Discussion on Storyteller — A Narrative WordPress Blog Theme

Discussion on Storyteller — A Narrative WordPress Blog Theme

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I have purchased the theme, when installed, editing or adding a post, blocks are not visible, editable, the big plus sign in blue box is not working.

Still waiting for any response

I left a message on your support page 10 days ago and no response. Is it possible to get a reply?

can normal page viewer post a blog also? or need to signup and sign in?

If a user wants to post something, they need to have an account and sign in. This is the standard WordPress behavior, and it is not altered by this theme in any way.

what font is the red header? does it come in a license with the theme

This is Yellowtail. It’s free to use for both personal and commercial purposes. So you can use it with no additional charges.

Paul, great looking theme that might fit my needs for a lot of articles with images. One question though, are there any planned updates… there’s not much since 2016.

Just want to ensure this theme is still being supported (and will be in the future). Thx!

April 2nd // Just tried asking a few questions via the forum (Storyteller and Narrator), but not sure anyone’s moderating there – although someone has responded to people in the other themes. Can’t tell which theme to post my questions in!

Hi there! I’ve purchased the theme and really love it! I’m just having one slight problem. On the mobile version of my site, the photo galleries become vertically elongated/stretched. claywhisler.com is the URL. Any help would be great! I’ve tried setting up an account on Mauer’s website to post in support forums. However, I’m not receiving registration emails, or emails to reset my password.

Hello Clay,

This is most probably caused by Jetpack’s Photon module.

Please go to your Admin Panel -> Jetpack -> Settings, scroll down to ‘Serve images from our servers’ toggle and turn it off.

Then reload your page without cache and see if the problem persists.

In general, I woud not recommend using Photon as it also often reduces the quality of pictures recompressing them.

Thank you for having chosen Storyteller for your project. If you enjoy the theme, I would be really grateful if you could rate it here — https://themeforest.net/downloads. This literally takes a moment, however helps a lot.

Kind regards, Paul

P.S. The emails are probably not making it through the spam filter. I’ve just sent you the credentials to clay.w…@...ail.com. Should you have any further questions, please post them there. Thank you.

I just purchased this theme, and on the home page my blog posts show the entire text of each article. I just want to see the image and title. Any idea what’s happening? Please see: http://www.dprok.com/

Also, this issue still occurs despite the fact that in the settings, under “For each article in a feed, show” summary is checked and not full text.

Hello Dmitriy,

To start showing excerpts instead of full posts you need to insert the ‘more tag’ into each of the posts (just like in the demo content). This is native WP functionality. Here is how to use the ‘more tag’: https://en.support.wordpress.com/more-tag

Should you have any further questions, I invite you to post them on the dedicated forum at http://mauer.co/support

Regards, Paul

sigh It’s been 5 days since I posted this question on the support page and Envato. How can I disable the automatic hyphenation?

Paul, I don’t mind paying for customization. What I do mind is the long delay in answering. It’s perfectly fine to tell me that this is outside the scope of what I paid for. How much do I owe you for this reply?

You owe me nothing. Please don’t get me wrong: I don’t mind helping people with small tweaks outside of the support here and there. I just don’t always have time to do that in a timely fashion. And I do apologize for having taken that long to reply to you with that tweak.

Paul, no offense taken. I appreciate that you took the time to answer my query.

Thank you for answering my last question, Paul. How can I disable the auto-hyphenation?

Hi, it’s been 3 days since I posted a question on the Storyteller forum. Is it possible to get the courtesy of a reply?

Hello, please excuse my late reply. See it here: http://bit.ly/2CTC6xM

Hi, your theme looks good. But are there any updates planned? The last where at the end of 2016. Thanks!

Hi Promicabana,

There is a planned update later this year that will bring a few under-the-hood improvements. Please know that the current version of the theme is fully compatible with the latest WP (4.8.2) and PHP (7) versions.



Hi, I am thinking of buying your theme. Is your theme compatible with the latest version of Wordpress?


Thanks for your interest in the theme. It supports the latest version of WordPress (4.8.1 as of now) and PHP (7 as of now).

I’m considering to buy the Storyteller theme for a project for a client, but I need answers before I decide to buy it.

1) When I’m looking at the published articles, the heading / Post title is placed on top of the main photo. Neither my my client, or me as a designer, do not want this at all. Do one have options to decide where to place the heading—either before/above or after/under the main photo? (This question is important for us, and will decide whether to buy or not)

2A) Typography Can you use different typography and colour than the ones showed under subtitle “Typography”, like various Google fonts?

2B) The headings are in Upper-case, which is bad for readability. Can one change the case to normal Capitalization and Lower case?

