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Thanks for the compliment. As for the IE8 testing, I only recently installed that, so I’ll be checking streamlined and my other themes for compatibility shortly.

As for the javascript obfuscation, I originally did intend to include the source files, but must have forgotten. I’m re-uploading the theme now with the source files, but it may take a few days to get approved.

If you’d like, email me through my TF contact form and i’ll then email the source file to you directly.


Suggested improvement to this script:

Put a class for the slide links in your html so the code is accessible:


Then in streamlined.js replace the URL for all slideLink with javascript:void(0); and add the onclick actions to the lnks.

This will allow the links to work for bots, and non-Javascript browsers, and will help with SEO too.

I can’t get this site to work in IE7 , the script doesn’t work. It works fine in Safari and Firefox however.

Nevermind, got it figured out. IE is such a p.o.s


Can you share the IE fix?

Ok, I fixed the “About Us” button for IE. But when I try to post it here, this comment module doesn’t show code.

I emailed it to the guy who made the theme. Hopefully he’ll fix it soon.


Would you please share the IE fix? I’m having issues here too :)

Is it possible to add more services?

I have added 2 more, however the 4th one (bottom right) is spacing greater then the others. Any ideas?

Did we get an answer about linking to a specific section?

Can someone answer ANY of the questions?

You do realize that these items do not include support. If you are unable to fix any issues you have yourself, then you probably should not be on themeforest.

Hi two2twelve,

Great job. I’d really like to buy this one, but as far as i can see on the preview, there’s still a problem with the “more about u”s bouton on IE.. but it works fine in safari an firefox.

Did you fix it?

Best regards.