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Striking is an amazing theme! The forum support is top notch and the theme is incredibly intuitive and user-friendly. Theme updates are always impressive and something to look forward to.

I started working for a PR and Marketing firm a year and a half ago with NO knowledge about how to create or design websites. With the knowledge and patience of the Striking support team (James, Paul and Kaptinlin) and the ease-of-use of Striking, I’ve learned about plugins, code, Wordpress, customization and any other issue or simple question I come up with. Striking is a clean and simple theme on install so you don’t really need to modify anything but if you want to customize, the possibilities are nearly endless.

The guys always have a timely and sufficient answer even if it’s a rookie question. If they don’t have an answer, they will work with you until they do. The team has worked with me via Skype and has even provided services outside of what was expected of them.

With the help of James, Paul and Kaptinlin I am very enthusiastic about Web Design now and I am only just taking my first Web Design course at Cal State! :grin:

I’m not sure there’s a $50 theme available with the kind of support or possibilities that this one has.

Here are some websites that we’ve used Striking to build. You can kinda tell which one was my first.

La Fete Weddings
Rayce PR
Flowers by Cina
It’s A Date LA
Linda Howard Events
RoK Events

If you’re a seasoned web developer, a Wordpress virgin or somewhere in between get Striking! You won’t regret it.

@@Websys Thanks for note. Reading this: http://kaptinlin.com/support/discussion/comment/21868#Comment_21868 and combining that clue with the clue (Striking evolve significantly to keep up) in the aforementioned note. I conclude a responsive V6.0 is eminent. Will there be an upgrade path for a standard install? ie no 3rd party… additions. Is Symplex also moving to a responsive v2.0? Finally is there a timeline?

Hello there,

I’m ready to purchase Striking but I need to know how the buying process works. Someone will be designing the website on my behalf using your theme. Then later on I’ll be adding/editing the content as need be. In that case how should we go about purchasing it? How do I receive the theme?

Thanks! We’re very much looking forward to working with Striking!

@ CarmellaSoleil

Most likely you should purchase so that you have legal ownership of your license, thus not needing an assignment of it.

After that, you download it to your desktop, and then unpack it so you can access the striking.zip contained within, as this is the item contained in the Themeforest download which you would install using the wp install theme function.

Beyond that, it is up to you. Most often, you or your designer will put up an under construction page using one of the many free or paid wp plugins for maintenance mode or under construction. Then in the back end, proceed with your site design.

Once you have purchased, i strongly recommend you register on the support forum, so that if you have any questions, we can assist you. We now manage all support, other then purchase questions, from the dedicated support forum. The link is on the Striking Item details page, about halfway down the page.

We thank you in advance for your consideration of our wp theme. In fact, we have a nice update coming soon, which we are certain you will enjoy. But you can commence your site design now.

@ aribann

If you have any further questions about the forthcoming update, you know the drill. Please go to the forum, and send me a pm.

Happy Striking
Striking Theme

@ James I would love to partake in the forum, but you disallow nonpurchasers

To all reading this…..I have been a developer for over 10 years and i can guarantee you that there is not wordpress theme out there that matches the power of Striking. I think the Striking Team have done an amazing job and look forward to more features added to the Wordpress Theme. The theme can be used for ANYTHING wordpress, i constantly recommend it over any wordpress theme on this planet to all my Clients, Friends or just about anyone.

You will not be disappointed with Striking!!!!!

Hi all,

Very happy to hear that a new theme version with important updates is coming up soon as I’m about to buy my 3rd licence of Striking. I’ve tested many other themes before but the level that Striking has achieved is unrivaled.

What I like most in Striking: - tons of options to customize everything on the website - all the shortcodes you need to integrate any kind of images, buttons, tabs, sliders etc - great theme documentation and one of a kind support - WPML compatibility for multilanguage websites - very good load speed & performance - SEO optimized - works perfect with Yoast SEO plugin - always updated to work with newest WP version

Thank you Kaptinlin & James!

Hi. This is kind of a simple request but its something thats bugging the client.

The WP gray bar when loggged in is hanging over the site and obstructing our logo and whatnot.

is that just how it is or can I do something to fix is so that when I’m logged in and showing the client the site, we’re not wasting time asking why a admin menu is making the layout look poor.


@ Mktmaniac88

Please go to your user profile and you will see that there is an option to turn on and off the wp toolbar when viewing a site. This is a wp matter, nothing to do with Striking. There is also a wp plugin that allows one to minimize the bar as a slide up slide down – you would have to search the plugin registry for it, or send me a message on the support forum and i can give you the name of it.

I ask that for any further support questions, you please use our support forum, rather then posting here at TF.

Happy Striking
Striking Team

Hi I have a question: I changed the logo on my website and after refreshing it doesn’t change on the homepage at all. On all other pages it does.

Second is about the subtitle of the website. i disabled it but still it’s shown on the website.

The URL : www.sportschoolsegers.nl

I hope you can help me out here. Thanks

Please ask your questions on the forum. We do not provide support on TF anymore as the comments are not searchable. You do appear to have resolved your logo matter as when we checked your site, it was the same on all the pages. Please advise on the support forum whether your current subtitle is the one you are having a question about.

Striking Team

Hi I Would like to use a wp plugin which is below in this theme. http://codecanyon.net/item/3d-content-slider-wordpress-plugin/full_screen_preview/2343318 let me know does it possible or not. for example, options themes doesnt support it as a fullscreen resolution.

We have no experience with that slider and Striking. So we can provide no advice on whether it will work with Striking. The slider itself appears to be somewhat unstable in a couple of browsers (it could just be we do not know the product well enough but it did come up quite “jittery”) and we do wonder if it will work in Striking.

