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I am not too sure what we doing wrong but,

What we wanted was a Blog page with 3 columns, and show 6 posts per page, paginating. We want to show the post image and title nothing else, no read more button no description text or intro text nothing. Only if you click on the posts then you will see the post article you have clicked on and the description text and content (http://www.adrimeyer.com/wordpress/?page_id=282) you will see on this page we only have the image and the title and if you click the title it takes you to the posts with description text)

So we tried the settings under the Striking > General > Blog setting but nothing in there could help us achieve to show only an post image with a title for each post (as each posts piece of description still displayed and nothing worked to get it not to display) and if we went to the Blog page and add a blog short code in there it had no effect whatsoever as it seems the striking > general> blog settings overrides everything, or the short code does not work in the original blog page I don’t know…

So to bypass that, we made a new page and added it to the top navigation, inserted the Blog short code in this page and then could create a 3 columns layout with 6 post displaying with only images and titles paginating, with a category menu on top and if you click on a post it will take you to the detail of the post (http://www.adrimeyer.com/wordpress/?page_id=282)which is great but,

the problem we have is that we have a category drop down menu (used the short code to insert this) at the top of our blog page currently (http://www.adrimeyer.com/wordpress/?page_id=282) the idea is that when you click a category let say you click weddings category that it will take you to a similar layout: a 3 columns layout page but will only show wedding posts per page paginating, with only the post image and title, but it does not work that way it takes you to a category archive page that seems impossible to change in terms of layout and styling (see http://www.adrimeyer.com/wordpress/?cat=5) you will see that it now displays the read more button, and description text too that is not what we want plus how do we add the category menu back in this page at the top to make it look like our page: http://www.adrimeyer.com/wordpress/?page_id=282?

How do I get my category / archive pages to display the same as my “Blog page” with 3 columns, 6 posts, paginating only showing Post image and title? And it has to be category specific currently our Blog displays all the categories mixed (wedding, families, etc) but on the category pages we will only show posts for that category on that page that needs to have the same layout as my “blog page” with 3 columns, 6 posts per page paginating, Only showing the post image and title?

How can we achieve this and what are we doing wrong? We really will appreciate the help


@ lubelle

Please copy and paste this into a thread at our support forum, and we will attend in order of all questions received. We do not answer detailed questions on Themeforest anymore as we want any solutions to be visible to all users.

Best Regards,
Striking Team

Hi KaptinLin,

Not sure, after updating wordpress yesterday, “Globally disabling the feature Header” doesn’t seem to work :( Any ideas?

@ nojule

Can you go to the forum, post your question and send a message to Websys (james) and he will investigate? He will need your wp and ftp logins so send him a private message via the forum (click on his name and follow the message instructions).

Best Regards,
Striking Team

Sorry kaptinLin i figured it out, was a plugin conflict… becoming more and more common now :( Nevermind the theme is awesome!

Thanks for your kind comments on Striking.

We will be putting in next release a list of some plugins that we have tested with Striking. Also some changes to theme code to help with plugins that not coded well (which is most) so that they work.

So, this isn’t a bad theme. It has loads of features and I like that. My problem is with the documentation. Because I’m a Wordpress nu-bee and former production manager, I need specifics. Like pixel widths for artwork that I am creating.

@ nanchamb

sorry for this. It may surprise you to know that Themeforest as no documentation requirement of any sort, nor any support requirement – its all voluntary. By TF standards, our 43 pg doc and dedicated support forum are considered excellent. But these types of details we have never added to our documentation. We have an update soon which will provide more help field detail for all the shortcode settings, and the metabox settings, and finally will release a series of help videos. But i think even for that we did not talk about image sizes.

So if you have such questions, we suggest you go to the forum and ask. We will do our best to answer, as we have always done for the last 2 years for all our users. We have contributed thousands of usage and custom css for users to assist with almost 13000 happy customers.

Best Regards,
Striking Team

Hi. How can I make my Blog Post Title bold? what css code should I add and where should I add it?thanx

Hi Pourya1987

We ask that you put your question on the forum, and we will answer it there. The answer is quite straightforward css, but we want it to be viewable and searchable by all our users, and the forum is the best place to do this.

As we note numerous times in the posts above, we do not answer usage and customization questions on Themeforest anymore as we want any solutions to be visible to all users so that they may learn from our answers, and our support forum gets much more traffic then this comment section. So we are uncertain why anyone other then prospective purchasers are asking questions here.

We will watch for your post and reply soonest.

Thank you for buying Striking.

