Discussion on Story Mag - News Magazine Blogger Theme

Discussion on Story Mag - News Magazine Blogger Theme

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The theme is very different from the preview The featured post widget not working The slidebar not working and not showing at all You said it was SEO optimized but the popular post widget shows thumbnails without image alt GADGETS sections not working No details on how to customize the video section most of the weights require manual adjustments on the long term I would like to request a refined please

You have to buy the theme before asking for refund. And all the features are working correctly. After you purchase the theme, if there is any problem, i would love to help you fix it.

Hello, I have an inquiry before purchasing. Is it possible to set up a fixed header?

This theme doesn’t support fixed header for now.

Will there be future updates?

yes, if the theme starts to have any issue or we want to add a new feature. :)

Hi, i went through your profile and saw lots of themes you’ve. great work. Though most of the themes look alike but i like story mag. Please I’ll like to confirm if this theme is SEO ready and is there any other theme of yours that is finer/better than Story Mag?

Yes, this theme is SEO ready. Better is subjective but you can take a look at Busan and Newspaper theme and see if those fit your needs better. All three are modern, fast and seo ready. :)

Post images not supported mobile friendly

Your can this post visit understand

First backup your theme incase anything goes wrong.
Go to Theme > Customize > Advanced > Add CSS
Paste the below code –
.post-body div.separator img, .post-body img { height: auto; }
Finally press the Save icon.

Okay brother thank you

Hi This Theme, image does not support mobile friendly! how to fix

Images are responsive and mobile friendly. What problem are you facing with the images? please clarify. Would love to help you fix any issue. :)

Hello, Can the top menu be made STICKY as we scroll down – the one which has date and night mode switch?

First backup your theme in case anything goes wrong.
Now, go to Theme > Customize > Advanced > Add CSS
Paste the below code –
.top-wrapper { position: fixed; top: 0; left: 0; right: 0; z-index: 9999999; } #header-wrapper { margin-top: 36px; }
Finally, press the Save icon. :)

how to add multiple label on the featured post?

You can add as many label as you want on featured posts. On homepage, the featured section will only show the first one because of the design. Showcasing multiple label in that section will make it look cluttered.

hi, i bought Story Mag from you. I would like to know is there any possible way to make 1 page blogpost or page? I mean a post or page that without sidebar appear. Thank you.

I really need that to happen, & I will really appreciated if you could help me. Thank you.


In your post editor, go to ‘HTML view’. Then paste the below code at the beginning.
<style> .rsidebar.sidewrap{display: none !important;}.lcontent{float: none;width: 100%;}.sectiong .cinner{margin-right: 0px!important;} </style>
Finally, press the Update button. :)

edipati Purchased

How to make main widget post become two collumns by default? either in mobile or laptop screen. Thanks

please mention your blog address


edipati Purchased


Go to Theme > Click the arrow beside ‘Customize’ > Click ‘Edit HTML’ > at the bottom you will find this –
Just above it, paste the below code –

<script> //<![CDATA[ $(window).resize(function () { WindowWidth = $(window).width(); if (WindowWidth < 1000){ $('#Blog1').removeClass('boxx'); } }); //]]> </script>
Finally press the save icon.

Hello, is it possible to make table of content?

No but support for table of content might be added in future update.

Dear Madam/Sir,

On March 18, 2022, I purchased Story Mag – News Magazine Blogger Theme (item purchase code: 24338313-c457-4002-a9ce-67a4e37c1924). After I installed this template, it worked normally but after a month I found that all the original XML documents theme files that I downloaded from https://themeforest.net as well as those from the weekly backups that I made had mysteriously disappeared from my computer.

I immediately uninstalled the Story Mag News Template and am looking to identify the cause of the problem.

Please help me so that I can reinstall the template. Thank you for your understanding,

Spiros Ganis spiroganis@gmail.com

It’s just an xml file and it’s incapable of deleting itself. Likely an issue with your hard drive or some software. Xml files are just like plain text files, they are not executable. It’s better to backup your files in cloud storage. Reinstall and use the theme. I can assure you there is no problem with the theme file. :)


edipati Purchased

I have a question again, how to make thumbnail display in home page softer by making the image rounded corner, I try myself to make its little rounded but not succeded perfectly. In this case, i want make thumbnail little rounded: Featured_Post, SectionA, SectionC.


First Backup your theme.
Go to Theme > Customize > Advanced > Add CSS
Paste the below code –
.swapper .shotx, .swapper .shotx:before, .secb .nla, .secb .nla:before, .nlb, .nlc, .nlb:before, .nlc:before, .secua .widget-content .mlu { border-radius: 5px; }
Press the save icon.

edipati Purchased

Thanks, it works, thanks alot

Hi, I bought and I uploaded this theme in wordpress dashboared it’s failed , The zip file is missing folders and files of theme . Where is the files ????

This is a blogger theme and will only work on blogger.com
Feel free to contact us for any help regarding it use on blogger platform.


edipati Purchased

I have following 2 issues:

1. When I share main URL (not post URL) of my blog into whatsapp, thumbnail is not displayed well. It just displays text only. So how to make it displaying blog thumbnail when share into social media?, and the thumbnail is better taken from the logo of blog. This issue does not happen when I share a post article, thumbnail is displayed normal according the image of post.

