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nice l will get one

Hi, do you know what font was used in this, will I have to purchase the font, or can you tell me the name of it.

Perfect work as always. Will buy it asap!

Hi batistablr,

The font used is listed in the documentation and is freely available.


Thank you two2twelve, I will buy it very soon.

why gallery can open on firefox but not on Safari?

This is AWESOME 2to12 , I will buy this as soon as possible. You are just GREAT . Looking forward to see more of great work.


This is AWESOME 2to12 , I will buy this as soon as possible. You are just GREAT . Looking forward to see more of great work.


Please send me the required fonts such as AvantGardeITCbyBT book thank you

The contact form is not working after changing all required fields in the PHP script. I am using Please help thanks

Hi Hanif85,

I’ve sent you an email in regards to your inquiries.



Really like the theme but I have a question…

Is there any way I can provide individual links to each of the sections? I want to create separate HTML pages but then be able to include the same menu so that I can send the user back to each of the sections within the main page.

Something like “index.html?section=services” ???

Thought there might be some kind of javascript technique but I’m not an expert in this area.

Thanks JB

In the Gallery section, how can I increase the “Height” of the image on the right? *(not the thumbnails).

Thanks! LMW1


Yes, there is a simple way to switch to sections directly from a link. I can’t seem to contact you by email through TF, so here’s the code snippet


You can turn the height restriction off for the large image on the right by changing this portion of code.


Thanks but unless I’m being stupid (which is entirely possible!!) then I don’t see how this does what I need.

Perhaps I didn’t explain very well. Let’s say I’m on another page within my website (one that doesn’t even use this template) and I want to link back to the page that does use this template. But instead of just linking back to the page with the first bit of content showing I want to be able to automatically load the correct section straight away.

To explain it another way I want to be able to give direct links to people to specific sections. So if I want them to see the about page I’d be able to give them a link to instead of having to tell them to visit and click the about section.



I would also like to find out if it is possible to make a link on another html page that links back to the index file and straight to the section I chose.

eg.   if I am on download.htm  and I click on an 'about us' link it takes me to index.htm about us section


I tried using the code from the above post but it didn’t work

online enquiry form

this only wnet back to the index page “home’ section – not to the contact section.

and I tried using this on a link in the index page to go dirctly to the form online enquiry form

and it also didn’t work


I’ve purchased the web site files. The site is VERY nice, however I’ve noted an issue when viewing in IE7 . Didn’t check on IE6 as I have made the decision not to support that browser anymore.

The content area moves up and slides into place very nicely on Mac’s Safari and on the Firefox browsers on both Mac and PC. BUT , when I view it on IE7 the content for a section moves up smoothly “then shifts slightly to the left” at the end of the glide up.

Since I originally viewed this on a mac I didn’t notice until I started testing on the PC. Do you have a fix for this? as nice as the site is I really couldn’t use this “live” with this shift occurring.

Thank you for your help. David


It’s shifting to the left because you have enough content on one of your panels to require the scrollbar. So when is slides to that panel, your scrollbar pops in on the right, making the centered website shift left about 10 pixels in your display.


I bought this theme, and like it for the most part – you did a great job.

One bug: The “more about us” button does NOT work in IE8 , haven’t tested 6 or 7. Unfortunately, I can’t debug this myself because you’ve obfuscated streamlined.js – and I’m not motivated enough to de-compile it.


The obfuscation of your slider javascript (streamlined.js) makes it difficult to customize it. I understand why you did this for the demo, but you should release the original javascript in the files for people who pay to download it – like me.