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Is it going to update?

Sorry but i’ve soma problem with the date picker. i’ve seen the posted link: but i don’t understand how i’ve to use it. Can someone explain me?

Thank you

Sorry but i’ve soma problem with the date picker. i’ve seen the posted link: but i don’t understand how i’ve to use it. Can someone explain me?

Thank you

Been enjoying working with this theme since I purchased it. Great work throughout. Thank you.

Just an off-hand question regarding your color choices for the buttons. How did you select your gradient colors and the border color?

The reason I’m asking is because I’d like to create some new buttons in different colors (yellow, purple, etc) and I’d like to keep them in balance with your design.

Thanks in advance!

are you able to provide the psd files for this?

I was disappointed to note that although in the demo version you have content being loaded in the sliders, in the download the sliders are completely empty. Since the sliders and how they present data where the main reason I purchased the template I was wondering if you can please post an update to the template in which what is shown in the demo re: the slider data is what we the clients get to utilize.

kind regards.

never mind i figured out the problem… great template.

gave it five stars because you have the best sliders on themeforest.


i have placed a modal button inside one of your sliders. but i cannot get the modal to come to the surface… it stays buried behind the main template (e.g. contacts.html).

any advice you can provide?

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Never mind, i adjusted the z-index references in global.js


I really like this template. Have you thought about making this but in a usable version for people who aren’t programmers?

I would love an out of the box version of this to use with my site! I’m not a programmer though, so I wouldn’t have to spend countless hours adding all the necessary functionality to this template to get everything working. For instance, file uploads – it would be great to be able to upload files to different contacts or have a file repository area so we can keep some general paperwork online for sales reps to download.

I would pay extra for a version of this app that is a fully working CRM out of the box.

Something to think about!

I’m interested too in whether it will ever be updated. It’s very good theme but missing a lot of things like calendar, statistics etc.

Need a little help here please. What is the best CMS program to attach this template to? I’m sorry I thought I was buying a fully working template for Joomla! or something and now am at a loss as to what to do. Forgive my ignorance.

can i use this template with wordpress ? or any other CRM if you can suggest

Can I use this theme as it is? AND Can I install this to subdomain?

I got the following errors.

The package could not be installed. The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet.

Theme install failed.

Help pls.


Is this theme active I can not see a live preview for this Please advice.

Great for the developer who does not want to spend time designing UI It comes with all Javascript plugins css files and html templates. By the looks of it I dont think it has direct support for CMS systems like wordpress or Joomla

is this template compatible with wordpress 3.9.1?

Will this possibly be upgraded to Bootstrap 3?

Hi! It’s now being updated to bootstrap 3. Thanks for the purchase!