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Greetings, In my big screen the slideshow background images are not covering the full screen, can this be fixed?


When is the wordpress version coming FMedia?!

Need it ASAP!

Kind Regards!

Just contact author for wordpress theme

Hey FMedia, I’ve emailed them, and they have said that you need to reply to their email for final progress on it! Best, Lex

Any updates bro??

Hi, I appreciate your excellent work. I im trying to make the mailer.php and mailler.joinus.php send me the mail but doesnt work, would you help me ?

contact me through my profile page with details

Hi… great theme… I have two problem.. 1. How can i put “instagram” icon in custom social icons section? i couldn’t find its image in image folder. 2. How can i make the page full responsive?? I wanna make the page responsive for desktop,tablet landscape,tablet portrait,smartphone landscape,smartphone portrait. Beside, i don’t know pixel size of pictures that fits to any of them.

I’m still waiting for your guidelines..!

In responsive layout the images are resize and fit to the screen so its doesn’t required for tablet size, The same principle is apply for all template in themeforest

okay.. thanks a lot!

Hi, again …I’m trying to make the mailer.php and mailler.joinus.php send me the mail but it doesn’t work, would you help me?

Please check your server setting, may be it block the incoming mail

Firstly, this is just Awesome, it is exactly what I was looking for.

I’ve been doing pretty well, your documentation is above average, thank you for that. But there is one thing I am finding difficult (Sorry) I am trying to add a link to the contact page from within the about us page but I am not having any luck. Could you please give me an example code in the following manner. (where “contact us” below would be the link.

If you would like further information please “Contact Us

Thank you so much for your work it is perfect for me.


Just add the below code on the main-fm.js file inside the initialize function. (after edit the file rename it to main-fm.min.js file)

$(".menu_link").bind('click', function() { if($(this).attr("href") !== undefined && $(this).attr("href") !== "" ){ self.page_load($('.contentWrapper[data-id$="'+$(this).attr("href")+'"]')); } $(".header .nav li a").removeClass("active"); return false; });

And use the below method to add the link to the text (add the class name menu_link to the link text ) That’s all

<a class="menu_link" href="!contactus">contact us page </a>

Thank you for that. I am really impressed by this site. I have 3 other projects on so I think I will probably be buying 3 more licenses. regards!

Hi is it possible to add sub nav to the services section?


Sorry no :(

Just wanted to say, I am still loving this design, so do my clients. I have bought two licenses now. I have 3 more clients that really like this so I am pretty busy, thanks partly to you.


Welcome ants

Beautifully crafted theme!

I purchased this theme thinking it was for wordpress. Can I please get the wordpress version? Thanks!

Sorry its only html version file

Hi I was for some reason the text is not as crisp on a mobile device when it comes to the about us page and the nav-tabs here is the link if you pull it up on a mobile device and click on about us or click on services and scroll down to testimonials youll see what I’m talking about

Can you contact me through my profile page with screenshots?

Hi – Map isn’t working _ in the console it is calling up error google API missing – any ideas as to resolve this?

please check your email

Checked, and nothing has come through from you?

replied to your email. please check spam box too