Striking Team

I just can’t thank the support team enough that comes with this theme.

The customer support that I received has made a world of difference. I had the pleasure of having James help me get my site back up to date. Fixed all my user errors and get me back on my way. The support was excellent hands down the best money I could have spent was right here.

As for the theme itself, I can’t say I personally push the limits of it in any way. But the theme has done everything I could possibly need. With the updates on the near horizon I can only say that this has been the best investment I’ve made.

My thanks go out to the team that make this wonderful theme. Cheers and keep up the excellent work.


@ Users looking to buy: I just want to say this is the best theme/framework I have ever seen. I have been developing websites for clients for over 3 years personally after leaving a large design company. This theme includes any feature you could wish for and the flexibility of a solid top shelf framework. You can not go wrong with this purchase. If you have any problems or questions there is a huge support forum full of knowledgeable people that can help as well as a super responsive support staff. I am writing this note here today, because I am back yet again to purchase two more licences for client projects I am working on this week.

@ Striking Team: What can I say, I’ve been using this theme since the day I first saw it. I have purchased it dozens of times myself as well as had a few dozen clients purchase a license on their own. I keep on top of what is hot in the design arena and what works for my team. I keep an eye on all the latest stuff coming out on theme forest as well as other markets and I have yet to find a product that comes close to this thing. With as many updates as you guys have put out over the past few years, I think you may be the only people who work harder than my team does, lol. It often feels like we never sleep. Keep up the good work, I can never wait until the next release to see what you guys have coming next as there is always new features!

@ Users who are still undecided: Just click purchase, you will be glad you did. I mean really, over 12,000 purchases and counting, could it really be anything less than awesome?

Thank you again, Paulie

I’m running version and Dashboard isn’t giving me the option to update to – do I need to re-install it?


If for some reason it is not coming up in the dashboard, then we suggest you install the update by downloading the latest version of Striking via your Themeforest account, and then installing it by ftp. If you have no experience doing this, please log into the support forum, and message Websys (James) with your wp and ftp admin, and skype id so he can contct you, and he will assist you with this update.

Best Regards,
Striking Team

I’m just chipping in my 2 cents to say what a Fantastic Theme.The job that Kaptinlin and his team have done is truely Awesome and they continue to work and improve Striking tirelessly. For those sitting on the fence you can see there are no affiliate links here just genuine,honest, feedback. If you want your site looking like the pro’s or designed by some designer guru,Striking is the theme for you.Not to mention the support which is first class.

Striking is rated number 2 of all time but for me this is number 1 and i think 12660 other user’s would agree.

Thanks Striking Team

5 stars :)



How to change the home link in the theme?


Please go to the forum, as this question has been answered many times in detail. You can search the forum by google: Kaptinlin Support home link

Best Regards,
Striking Team

How come I cannot update my theme? My Item Purchase Code is not accepted.

@ designnation

Have you gone to the support forum and reviewed the steps outline in the sticky thread for the version release:


Please review steps 1-5 of “Regular User – No Child Theme”. likely you are not saving your Advanced Panel after inputting the license code. You have to do this before commencing to update.

Best Regards,
Striking Team


could you please reply to my post in the kaptinlin support forum.





Sorry, as we are hard at work on coding for the next update, our time does not allow for custom solutions. We will attempt to get back to you on this at a later date, and have earmarked the thread for further attention once we have released the update. If I or James get a moment perhaps on the weekend, we will have a look see. But your request goes well beyond the main purposes of the free support forum – assist with any errrors, usage, and helping users with simple css questions. So it has to wait for matters of more priority.

Best Regards,
Striking Team

I would really like to purchase. I’m sorry I’m a relative newbie (have built several WP websites using Artisteer, but new to more advanced themes and have no coding knowledge, or very limited). So my question: can you please tell me HOW I would get panoramic photos to put into your sliders? Must I just purchase or take only panoramic photos if I use this theme? Or can I somehow use regular photos in your sliders, or can the sliders be adjusted for regular photos + text or something? Please please answer—as I otherwise absolutely LOVE this theme! Thank you!!

I’m still waiting to learn if you have any options for putting regular sized photos into your sliders. I am not skilled with photoshop and want to just upload regular photos with success somehow. Will your theme do this? Thank you!!


Thank you for your interest in Striking. The current slider has a maximum width of 960px w x 440 h if using the default slider. So your panaroma is restricted to 960px landscape width. You can set each slide so that it opens in a lightbox, when clicked upon, so that one has the option of displaying the photo in its full resolution. You would use the Anything slider in html mode for this, but I want to advise that this does require some code knowlege – Striking provides the true full implementation of the Anything Slider which allows our designer and more advanced users to do very sophisticated things, but for a begginer, it may take some learning – ie it is one of the advanced tools we provide in Striking to allow for sites to “grow” as user abilities grow. So this suggestion of the lightbox opening may be to advancef for you initially.

The 960px makes for a very nice widescreen, but we do not know if it meets your needs.

If you use the slider shortcodes (which you can use even in the feature header area), then you can set the slider to diff heights and widths, but when you put a group of images in a slider, they should all be the same height x width. The slider will not adjust in size from photo to photo – and experience has shown that most viewers don’t like that type of transition as it pushes the page up and down like a yo-yo, and is very distracting.

Thank you otherwise for your kind words of Striking. It is an incredibly powerful and robust theme, and we have yet more new abilities and features coming out in another release. We are very grateful for our user’s support and many kind comments (see many recent ones in these last few pages) and try to respond with good updates and support.

Best Regards,
Striking Team