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Hi Kaptin’


i identified a css rule applied to entry_info : .entry_left .entry_info { overflow: hidden; } seen into screen.css file

if disabled, it ’s now working ;). overflow:visible.


Hi aem38

Thank you for reporting this. Always as many know, there is a “fight” as browsers change, for theme to find changes in browser method. Striking always adapt!

We will confirm and after such make necessary change for next update.

Can you go to forum and post this as well! This way all users see, and you get credit in Striking community for your diligences.

Thank you for support of Striking! :)

Best Regards

Hi there,

I’ve tried making a custom template however it doesn’t show in the drop down menu,it only shows the original 3 templates (Full Width,right and left sidebar) Can you tell me the way around this and show my template?


Hi al_manchester

Please post question on striking support forum.

Best Regards


When I go to General setting and want to insert custom logo, when I click insert image, message pops up “Cheatin’ uh?”. Why???



hi Laurux

Thank you for buy of Striking. Please go to support forum, as we have thread to show users what they do wrong and how to correct:


If you still have problems, post in that thread and we help you!

Best Regards

I’m wondering if you plan to offer a Page Building drag’n’drop feature in the future for this theme? – or if you would recommend another plugin that would work best with your theme’s system?

Hi padmakara

Thanks for your purchase of Striking.

There are no plan to add drag and drop for whole page building at this time. Drag and drop a nice idea and is being added to theme elements as possible. But for whole page, while nice idea in sounds, is a problem for almost all users as gives padding around each element, and make difficult for users to customize. So good for simple users, and once user ability or site grow, is not used and annoying.

Still we give thought to what we can do with it – thanks for suggestion!

You may do google search for drag and drop, but I think not work with themes which have custom post types and advanced java functions such as Striking. Most drag and drop for twenty ten/eleven, but not premium theme.

We think with shortcodes, especially Striking layout and column shortcodes, and shortcoded widgets, drag and drop simply not necessary. Striking shortcodes allow one to put what elements where one wants.

Best Regards

Wonderful theme! Quick question- I am using the RSS Feed widgit on my homepage. How can i get the links to open in a new window, rather than leave my site?


Hi emiley parker

The rss widget in Striking is the default wordpress rss widget, not a custom widget from Striking. It behaviour is default wp behavior and not give much control.

Suggest you check wordpress.org – here a search:


for a plugin that give better control. If you find something you like, please post on forum what you use, so we may see if some useful function to buld into Striking.

Thanks for buying Striking!

Best Regards

I went ahead and edited the WP widget to get it to work the way I wanted. https://wordpress.org/support/topic/edit-rss-widget



Go to your site and say page not found. If you have problem please go to support forum for help. See also:


and be sure you follow steps for what to do after upgrade, as you need to clear cache etc.

To all users, please ask questions on usage and customization into a thread at our support forum, and we will attend. We do not answer detailed questions on Themeforest anymore as we want any solutions to be visible to all users and Striking support forum is place where everyone go.

Thank you for buying Striking.

Best Regards

Recently I’m not geting correct display of dialog boxes – as if javascript is not loading in the frame – sidebars not showing up, can’t insert shorcodes etc. I’m running latest striking version with latest wordpress. Can you please help out ?

Hi iluvar:

To all users, please ask questions on usage and customization into a thread at our support forum, and we will attend. We do not answer detailed questions on Themeforest anymore as we want any solutions to be visible to all users and Striking support forum is place where everyone go.

If you post on Striking support forum:


we go help. Please provide url in post on forum so we can check out code. It sound like you have bad install, but only after go to site can it be determined.

Thank you for support of Striking. We will help you with problem if able!

Best Regards

Hi, I have moved the site http://showroom.nu/evahild2/ to the new http://evahild.com/ and everthing works perfect except the background behind the slider on the startpage.

On the first example it is completely black as it should be, on the second it is grey. I have excact the same settings on everything but I still get a grey background.

Could you please help out?

Hi anhede:

To all users, please ask questions on usage and customization into a thread at our support forum, and we will attend. We do not answer detailed questions on Themeforest anymore as we want any solutions to be visible to all users and Striking support forum is place where everyone go.

When you post there, a striking support team member try to help you.

Thank you for your use of Striking.

Best Regards


Thank you for assisting me with my questions before. Now I have a different question. I already searched on the striker forum, and there was no mention of this. I have the WPML plugin. I have been able to translate my entire site with no problem, EXCEPT the ‘Homepage’. When I go to Striking>Homepage>Homepage Content Editor there is text there in English. How do I get this text to be in the 2nd language? When I go to the second language in my wordpress dashboard it still has my English text. Please help.

Thank you

Hi Sweetbug

If use WMPL plugin, you must create a new page and make it homepage, in order to translate. Cannot use wpml with homepage panel. Make a new page, and go to Homepage panel first setting “Home Page” and find that page in drop down list.

If not understand, please post on support forum, and we help. This question covered on forum many times and in documentation section 4.1.2 “Set a static page as Homepage”.

Again thank you for purchase of Striking. We help all users with dedicated support forum for usage questions and help you too!

Best Regards

I have purchased several themes from this and other sites. Striking is the best. Period.

