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Nice creative coming soon! GLS! :)

Thanks matchthemes

Thanks binarytheme

Quite impressive! Congrats and good luck with your sales!

Thanks ThemeREX

Great work! I like the white version very much! ;)

I am Happy to like you the white version.

Thanks VF

Again Great Work @FMedia . I Like it :)

Thanks Webshakes

Looks wonderful, wish you the best with sales!

Thanks Defatch


Love the modern style, so clean and beautiful. So now to the big question when are Wordpress version coming?

Best regards Robbie

This is perfect for vcard site, for freelance and entrepreneur so i hope wordpress version is coming soon, its gonna sell so much.

Best Regards Robbie

Thanks Robbie2010, I will try to release WP

FMedia that sounds great, any timeframe on that i need it now :=)

Best Regards Robbie

Thanks codeex

Ok this might sound stupid but is this a wordpress coming soon page?

I am still watching how this file goes for next 2 week, after that I will talk to the WP developer to convert into WP

Nice work…

is it possible to put a logo where the “STRAIGHT WAY” box is. (and to be bigger)?


Yes, You can place the logo anywhere and change the logo holder height using .logo style in main.css file

Nice template. I cant make the logo larger. I tried changing the height of ”.logo” in main.css and main.min.css but nothing. When i changed the width of ”.logo img” it worked but wasnt centered anymore. Any help?

Thank you. made it work. One more question though. The mailer.php doesnt send char in utf-8 encoding so there is a problem when you send emails with chars other than latin. How can i force utf-8 encoding when sending?

Never mind i fixed it. I added this line of code in $headers ‘Content-type: text/html; charset=UTF-8;’ . ”\r\n” .

That’s Great :)

Hi Can you please let me know how to change the speed at which the text and menu appear when the site first loads?

Thanks Joe

Just change the value in data-displayTime= attribute value on the text and menu div

Worked perfectly, thanks!

wow thats almost a complete website, brilliant work – as usual, youre one of the best here imho!

Thanks Ghost1978

Hello you can help me, where can you enlarge the opening of the page?

On main-fm.js file, the function page_load : function (e){ } is used to open the inner page. Make sure, after you edit the main-fm.js file rename it to main-fm.min.js file


I just bought the theme but I have an error message about the CSS file. Could you please help? style.css

Thanks for your help!


Just upload all files in your server it will work.

To edit this file, use the HTML editor like Dreamweaver.

Hello and thanks again! Sorry I thought it was a Wordpress theme / file. I don’t know how to use Dreameaver and install an HTML file…can I please get reimbursed ? Thanks and sorry for the inconvenience

Just contact envato support center

How does the form collect the emails? Does it store them in a file on the server, send the details to another email address?

Would like to know please

it just send the email address to your email. it does not store emails

Many thanks for your prompt reply

First of all Kudos to your great work!! :) I bought this template, but I am new to this technology. Can I get a WordPress version of this template soon? I need that desperately!!! :O:impatient:

I will let you know on next week

Thanks FMedia!!

Any good news about the WordPress version this week!!?? :) I wanted a WordPress template before match 15th. I wish I have the Straightway Template..!!!

Nice work… Guys, somebody help me to buy this.. when i buying this.. they taken money but i didn’t get still this template anybody send to me… FMedia help me

Okie. Thank you so much. pls make it as soon as possible.

Hello i don’t have rights to send the file to you. I am really sorry. Please contact support center with this details

I have to say I’m loving this template. Excellent work!
However, I’m having a problem with Twitter feed.
After I set the Twitter API settings, I get an error message “no data returned”.
Any ideas what could be causing this?

Yeah, I did. Changed 5 lines in total. 1 in jquery.jstwitter.js and 4 in grabtweets.php

Its work for all user, please check your Twitter account

Was poking around. It turns out it’s the server settings that were messing up the twitter feed. Thanks anyway.

Thank you FMedia.. stamba how u purchased explan briefly.. pls

Thanks boss.i went that way but, it didn’t accept my VISA Cards.. i have net banking.. can i puchase via netbanking?

Sorry No, Contact support for this issue