support titles?

Many Thanks,


The HTML version was developed a couple of years before the WP version. It’s missing these features that were added when developing the WP version. We would like to add these features to the HTML version, but we have decided to focus on building new themes and plugins instead.

As a workaround you can put titles on the images manually, in Photoshop for example and upload them again. Although the positioning may not be perfect on all browser sizes.

Regards, TC

Hi TC,

Really a beautiful theme and I’m finishing designing my new web site with a few nice customizations!

In the “contact” page, how do you centre vertically the main box “content-inner” within the browser window?

Can I upgrade to Fancy box 2? Does it only need updating with the newest files or more?

Many thanks, Thierry


1: Well you could position the content-inner box using absolute positioning. But there will be scrolling issues if the page is too small for the content, remember every screen size is different. You could just add a top margin to be roughly in the middle. I don’t know exactly what you are trying to achieve so it’s hard to advise, can you send more info and perhaps a link?

My colleague will get in touch about the Fancy box question.

Regards, TC

You would need to update the Fancybox JS/CSS files to Fancybox 2. Some of the Fancybox options might have changed names so you’d need to find and fix the ones that have changed if you have any problems. The code calling Fancybox is in the js/scripts.js file.

Regards, TC

Thanks for the quick reply.

Re the Fancybox 2 update that shouldn’t be too much trouble then.

Regarding my 1st request, it is trickier… I’m trying to keep the contact form “content-inner” box centred both horizontally and vertically in the middle of the page regardless of the monitor size/resolution so it is therefore positioned right in the middle of the screen.

Something like this but I’m still struggling to get it to work:

Cheers, Thierry

Hello, I bought the site, but not what you need to do the moving picture homepage :(

It doesn’t show that you purchased this product. If you bought the WordPress version, can you post a comment here.

Regards, TC

Hi Can you scroll through the help files does not

I don’t understand, can you rephrase the sentence. If you want to post in your own language we can use a translate tool.

Regards, TC

Arkadaki resimlerin geçi?i sa?lanm?yor alttaki ileri geri butonlar? yok js sorun oldugunu dü?ünüyorum:( Yard?mc? olursan?z sevinirim

Can you post a link to the page with the problem or send it to the contact form on my profile page.

Regards, TC

If this is a Template only how do I get it install so I can get started on my website. Hopefully I haven’t purchased something I am unable yo use. If so I would like a refund so I can actually purchased a Wordpress Theme.

It looks like you purchased the HTML version, the WordPress version is here.

You can ask Envato for a refund, as they handle this.

Regards, TC

I think this template is awesome and I want to buy it, but I wanted to check… does this automatically resize for tablets and mobile devices?


No, Storm is not a responsive theme. We will make some responsive themes soon. Storm is only designed for larger screens although it should function just fine on devices.

Regards, TC


I purchased this theme (HTML) some time ago and have been nothing but absolutely pleased with the product. I started off with the template without using the Blog. Now, I am interested in using the Blog but I am new at blogging. I understand that WordPress is perfect for blogging. With that in mind, can I still use the blog feature as successfully with the HTML template?



With the HTML template the blog has no functionality, so you need to either add all posts and links manually in the HTML. Or use the blog template design and build into a blogging system to manage blogs. However, as the WordPress version is ready to use it would save you a lot (in my opinion) of time (and hassle) by using WordPress to manage your blog.

If you have already set up the HTML version and are reluctant to start the whole site again in WordPress, you could just use the WordPress version for the blog and link to it via the HTML version.

I would say that learning and using WordPress would help save you time in the long run – especially if you are blogging.

I hope that helps. Regards, TC

Thank you. Your response helped a lot. I think that I am going to go ahead and purchase the WP theme and migrate my information from my current site.

Have a great day.