Here’s why: - Complete control over both font SIZE and color. Most themes offer color control but no size control. - Ridiculously large number of font choices - All the short codes you need - Beautiful, powerful sliders - Easy to add custom css - Strong SEO - Works in all browsers - Great documentation - Compatibility with most plug-ins - Frequent updates - Great support

I know it’s hard to pick the right theme. You won’t go wrong with Striking.

I hope Striking continues to evolve to include: - More top menu effects / looks - Additional control over form types - Better social media / “addthis” type of support

Hi limbic!

I not know you, perhaps you on forum by diff name or deal with James or Paul?

Thank you for comment and suggestion. Very appreciated.

We work very hard to help, and support Striking. We work on really, really, really big update now for Striking, add even more feautures plus stuff cannot talk about! On forum in suggestion thread please expand on what you mean by “menu effects/looks, better social media/addthis type of support” so we understands better.

Striking sales decline a bit recently although still have most powerful customization and features around, but users not understand this. So we have update coming and including “flavor of the day” (James call it that! :) ) included plus lots more new features so all see we pay attention and respond.

Best Regards

Hello Guys,

I have purchased this great theme. Love to bit! I am trying something different and new on the featured header background. Instead of color or a fixed background, I would like to put flash star effects. Now there are plugins that help u put flash on the wp sites however I want to set it as a background on featured header. Tried to find the codes for it but can’t.

Could you please help and see if I can get it working?


Hi bizitweb

Please post this on forum. Right now very busy on Striking update, and until done update, not much time for this type of customization help. But if post a support thread, then once update out you can bump thread to remind us, and we help. james and i working on code, maybe Paul have time to help sooner with this. But if not before, after update we help. Is good idea and we want to see happen!

Thanks for kind words of Striking.

Best Regards

Hi Kaptin

Love your theme so much, it is powerful. And i have purchased it. but now i have a problem with the category page. Please see the website: http://maryoffice.com/category/seo-optimization/ there are 14 posts in seo optimization category,but i don’t know why there won’t display all posts, and sidebar on the right. It is strange that other categories is normal?except the seo category. It took me much days to find and think, sadly,found nothing for it. Please help me, if you can give me some idea.

Thanks so much!! Mary

Hi Mary

Thanks for purchase of Striking!

To all users, please ask questions on usage and customization into a thread at our support forum, and we will attend. We do not answer detailed questions on Themeforest anymore as we want any solutions to be visible to all users and Striking support forum is place where everyone go.

Mary, after you post one of us give some help. I see pagination and archive work for wordpress and photoshop cateogories, but not SEO .

Set the description meta post to draft from published – which is second post, and see if then works. We think the problem is with that post (or the next one after it which is not showing), and how you posted your content – the theme is reading something in the post content as code and attempting to parse this through the themegenerator.

We would have to see your code to confirm, and for this, you should be posting on the forum for this, as the discussion and resolution is not for these themeforest comments.

Will follow for your post at Striking Support forum:


Best Regards

Dear kaptinlin,

Thank you so very much for your help with wpml! It worked like a charm. I think since I am not familiar with all of this, I was not able to search this properly in the forum because I was calling it something else.

Thank you again for taking the time to answer my questions. My website using your striking theme looks amazing. Thank you again

Presale question:

Is it possible to set custom dates and times for blog posts?


Hi Thatchick

Thank you for interest in Striking. Yes. One can edit a blogpost and set the date different then date of publishing.

Best Regards KaptinLin

Hello! I was wondering if you could clarify a couple things about the soon-to-be-released 2nd year anniversary for Striking prior to purchasing…

The post Any plans on making Striking a responsive theme? on your support forum has an entry by Websys that states that this will be a paid add-on and that “None of this stuff will be available on Themeforest”.

Has this stated strategy changed? If it has, can I purchase Striking here on Themeforest now and expect a free update when this new Striking is released?


That post was from more then 6 months ago near the very beginning of that thread, and talked about thoughts, ideas and intended directions occurring at the time. You also quoted out of context as “None of this stuff will be available on Themeforest” was not about Striking, but a separate discussion on a new theme that was being jointly developed between the we in Striking and another company.

In respect of Striking, there is an update coming out soon, and anyone who purchases now, as per TF rules, gets any and all updates free. The update is very very significant, but because it is a very large update, and contains some radical aspects to it, until it is approved by TF, we cannot confirm what it is going to contain. It has not yet been submitted.

We have also decided to more thoroughly update all of the help functions in the new release, and furthermore are reviewing very carefully a very lengthy thread we have of suggestions, and some other interesting threads, and these actions are going to slightly delay the intended submission to TF for approval, and consequently the release date. We also want to build a new installation demo, a new support site, and I am working on help videos. So right now the thinking is about Oct 12-17 for finish, and that is an approximation, not definitive.

As is well known, Striking always pays close attention to user suggestions and desires, and has added several hundred features and setting over the last 2 years at the request of users. We intend, as long as it is permitted, to continue this policy with our intended update.

Should you have any further questions on this matter, I suggest you email us at support @ striking support . com (without the spaces of course – they are spam deterrents) and identify who you are and reference this comment.