2. In Top Menu, when clicked. The first menu is repeated twice like this https://i.paste.pics/JT19F.png How to make it effective like simple dropdown menu, so if a menu is written once then it must display once. Then my next idea, is it possible to make such Top Menu into country flags similar to which in the main menu? And its good to have beside flag is possible to write something. Example: beside the image (flag of Indonesia) its written “Indonesia”. Then beside image of England its written English, etc.

Very thankfull for your response

1) Go to Theme > Click the arrow beside ‘Customize’ > choose ‘Edit HTML’
On line 5 in the code you will find this –
<meta content='width=device-width,initial-scale=1.0,minimum-scale=1.0,maximum-scale=1.0' name='viewport'/>
Just after the above line paste this –
<b:if cond='data:blog.url == data:blog.homepageUrl'> <meta content='https://1.bp.blogspot.com/-KjalfQeHai0/YS4mnN2BCqI/AAAAAAAAGNE/NhwI_PBC7jEIVuqfnhIlRObK54hagImowCLcBGAsYHQ/s85/wire-logo.png' property='og:image'/> </b:if>
Replace the image url with your own and finally click the Save icon.

2) Menu item is not repeated twice. Home on mobile devices is just a placeholder. Actual home link is in drop down menu.

As for adding flags to top menu. Follow these steps –
STEP 1 –
Go to Layout and open the top menu widget. You can just replace menu text with flag image.
So, this code –
<a href="#">About</a>
<a href='#'><img src="https://flagicons.lipis.dev/flags/4x3/gb-eng.svg" /></a>
we have replaced About with image code.
Simply change the image url https://flagicons.lipis.dev/flags/4x3/gb-eng.svg with your own. It could be svg, png, jpg.
If you want to add Country name beside flag, use this line –
<a href='#'><img src="https://flagicons.lipis.dev/flags/4x3/gb-eng.svg" />England</a>
Finally click Save icon

STEP 2 -
Go to Theme > click on ‘Customize’ > Advanced > Add CSS
Paste the below code –
.topmenuu a img { height: auto; width: 13px; padding-right: 5px; }
Finally, click the save icon.

edipati Purchased

Many thanks, it works and very useful


edipati Purchased

Is it possible to add two flag icons (indonesia and england) at the top menu to show my website in another language. So if someone click it will bring to my another website/blog that i have made in different language. The icons may be positioned at very top. Thanks


edipati Purchased

It works good, thanks for that. My blog is https://islamicbroadcast.ipmafa.ac.id Please correct me if there is something wrong in my blog layout. My further question when I want build two blogs with this same theme, should I puchase two different licence?

Each separate blog requires a separate license. So, you should purchase two different license for two different blogs. Your blog layout seems fine.


edipati Purchased

Fine. I plan to have more different license


edipati Purchased

In mobile view, the page is well responsive but is not still in its position, so i can move to left side. How ro make it fixed, and I can only scroll top-down. Thanks


edipati Purchased

Sorry, this is already fixed now

More help needed (sorry to bother you)

1. How to move BACK TO TOP button vertically UP?

2. How to shift post page (with title and body) slightly LEFT away from sidebar, as there is white space on left?

Not sure that i understand your first question. Do you want the button to be slightly up or all the way up to the top. As for second question, it won’t be possible because change in spacing on the post will affect responsiveness and other widgets.

I want arrow button to be slightly UP in position (not all the way)

Paste below code in Theme > Customize > Advanced > Add CSS
#back-to-top { bottom: 80px; }
Press the Save icon.

Thank you for previous help. All worked.

Except hiding DESCRIPTION and DATE on all posts below post title.

I tried removing date from layout but there is WHITE SPACE which does not look good. Kindly help in this.



On few post pages, three lines appear on Logo at the top When I switch night mode, it works fine, there are no lines. I wonder what is causing this problem.

Hello, I solved the logo problem it was some faulty code I added on blog post. I removed it.

I still need your help with HIDING search description and date on all posts below the post title. And not have any whitespace too.

Waiting for your response.

Go to Theme > Customize > Advanced > Add CSS
Paste this code –
.postdesc, .post .post-timestamp { display: none; }
Press the Save icon.

Thank you for prompt response. :)

Sir, here are few more changes I request. Awaiting your reply:

1) hide the labels at bottom of POST

2) hide sidebar on PAGES like contact, about, privacy (and show full width pages if possible)

3) hide ‘zero comments icon’ on LATEST section (home page)

4) if possible, show DATE instead of ‘3 months ago’ on LATEST posts section (home page)

5) hide ‘unknown, 29 days ago’ from MUST READ section at bottom right part of home page

6) Is it possible to have only a vertical STICKY AD on the POSTS instead of full sidebar as shown on home page?

7) Remove POCKET from share post

8) Hide DESCRIPTION and DATE of blog post

First backup your theme in case anything goes wrong.
For 1, 3, 5, 7 Go to Theme > Customize > Advanced > Add CSS
Paste the below code –
.post-footer-line .post-labels, .mainhomec .homec, #sidebars .secvip .lauthor, #sidebars .secvip .timeago, #fsharebox .xpocket { display: none; } #mxmshare #fsharebox { width: 242px; }

4) Go to Theme > Click the arrow beside ‘Customize’ > Edit HTML > Press anywhere in code and press CTRL+F > In the Search box type “timee’” without quotes and hit Enter multiple times. You will find the below code –
(function(){ $('.timee').timeago(); })();
Delete it and finally press the Save icon.

6) Just add your ad code in your sidebar widget. Then use this code to make it sticky. In Theme > Customize > Advanced > Add CSS, paste this code -
.rsidebar { position: sticky; top: 0; }

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