I bought the theme and am trying to install themes but the manager says that the installation is not possible because there is no style sheet. What do I do? marcostart@hotmail.com

hi marcostart

Hopefully you went to our support forum as the answer is there in a thread, and also it is here in the Themeforest help section as well – your error is a common error by users buying any theme, not just Striking. You are undoubtedly trying to upload the entire zip you got from Themeforest when you bought Striking. That is incorrect. You have to unpack it, and inside it is another zip called striking.zip. That is the only zip you upload via your WP Install Theme panel.

If you have any difficulties or are not understanding, please go register at the forum, and post a thread, and we will assist you. To register at the support forum, go into your Themeforest account and download your license agreement for the theme – it is a text document and contains your purchase code. You need that to register at the forum.

Your problem is very straightforward to resolve, its simply that you are uploading to much. We will assist you if you get lost or confused.

Thank you for buying Striking.

Hi KaptinLin, just aquick question, i know way back you added the option to disable the feature image from blog posts, is it possible to add that to page posts too? I am installing an eshop and it requires feature image, but your theme brings it into the post top and i was wondering how and if i can disable this quickly?

Can you send Websys and me a pm on forum about this, and give us url to see? Striking don’t use featured image for pages normally, and so what must be happening is default wp behavior, not Striking.

Best Regards


Awsome theme..you have everything and the kitchen sink in here. Heck of a value at $50….love what you have done with custom post types…

Hi, cmore86.

thank you so much for your compliments here.

We have so many custom post types not normally found in a theme and glads you like them. Even more is coming in next update.

It’s our pleasure to communicate with our users. Thank you for the supporting all of you.

Best Regards

KaptinLin, just wanted to say that we are all so lucky that someone like you came around and changed the way we use the web! You are amazing at what you do and deserve every bit of the success you are having :)

yay! I am so excited! I know my way round your theme like the back of my hand now running it on so many sites of mine :)

Check out this style i did on my pilot page…..


I did a little version or mix rather of box layout and full width. The header really sets the site apart from everything and disabled the feature header option. Love your theme, it is by far the best….everyone reading this post and wondering weather or not to buy it…....stop wondering and buy it! Do yourself a favour! KaptinLin, james and the team at Striking are amazing!

Wonderful job on site!! Header and layout beautful.

I will put in new showcase to be when we release update if ok with you? Please send James a pm at forum with full name, list of plugins used, and permission to add to showcase.

Many thanks for compliments. We working very hard. Not easy to satisfy all request >not always possible either. But 99% yes, and site like yours show results.

Super Congratulations. Good lucks with donations!

Happy Striking!

Thanks i have Pm’d James. Just tryna do my bit for the community. Without you i don’t think i would have come this far. You have changed a few peoples lives Katinlin and you should be very proud, i think it is needless to say that i speak on behalf of most people here, you are an inspiration! i CANNOT wait for the update :) so excited to see what you have in store for us :)

I’m trying to upload the theme and it says that it doesn’t have a style.css folder. What should I do?

Hi Melody.

We are not quite sure what to say to your question, if only because just three comments above, someone asked the same question, and we gave the answer!! LOL .

Your problem has nothing to do with Striking, but rather that you are trying to upload to your host the whole package which you downloaded from Themeforest, which is incorrect.

Please go read the response to “marcostart” above. It explains everything that you should do.

Thank you for buying Striking.

Best Regards

Hello, I sent you an email 3 days ago but there was no reply, so I will post my question here.

I would like to know how to remove the default “Home” button that comes with the theme. I would also like to know how I make my page multi-language capable. For example, I would like the user to be able to chose to read it English and another language (by either clicking on the country flag or the language).

Thank you

Hi Sweetbug

Did you go to support forum yet? Answer for removing home button is on support forum in many threads. Is basic wp feature – custom menu.

Striking have preset and support in it for using wpml in it. So now you would go to wordpress.org and download the wpml plugin and install it, and then start translating your pages.

or you could choose other translation plugin such as google translate. choice is yours.

WPML is best and most powerful.

Thanks of buying Striking. The support forum is place for all answers, as Themeforest comments no good for support, so we not come here often.

Best Regards

Hello there – very happy with the theme after 1 year of use. Would love to see it responsive! We are having trouble working out how to change the order in which the slides appear in the slider – is it by upload date? Is there a way to move 1 slide to the top so it is the first to appear?

Hi mattsan

Many thanks for your use of Striking. Your wishes soon to be true….. :) but cannot say more as rules.

Change slider order by giving each slider an order number. If more questions go to support forum -> is best and only place for questions and answers. And there we can help, give screenshots, message, etc.

Best Regards

Hi, how do I remove the all the space above and below the slideshow as well as all the shadow effects so I am just left with a slideshow rectangle for the feature header area



Everything you have asked about is described in the customization threads of the support forum. Please go and search them, as there is several describing in detail what to do. The header of the forum gives an example for searching a topic. You may have some questions afterwords and we can help with them there.