Although Kaptinlin usually answers questions at TF, as you referenced the forum thread, the honor was passed onto me to respond.

Any users who have questions about this matter should post them in the thread, not here at TF. As mentioned below, we handle all usage and customization questions at the forum, since those comments are searchable and visible to many more users.

Quite frankly, other then sales questions, there should be no comments here from purchasers, since you will just be directed back to the forum to post.

Happy Striking!
James (websys)

Thank you for clarifying my pre-purchase questions.

I did not mean to cause any defensiveness or counter any ‘endorsements’ that have been appearing lately in these sales questions. In fact, mine were sales questions!

Rather than quote the entire post, I mentioned the title, author, thread, and specific points that I needed clarified prior to my purchasing decision. I did not find anything else on the forum that gave any equivalent information about the update.

I fully understand why certain details on function and design are not available at this point. My question(s) pertained to policy, cost, and availability only since the details in the aforementioned thread seemed to contradict the policy of themes purchased at Themeforest.

Again, thank you for your help. I hope others found this information useful as well.

Hi S Tripepi

I apologize if my directness on the “out of context” comment seemed harsh. My comment in the support thread on responsiveness touched on many matters, and I understand from your remark above that you grabbed the points that seemed relevant to you and cross posted. It is for the very reason you noted: TF policy, that I made a deliberate clarification – the Striking theme itself is exclusive to TF. Any addons by third parties, etc, are separate business, although on our support forum we often talk and have intertwined discussion about both (or the potential at least!) in a comment or a thread.

We are grateful for your interest, and hope that we will find you part of our Striking community in the future.

Best Regards

Hello, I installed contact form 7 to make contact forms. Unfortunately, inserted into a widget, the fields exceeds the column. How can I do. thank you very much

Hi sylvainl:

If you have not already done so, please post on the support forum, and Paul, who is our Striking team member most familiar with Contact Form 7, will attempt to respond.

To all users, please ask questions on usage and customization into a thread at our support forum, and we will attend. We do not answer detailed questions on Themeforest anymore as we want any solutions to be visible to all users and Striking support forum is place where everyone goes, and threads can be categorized and sorted for easier management and viewing.

Best Regards

I have a question about Bilingual webpage as i want to make a static page in english and german. If i have 2 seperate wordpresses just for bilingual purpose, is it legal to do this on standard license ?

Hi mixerasd:

if you have two sites, but one is a subdomain of the other, only for language differences, then one license is fine according to our understanding of the Themeforest license rules. We don’t control licensing, this is done by Themeforest only, and should you have any doubts you should review the Themeforest license FAQ :


What you want to do is not necessary in any case. You can use a language plugin like WPML , which Striking fully supports, to make your site multilingual without needing to create two separate wp installations.

Best Regards

Hello! I recently purchased your template and I’m in love with it. It’s been working great until a couple of days ago I can’t use the shortcode for the blog anymore. It opens up the configuration blog window but it won’t scroll all the way down or allow me the regular options. I would appreciate your help in order to continue enjoying the great work you’ve done with the template. My website is www.acerorojo.com

Thanks a lot! Nat

Hi, natleon.

please go to our support forum http://kaptinlin.com/support, you could post the question and get the support here.

Thanks a lot.

Best regards Striking Team

One question pre-sale please: With your theme, could I put a secondary menu (horizntal bar) with static links in the top of all pages? Because I don’t know if your theme could do it, and it is very important for me.

Hi oxcar

Yes, you can do this. Striking supports both wordpress custom menu – so you can make a custom menu that you want to appear at the top of the page in the Appearance/Menus panel, and and then go to the Striking General panel and turn on the Striking Header Widget area. Then you go to the widget panel, and it will now show a header widget area, which you can place the standard wp “custom menu” widget into it, and set the widget to show the custom menu you created.

This is not the only way to do this. You can also set the header widget area to html mode, and instead style the entire header widget area to show what you want, including creating static page links.

This link shows the Striking General Panel:


In the first section “Header General” the last settings are for the header widget area. In this picture, the Header Widget area is set for html, but the dropdown selector also has two other settings: wmpl flags, and widget area.

If you purchase theme, and you have difficulties, then you should post on the forum and you will get some help. What you want to do is straightforward and a built in functionality of Striking, but Striking have lots and lots of functionality, more then normal for wp premium theme and it may take you time to become understanding of all flexibility you have for customization.

Best Regards

I forgot to say that I will use WPML . if the header widget use wpml flags, Could I put the second menu in the top?


You can have both the wpml flags, and a menu, and even other items up there, by using the html mode. It does require a little more knowledge to do this combination – these are functions we included at the request of designers who use Striking and are comfortable with some html and css – Striking is built to allow both quick start up, but customization, as needs require.

You need to use either column or layout shortcodes, or div tags, in the html area. In one, you put the wpml flags, and the other the menu items. We have some forum threads which i recall talk about this as well.

Best Regards


Could you please tell me when the update for Striking will be ready? I have to create a complex photo gallery and I understood that the update will have some new features on this subject.

Thank you!

Hi Costin Answered to you in skype.