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Just noticed that my site is no longer fetching tweets. Has there been a change (probably at Twitter’s end) that invalidates the scripting used by this template?

Found the issue was fixed in an update. Downloaded the newer version and everything working fine now.


I also noticed that my site is no longer fetching tweets. Is this issue fixed in an update? How can I update my site, without losing formatting styles?

Unfortunately I noticed since a few months my site isn’t working well in Firefox. The fonts in the navigationbar on top are a bit pixilated. Can you help me with that? Site link:

Many thanks in advanche!

Greetz, Lara

In the js/scripts.js file find the block of code that starts with:
$(window).load(function() {
And ends with:
}); // End (window).load
Replace the block of code including the lines above, with this code:
$(window).load(function() {
    // Load the Twitter feed
    if (twitterUsername && tweetCount > 0) {
        (function() {
            var t = document.createElement('script'); t.type = 'text/javascript'; t.src = '' + twitterUsername + '&count=' + tweetCount + '&include_rts=1&callback=twitterCallback2';
            var h = document.getElementsByTagName('head')[0]; h.appendChild(t);
}); // End (window).load
2. The nav font looks fine to me in Firefox. Could you be zoomed in/out in the browser? Try going to View -> Zoom -> Reset

Regards, TC


I bought this theme and I think it’s great!, Just want to know if in the home page could use code for background images (transitions) and apply them to the container “welcome box” to create different containers that appear and disappear in sync with background images. and if you could tell me how to copy it.

Thank you very much and I hope your comment.

There isn’t an easy way to do it, you would need to edit the fullscreen background plugin. Copy the contents of the file storm/js/jquery.fullscreen.js into storm/js/jquery.fullscreen.min.js and modify it to suit. You would a JavaScript developer.

Regards, TC

gracias =)!



Could someone help about customizing the main navigation bar? (the one to the right of the logo).

By default it looks like breadcrumbs, but I’d like to have simple regular boxes, i.e. Company, Services, Partners, Contact Us, etc.

Thanks, T.


PS: If you have not purchased this product – please do so.

Thanks, TC


I bought the theme yesterday. Seems to be a nice one, so far but struggling with the navigation bar. Why there’s no practical way to customize it? (or if there, is where?)

The MUSTs to be done with navigation bar are:

- Setting a fixed tab width within the navigation bar regardless of the text (i.e. the width of “References” should be equal to “Contacts” regardless of the difference in word length, how to do this?

- It must be possible somewhere to arrange the order of tabs (i.e. if I want to have order of “About Us | Services | Partners” vs “About Us | Partners | Services” , where to do this?

Another thing, which I assume shall be more easily possible but that I haven’t figure out is changing the color & width of top bar (the thick black bar by default)

Thanks in advance for support. T.


Sorry the CSS code I gave you won’t work properly in my first post, it’s the CSS for the Storm HTML template. You have posted on the HTML/CSS template board, not the WordPress theme board. Maybe that’s why it shows you have not purchased. If you purchased the WordPress theme can you post on this board please?

Regards, TC


I bought this template

now my question is how ca i put this theme into joomla? there is no xml-data.

or which programs have i to use to change informations and pics for my page?


This template is standalone HTML/CSS, not designed for a specific system. We have a WordPress version of Storm, if you are interested.

Regards, TC

I did something stupid and I bought this thinking it was the theme for wordpress, is there any solution to transform it into a wordpress theme??

The only way is to get a refund for this version and purchase the WordPress version.

Regards, TC

Hi, greate work with this template. I’m trying to change the menu items color and cannot seem to change it from white. Where is the main section of css for this? I cannot seem to work it out. I’ve changes the color wherever I thought possible and it still shows white text. Also I notice that the menu items have classes ie. class=”home”, class=”contact” etc, but there are not such class names in the stylesheet.

I’m sure its something simple and I just cannot see it… must be the long hours.


another class a cannot seem to change is the email link in the content page. There is the class email, but changing the color does not seem to work. Links appear white with orange hover.


Here is the selector for it so you can add this and modify the colors.

.email a {color: #eaff00; border-bottom-color: #eaff00;}
.email a:hover {color: #ff0000; border-bottom-color: #ff0000;}

Regards, TC


Why when entering some email addresses in the contact form I recieve the email, and with other not? Example. I tried and I did recieve it. Then tried and I did not


Did more tests and seems like its working.. not sure what happened.

Is it possible to auto-send back a confirmation email to their address once they complete the contact form?