Thank you for buying Striking, we appreciate your business.

Best Regards

The Striking theme is a state-of-the-art Wordpress theme. It is very robust, offers more options than any other Wordpress theme I’ve ever worked with, and is easy to use through the admin panel. It makes my job as a Professional Website Developer much easier.

Just a few things I LOVE about the Striking theme:
  • Unique sidebars and slideshows for each page;
  • Wide variety of sidebar widgets;
  • Easy social media integration;
  • Admin area for custom CSS ;
  • Multiple homepage widgets.

Lastly, the theme author has been extremely helpful and easy to communicate with.

-Sarah Peterson

Hi Sarah Peterson!

Super thanks for love of theme and features. James tell me he speak with you many times past and you use Striking on sites. We thank you for business and consideration. and very kind words.

We have more to come. Striking have more updates of new features then any other theme, and we continue in future. Thank everyone for belief in Striking.

Best Regards

Is this theme getting a responsive theme soon?

Hi vrouw

Don’t know you – are you on support forum with different name? We have big update extremely soon, but more cannot say at Themeforest.

Best Regards

vrouw: Yes, I just spoke with the author this morning. The responsive theme should be out soon, as will an update for current Striking users. I believe it will be within 2 weeks or so…

-Sarah Peterson

Hello, Contact the widget is it possible to add a field “subject” and give the form a name? Because I use 15 forms and I would like to identify. Thank you in advance for your help

Well I don’t need to use the lightbox but it sounds like even just inserting a regular sized image onto your theme would be a problem for someone who doesn’t know coding, is that right? I will move onto a theme where I don’t need coding knowledge (other than the ability to type in predesigned shortcodes—that I can handle).

I just wanted to take regular, non-panoramic photos and insert them into your slider. Sounds like I can’t do that w/o knowing coding. Do you agree?

Thanks! Tina

Hi tmws


Not sure where you get this ideas, but completely, completely incorrect.

Striking have shortcode for image, and drag and drop image into shortcode an it appear where you place shortcode in page/post. No coding necessary.

Slider in header is predesigned for panaromic photos, as is a “feature” slider for showing off big photos. If one wants to use non-panoramic photo, then one use slider shortcode instead, and sets width and height to what one wants.

Perhaps what confuse is Striking have not just simple abilities like above, but also have many advanced abilities (over thousand), and we gets many questions on how use these in more “intricate” design situations. Striking have in shortcodes not just simple “put here and put there” type stuff like you asks, but also settings for linking, sizing, ordering, aligning, grouping, and more, and many questions involve new users trying for first time to combine, and not quite sure how.

What some people forgets, especially when new to wordpress, is slider post needs featured image, if image slider they use (Striking have non-image sliders as well – show posts, portfolio items, video, text, more) – is wordpress thing, and some not know this, and don’t read documentation which tell them so!

Sorry these points confuse you. As you see from support forum, we help anyone with any usage question. If not understand, we help understand. But most questions either because user not know wp at all and wp way of things, or, they want to start expand abilities, and need help.

Striking encourage many to expand abilities and come up with innovate designs!

Thank you for interest. Good luck!

Best Regards

If you’re considering using the Striking theme don’t ponder any further. Just do it!

The flexibility of the theme is amazing and support is the best I’ve come across. Ask a question on the forum and you’ll get an answer. You won’t have to wait for days.

Oh, and if you’re wondering, no I’m not the developer’s brother, son, cousin, friend, sister, uncle, aunt, cat…

Hi, davcomedia.

thank you so much for your kind words. And pls wait for our next big surprise in Oct.

Best regards Striking Team

Hello ~

I reinstalled the newest version of Striking on my site and now all the images set as “featured image” in the blog are not showing. You can see here: http://HolisticEntrepreneur.com

Any suggestions? Thanks!


Did you follow the instructions at the support forum:


You most likely did not clear your cache. If you follow the instructions in the above thread for updating, your featured images should be restored. After every update there are 2 simple steps to be undertaken, as per the instructions in the above thread.

Let us know the outcome, but on the forum please, not here.

Thank you
Best Regards

Hi Kaptin’

i report an “issue” discovered last week with chrome and safari

page h2 entry_meta & page entry_title are not displayed on chrome and safari.

Maybe it’s a css error, i will have a look to this, somehow, please tell if you know about this !? nota : it is ok on FF.

wp : 3.4.2 striking : (You are using the latest version.) chrome : 22.0.1229.79 firefox : 15.0.1 safari : 6.0.1 (7536.26.14)

an example : -http://www.maccagno.fr/actualite/