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Congratulations nice work Zerge. The beginning of the slide expecting much. What can I do ? www.connecthands.com


As I can see, some of your files is missing (you can see this in browser console) – http://awesomescreenshot.com/06344ape52

hi Zerge, Love the theme! Just bought it, but got problems with it. Even the demo doesn’t work. My site is Loeping-dot-tv. As you will see, the sliding features box on top doesn’t appear. And the links on the first page don’t work. The carousels don’t work either on the demo. I love your theme and your work, if you can help with this theme I have spent the past 56 hours trying to fix, I would be so grateful!

I will do that and come back with the result. Thank you

Hi, I added the widgets and the revolution slider. It still looks nothing like the demo page. I think I will have to let it go and get someone to do me a custom theme. Clearly, I am no good at this. :( I hope you wouldn’t mind providing a refund? I used Pagelines whitehouse theme in the past and another envato theme and just running the demo and following the instructions got me up and running quickly. I thought this would be the same This has taken me the whole weekend, including friday and I am no closer to home. I’m sorry. It’s a damn beautiful theme. I wish I could have had it.


I’m not sure I understand your problem. Do you want to create your own site or duplicate our Demo site? If second one, just confirm this and I will send you some files to import widgets and “Revolution Slider” content.

Hi, Yes, you could say I want to duplicate the demo site. And then I can see the correct design on my site, and then replace the images and contents, and delete contents as appropriate. That would be great.

Send me a message through my profile

Actually, I think I am good, now. There is no need for the xml documents. I have figured out what I needed to do right and done it.

Ok. Let me know if you have any other questions or need further clarification.

I have just a couple of questions: How do I get the revolution slider to show up on the homepage? I have added it, but it looks like this: http://loeping.tv/home/. How do I get it right on the top, please?

Secondly, could you please advise me of the name of the widget on the top side of the single posts page? I have tried the carousel and instagram widgets and the images come out bigger than what you have on your demo.

1. Just place the Slider widget into the “Homepage Top” area. But this area only for Home page.

2. It’s Carousel widget.

Zerge, thanks to you, I am all sorted out now!! I am so delighted!! You have no idea!! Yeayyyy!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you :-)

hugs xxx You made one girl very happy. Have a lovely day.

Glad to help ;-)

Actually, there’s one more thing. The carousel I have has the images much bigger than the one on your page. How can I make it like the one on your page? For instance here: http://loeping.tv/2013/07/20/the-castle-of-neuchatel/


Thanks, Zerge. Actually, can I have the demo please? Looks like I need it after all.

The Demo xml file included to the package file downloaded from ThemeForest (posts, pages, menus). Let me know if you need something more.

Hi, Is this theme still supported? It hasn’t been updated since one year ago and there aren’t too many comments so I’m not sure if it is a good idea to buy it?


Yes, this theme fully supported. And we plan release an update today.

Let me know if you have any other questions or need further clarification.

Strelok 1.04 Available for Download [2016-05-29]


- Fixed: Minor bugs
- Updated: JS files
- Updated: TGM Plugin Activation
- Updated: Slider revolution plugin
- Updated: Widgets due changes in WordPress 4.3


Hi, How is managed Google ads with infinite scroll?


Needed additional development work.