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Look good bro! Congrats!

Thanks a lot!

Thank you!

This a great template!

Thank you!

Awesome work! Good luck :)

Thank you very much!

Very NICE and Tight and Awesome!! (unfortunately I am a WP theme guy but grt work, even solid on mobile, luv the menu too)

Thank you! :)

dear glorm,

im looking at your work and im quite interested. quick question; since i would be using it for video and for photography i’d be wondering if there is a possibility to amplify the gallery function (such as having more galleries or more functionality within the gallery)

thanks in advance mate, and good looking work!

Hello! The gallery is using flexslider – – which does allow video and is flexible. Check out the page to see if the functionality you’re looking for exists.

Thanks for your interest!

Hi Glorm, I’ve recently downloaded your STRAND theme and going through the process of editing it to fit with my design.

I’ve noticed the parallax effect doesn’t work on the iPad. The image doesn’t resize and displays much bigger than needed. Also, when scrolling through the page, the parallax effect it very jumpy and doesn’t look great.

Is there work around to resolve these issues?


Hi, parallax should be turned off for mobile devices. It seems like it’s not detecting that iPad’s are mobile, so I’ll be uploading changes soon!

Hello Glorm, nice job. I noticed something that I cannot explain. The “Contact” item in top-bar only shows at hover inside top-bar ! Can you explain ? here is my downloaded files live