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Very nice theme! Best luck with sales ;)

Thanks Clarke ;)

So awesome!!! Love it and sure good luck with sales :)

Thanks, Alex.

Wow, amazing work. I think I can use this for something coming up soon :)

Good news :) Thanks

Awesome Work. i really like it.

Thanks! ;)

i m vry very lke this theme =) good luck wth sles =)

Thanks Arif ;)

Are Child Themes supported?


Is it possible to disable the zoom for the thumbnails on the frontpage? Instead just link the thumbnail to the page.


Yes. Just replace in the files content-standard.php, content-image.php, content-gallery.php:

<?php echo $large_image_url[0]; ?>
<?php echo the_permalink(); ?>

This might be a total Noob question, but will this template support a larger banner format as well as sidebar ads?

Hi avwrites ,

NP :) Or course, you can place any banner. It’s only for demo such small banner.

Hi Is it possible to display the posts on the frontpage in the standard way instead of the masonry way?


Yes, just set up Blog page as Front page ( menu Settings -> Reading -> A static page (select below) )

Thanks :)

Wow Serge, wonderful theme!

Thanks ;)

Can you post any audio or only Soundcloud? Also, same with Video…is it only structured for Vimeo or can you embed Youtube as well?

Hi CussinSailor,

Thank you for your interest in our theme.

1. For Audio post format you can use any other service with embed code (iframe) or HTML code.

2. Video post format supports YouTube, Vimeo and Dailymotion.

i brought it can you use your own video instead of youtube also when i make a make a post and use portfolio it make a sidebar called projects navigation i don’t want that i want to use one of the sidebars widgets also the post views seems not to get updated does i do have the site in maintenance mode does that make a difference


First and foremost, thanks for purchasing one of our files, we truly appreciate it!

1. By default, for Video post format you can use Youtube, Vimeo and Dailymotion. If you want to use self-hosted videos or somethings else, you would need to modify the theme files, a task for a developer.

2. Just use standard (magazine) posts, if you are not needed project panel.

3. It works fine. Views are not counted for the Administrator.

thanks two more question sorry to be a pest if you are using a YouTube video can you use your own feature image instead of the youtute image on the home page. Also when u click the play on the home page can you make the youtube box bigger

1. By default, used auto thumbnails, but this can be easily changed to Featured image through code modification.

2. Try add to the file functions.php, default_width for PrettyPhoto: http://d.pr/i/CnNo

On certain posts in the demo version there are blurred background images. Is that a special feature that I’m missing, or did you blur the images before uploading?

You need blur the background image before uploading :)

Thanks. I hoping that was an automatic function somehow :D

can you make the box bigger for the youtube video when you play them from the home page

Try add to the file functions.php, default_width for PrettyPhoto: http://d.pr/i/CnNo

thanks i try it but the box still is the same when it pop out

Try add widht and height parameters in the file content-video.php: http://d.pr/i/m29f

Hi; I’m quite interested in buying this template for my blog; I would like though to ask – is there a way to promote some posts, so they get bigger on the “timeline”?:)

And again- will I be able to put in a fixed position between posts, some adsense banner?

Hi hueskye,

Thank you for your interest in our theme.

1. Yes, after some modifications, a task for a developer.

2. No, not without development work. Also, I think some plugins can do it.

a task for a developer, meaning – i have to pay for it , or can it be solved with the premium support?:)

yet another question – can i modify width of the columns, so i have 2 thin sidebars and 3 wider columns with posts?

1. Support does not include customization service.

2. Yes.


Really nice theme. We are considering purchasing this. Have a few question we’d like to know answers to

1. Can we change the background color ? (from black to something else, eg pattern) 2. Can we change the main font of the page ? (header fonts) 3. Post a post’s page, the background blur is the featured image (i am guessing). Can that be something other than the featured image ? 4. Can we remove the “loading” animation ? (as it gives the impression of a slow site) 5. Is there a way to add a tag cloud ? 6. On the home page, do all the image click open up the lightbox ? Can that be disabled ?

Thanks a lot ! You have a great theme.

Hi prakashraman,

Thank you for your interest in our theme.

1. Of course. You also can do it with live customization panel on demo site.

2. Yes.

3. No, it’s custom background – http://d.pr/i/sRhJ

4. Yes, you can disable it via Theme Options panel.

5. Do you mean standard Tags widget? Of course – http://wp.color-theme.com/streak/contact-form/

6. Yes.

Great, thanks a lot. We might be purchasing it very soon

Is it possible to add a plugin that will allow Likes on each post?


Great! Also, can you upload multiple banners and have them display randomly? Or is it just one banner at a time?

By default you can upload only one banner. But nothing prevents you from using third-party plugins – http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/search.php?q=banner+rotator

Can’t install theme. When uploading, I recieve the following message:

Unpacking the package…

Installing the theme…

The package could not be installed. The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet.

Theme install failed.

oh, thank you!

There is no contact template to select as a page template. Is it missing from the .zip file?

Contact page will be in the next update. But I can send you to the email. Drop me a line through my profile


I have purchased this theme but couldn’t find “contact” template either in the theme directory or Page admin area. Can you send me that file?



Thanks for purchasing one of our files, we truly appreciate it!

Yes, drop me a line through my profile