3)Teasing of stories. Currently the examples under “Grid 3 col” only feature 9 stories before the “Older posts”. Is the number of teasing of articles adjustable (either to infinite numbers of articles, or down to 6 articles) before the “Older posts”?

4A) Language My project will be in another language than English: Does this theme use standard english text bits “like Older posts” etc., or is this flexible, depending on what one write, or can one use a pluging with translation of the text bits?

4B) Multilanguage. Does this theme support use of WPML?

Hello Trondalex,

1. There’s no such option out-of-the-box and this would require custom coding (not included into support in accordance with ThemeForest policy).

2A. You can change the accent color (red in the demo) to any of your choice. There’s no built-in option to use Google Fonts.

2B. Yes, with a simple CSS tweak. You can post about that on the support forum (http://mauer.co/support/) and I’ll provide it.

3. You can post about that on the support forum and I’ll provide a tweak with which you’ll be able to control the number of teasers displayed after posts.

4A. You can create your content in any language and you can translate static texts (e.g. “Older posts”) following the standard WP procedure. For instance using the Loco Translate plugin.

4B. Not out-of-the-box.

Thanks for your interest in Storyteller.

Best, Paul

Just one more question: Is ist possible that the post title is shown underneath the image just like in your theme “Essential”?

That would require code customizations (not part of the support according to TF rules).

Hi, I am thinking of buying your theme. Could you please answer following questions to help me decide: Is it possible to change the red font colour? Is it possible to show related posts underneath a post instead “more posts”, just like in your other theme “Essentialist”? Are there further widget areas just above the footer? Or would it be easier to buy “Essentialist” and change font types? Thank you and kind regards, Joerg

Hello Joerg,

Thank you for your interest in the themes. As for your questions:

1) The font color is controlled through the Admin Panel. The setting is called ‘accent color’ and it affects the site title font color as well as the color of the links and buttons. This is available both in Storyteller and Essentialist.

2) Storyteller can just show the 2 latest posts. However if you want to have the related posts there, post about that on mauer.co/support and I’ll provide a solution to show related posts.

3) Actually Storyteller and Essentialist have identical widget areas. The difference is that the Essentialist also has an Instagram feed above the widget areas. And the areas themselves are 3: left, center and right. And you can place many widgets in each of these 3 areas (see screenshot — http://bit.ly/2sjzxns).


Hi, I just bought your theme but I have a few questions:

- How do I remove the big picture behind the title at pages like ’’About, Contact’‘ - Can I change the font? - Can I change the background color?

Hope you can help me out, thanks!

Hello Anouk,

There are no options in the Admin Panel to change that (and they haven’t been advertised in theme description, or in the demo). However, if you post on the support forum (mauer.co/support), I can provide you with custom CSS to do these two things. It’s just much more convenient to have support-related communication (and post code) there. Thank you.

Kind regards,


Hi, does your theme support Video posts? How would this work / look like if I’d post a youtube or soundcloud item? Cheers

Hi Ferdinand,

This theme does not provide a dedicated layout for video posts. However it certainly does support video embeds. Here is an example (see Soundcloud there too): http://storyteller.mauer.co/monday-afternoon-test/

Thanks for your interest in Storyteller.


Thank you Paul. I just bought your theme. I have 4 small questions posted in the forum, could you take a look at it when feasible? Much appreciated, cheers

Howdy! I just purchased this theme and went through the documentation. I’m confused by how to add my logo instead of the site title text.

Hello Imanlegacy, If you’ve followed the instructions in the documentation, you should now have ‘Theme Options’ item in the Admin Panel menu. There under ‘Logo to use’ you can choose ‘Custom image’ and then specify the image in the next field (‘Custom logo image’). See screenshot: http://mauer.co/wp-content/uploads/2017/01/clogo.jpg

If you don’t see the ‘Theme Options’ item in your Admin Panel, please make sure you install and activate recommended plugins (page 3 of the documentation), see screenshot: http://mauer.co/wp-content/uploads/2017/01/plugins.png

Please post support questions on the dedicated forum at http://mauer.co/support/. Thank you.

Hello, i really would like to purchase your theme, but i have found an issue about displaying pictures on tablets and mobile phones. The theme itself loads fine, but the pictures doesn’t fit in any way, they doesn’t react responsive.

Will you solve that problem, or how can i in case of purchase.

Please post your question on the support forum. Thank you.

My friend, you should check your website registration tool/form, because i registered twice and do not receive any registration email – FYI.

I can see that you’ve registered 3 minutes before you sent the message here. It sometimes takes several minutes for the email to reach you. I’ve just tested the registration on mauer.co, and it’s working fine. You should get an email from ‘Mauer Themes support’ shortly (http://bit.ly/2dS2u0L).


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