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Does i need to have knoweldge of HTML/CSS and PHP to use this theme??

No, you can use this theme without knowledge of PHP, HTML and CSS. But if you want to customize layout then yes you need to have.

I’m not tech guy, how theme works?? how can i create categories and products??

Well, its pretty simple

Step 1 – Download Opencart from

Step 2 – Upload opencart files to your server

Step 3 – Install Opencart

After installing opencart you get admin panel, from admin panel you can create/edit/delete categories, products etc..

How to install streak opencart theme?

After purchasing streak opencart 1.5. theme, after downloading you will get following files.

  1. Help
  2. opencart-themes

Now open opencart-themes folder you will find 3 folder

  1. streak
  2. streak-rounded
  3. streak-semirounded

Now copy all 3 folders(theme) and go to root folder where you installed your opencart. Now go to catalog » view » theme paste 3 folders in theme folder.

Now login to your admin panel, and go to system » settings now click on Edit link, then click on Store tab and select the theme and click on save, thats it!

How to create 3 column as in demo links??

Very simple, login to your admin panel, now go to Extensions » Modules now click Edit link beside Category.

Now click on Add Module button, you will find new filed generated, now select

  • Layout = Home (For Home page )
  • Position = Column Left or Column Right
  • Status = Enable
  • Sort Order = 1 ( 1 display top, 2 display below 1)

Now click on save button, thats it! This is the same way to add other modules, and assign to columns you prefer.

Once you assign modules to Left and Right columns then theme automatically becames 3 columns. If you assign only one column Left/Right then theme becames 2 columns.

How is to make viewable product price and add to cart button??

Open stylesheet.css, and search for

#home-wrap .box-product .price, #home-wrap .box-product .cart, #tab-related .box-product .price, #tab-related .box-product .button

you will see below code

#home-wrap .box-product .price, #home-wrap .box-product .cart, #tab-related .box-product .price, #tab-related .box-product .button{ display:none; }

remove it or comment it you will price and add to cart button. If you want to display only price then use below code

#home-wrap .box-product .cart, #tab-related .box-product .button{ display:none; }

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