Open the file documentation/form-documentation/index.html and follow the section “Sending the form user an autoreply email”

Regards, TC

Hi great theme but how do I make it usable on a mobile device like an iphone? All the text is far too small on a phone and the buttons are not for the fat fingered


We will improve the responsive functionality in the next major update. For now we have made this article which will show you how to make the forms responsive.

Regards, TC


Very sorry but I thought this was regarding the Quform plugin. Storm WordPress is NOT responsive. We will be designing a new full screen background theme (which will be responsive) sometime in the future.

However, you can still add custom media queries to enlarge buttons and text for phones for your website.

Sorry about the confusion.

Regards, TC

I didn’t buy the wordpress theme ( i have actually bought this twice as I lost the original passwords etc and bought with an old email address but needed tgo ask the question about iphone, mobile useablity)

Been trying to enter a heading in a different language with no luck. What’s the font type for

? Cannot seem to change it, to allow for a different language to be visible.


Been trying to enter a heading in a different language with no luck. What’s the font type for h1

The font is a “Cufon”, which would need to be regenerated to support additional characters or you can disable it.

To disable this font, edit the file js/scripts.js and remove this line:
Cufon.replace('h1, h2, h3, h4, h5');

To regenerate the font, see this guide. The guide is for the WordPress version of Storm, but the method is the same for the HTML version. In the HTML version though, you should copy the contents of the file you down from the Cufon site and paste it into the js/plugins.js file and replace lines 324 to 359 with your new code.

Regards, TC


Is it easy to set the background to 1 fixed image?

Yes if you simply have one image in the list it will be fixed.

Regards, TC

I have purchased the Storm Dreamcatcher Full Screen Template. I cannot seem to get the full screen working. I have created a jpg image of the correct dimensions. Placed in the backgrounds folder with the placeholder image. My image will not show. I am in a unix based environment. Should it be in a Windows environment? Page is here: Any thoughts. Please help.

Cheers, Dorn

It works for me, did you fix it? If not, what browser are you using?

Regards, TC

How do I get the dark-grey bar under the navigation menu more transparent? Thank you.


This bar is an image. Open the image called header.png in the template images folder.

Open the file with image editing software and reduce the opacity. Re-save the image and refresh your page.

Regards, TC

Hi, Is it possible to insert any text under images while watching in pretty photo?

Anyways, great job with this theme ;)

Add a title attribute to the link surrounding the thumbnail image. For example:

<a class="portfolio-thumb-link" href="images/portfolio/popup/placeholder.png" rel="prettyPhoto[portfolio]" title="This is the description">
    <img src="images/portfolio/3column/placeholder.png" alt="" />

Regards, TC

Thanks! I have another problem. I don’t know why h1,2… don’t show Polish

You’ll need to regenerate the Cufon font file. Go to and at “Regular typeface” upload the /resources/fonts/Comfortaa-Regular.ttf file from the Storm download package, at “Bold typeface” upload the Comfortaa-Bold.ttf, at the gylph choices, choose:

  • Uppercase
  • Lowercase
  • Numerals
  • Punctuation
  • Basic Latin
  • Latin-1 Supplement
  • Latin Extended-A

Click “Let’s do this!”. It will download a .js file. Edit the js/plugins.js in Storm and search for the lines starting with Cufon.registerFont({"w", remove both of these lines and replace them with the code from the .js file downloaded from the Cufon site.

Regards, TC

Having an issue with email…..client is using a paid yahoo account. Emails are just not being received but the form is saying it has been sent.

Please see this page for help.

Regards, TC

I am using the HTML version

If you are using the latest version of the Storm template, in the file quform/process.php, find this setting:

$config['from'] = '';

Set it to an email address that is associated with the hosting account e.g.

$config['from'] = '';

If you are using an older version, in the file contact-form/config.php, find this line:

$emailSuccessHandler = new iPhorm_SuccessHandler_Email($form);

Below it, add this line:


P.S. Also check the Junk/Spam folders of email account.

Regards, TC

Beautiful theme. Quick question – are any of the gallery or portfolio pages sortable/responsive as i would like to have menu choices on a single portfolio page for “All portfolios, landscape, street, portraiture, etc.”?

This HTML version does not have a sortable portfolio. The WordPress version of the theme does have a sortable portfolio (example here).

Regards, TC

Are you ever going to make this responsive?

We don’t intent to make this template responsive.

Regards, TC

I have added the video background and I Finally got the url to show up, I have it set on autoplay and its not playing…what am i doing wrong? Should I add the url to the theme settings only, or to the actual page settings or both?

Could you post a link to the page where this happens. If you set in the theme settings it will appear on all pages, if you set it in the page settings it will only affect that one page.

Regards, TC