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Hi Kaptinlin,

Although I know that the responsive version is still under beta, I would like to know when will be the full version available to be downloaded here.


Hi Dreamcloud.

The short and simple answer is when we are satisfied that we have all the features we want and it is essentially error free! LOL

Realistically, we have another beta release tomorrow (Monday), I suspect another on Thursday, and then we will move to the official release, as we are now mainly cracking down on responsive related matters.

I would say 7-10 days, but it is always approximate.

Thank you for purchasing Striking and your interest in our theme.

Best Regards
Striking Team

Great theme for the use as you see in the demo, very easy to customize IF you are not using it for woo-commerce. This theme states it is compatible with woo-commerce and that may be so, but you are going to have to do a TON of self tweaking to get it to the way some of the themes on here already look for woo-commerce. Also, I posted a question on the support forums 2 days ago and still no answer about how to get a cart icon on the top of the page or how to get some additional menus besides the 2 it supports in order to have a properly working store. Do yourself a favor and save some money buying an already set up woo-commerce theme from Themeforest UNLESS you are really good at self tweaking, otherwise great template for the use it was intended for.

Hi Ana

To be fair, you posted you question just before the weekend, and even reading your question, it is not very clear to me. I see your question, and i am going to respond shortly. But when you posted above, I don’t think your comment had been up even a day, and we do have a large number of threads, and associated requests daily. I apologize that sometimes it can take more then a moment to provide a response.

We also advise on the forum itself we reduce our support level on the weekends, although we have been active all weekend.

I am not certain I agree with your comments about tweaking although I do respect your opinion. The very nature of Woo is that it always requires some fiddling, but I will add we are providing more abilities to tweak woo in our forthcoming responsive release.

I will see if I can address your question in the forum itself. Even after reading your question more then once, it is not very clear to me what you are asking. i think you want to put more then one item up in the header widget area, side by side, and I am wondering why you don’t just use column shortcodes or divs in the html widget area – which as per the help filed indicates it supports both html and shortcodes, to accomplish this, but we can get into this further in the thread.

BTW, the reference you gave is not a WP site, nor is it using woo, and the requested function is not a stock woo function, to the best of my knowledge. However, we will see if we can help you with this matter.

Thank you for your general comments about Striking, we do appreciate them. I will see you at the forum.

Best Regards
Striking Team

thank you, I am awaiting your response on the support forum at this point.

As far as my statement to A LOT of ‘tweaking’ I am only comparing this to other pre-made woo commerce themes where you do not have to TRY and figure out on your own how to add an additional menu for the account/log-in/ cart/ checkout menu that is normally at the very top of all commerce themes. I did not see any documentation of how to do this after I bought the theme. I suppose this should have been my pre-sale questions.

I agree it is compatible for woo-commerce as I can get all of these things to fit in the main navigation next to all the other shopper area, but if I choose to only use the 2 provided navigations and have navigation for products then navigation for main bar there is no documentation on how to turn this into a TRUE commerce site.

So yes, while the theme is great in general custom options such as color, sliders, layout, etc..it is not so great for those looking for an out of the box ecommerce solution that do not know custom coding is all I was pointing out to other possible buyers that are in the exact position as I when not knowing how to custom tweak code to get a desired result that other templates have straight out of the box or with documentation on how to do this.

Of course this is ONLY my opinion, but if working with woo commerce or any other commerce cart there should be 3 navigation menus 2 top, one side or 2 top, one bottom etc..(or documentation on how to achieve that) for it to look like a professional commerce site.


I speak French. Sorry for my bad English.

I bought this issue in May 2012.

I’m really telling. The theme is updated regularly.

The support is very good, and very available.

For my next project I’m going to buy a second license.

I recommend this theme is completely customizable.

Hi “comeback”

Thank you for your kind words about Striking and your continuing interest in using Striking for your projects.. Merci Beaucoup!

Cordialement Striking Team James

I love this template and am thinking of purchasing it.

I would like to use a webfont from My Fonts. It mentions using @font-face selector in CSS files. Further information regardiing the font is here:

The font files in the following formats to make sure your font works in different browsers: WOFF, EOT, web-only TTF, and optionally SVG (Hint: using the Webfont Kit Builder, you can add an SVG file to your Kit as well.) CSS stylesheet with the @font-face rule already written for you.

Question: Can I upload a webfont to the Striking Theme?

Thanks! Lori

Hi James,

Thanks so much for your prompt response. I had added the weblink originally but I see that it did not show up. Here is the weblink for the Jacques and Gilles font on Myfonts.com:


Thanks James, Lori


According to what i read, this is a font which provides a webfont kit for @fontface compatibility. Make certain you obtain the optional svg file if you are going to buy it. You should certainly make certain you obtain the css style sheet and start here package given the exorbitant cost of this font, but you will not actually need them in Striking.

$34 for a font is living proof that the themes at Themeforest are severally undervalued.

Our instructions that come with the theme advise on how to install it. And in any case it is easy to do, and if you run into any difficulties, we can assist, as long as you obtained the complete webkit and it is truly @fontface compatible as the seller claims.

Best Regards
Striking Team

Thanks so much! My client is in love with that font and we both love the Striking theme. Thanks!


As I am not quite clear I will provide the following info, and then you can come back to me if I missed the mark:

a) Striking can have traditional wp galleries, our custom portfolio item, portfolio lists, and portfolio galleries, anywhere in the theme. You can have multiple examples of each, on the same page or post, without any restrictions that I can think of at this time. It is not uncommon to see a page with more then one portfolio list, or more then one gallery, on a page or post.

b) the five images showing below the main image are per a script from the wp-ecommerce cart used in that site. I think you could use the Striking gallery shortcode along with setting a custom thumbnail size in the Striking Image panel to create a similar look (maybe you might want to put it in a framed box with a transparent background or a div, to act as a container), but I must advise I have not tried to create this specific look of a gallery using a shortcode that mimics a shopping cart look. I would think it can be done, but I have never tried.

c) in a Striking Single Portfolio Post, one can place in the portfolio body content anything one wants, including even another portfolio list, sliders, wp galleries, or anything else that one can think of, and as much of it as one wants. A single portfolio post in Striking has all the abilities of content that a regular page has. Plus many specific portfolio settings.

I hope I answered your question. I do not want to mislead you into buying something that will not suit your needs. Striking has very “heavy duty” abilities and customizability, and when I look at that whole page, I think one could likely duplicate it using Striking, although some custom css would certainly be necessary. But importantly, I have never tried, and we are not in a position due to other tasks to offer any significant custom paid help at this time.

Best Regards
Striking Team

OMG you are the best am def buying this, you guys rock!!! One last Question before purchase…can i display the image as a whole in the portfolio list page like this: http://www.lorextechnology.com/Security-cameras/83.c i dont want the picture cut off as it is in your demo. Thank you guys


I am sorry, but it is not clear to me what you are asking. And if we have a picture cut off in our demo, could you kindly give me the url for what you are looking at (exit the themeforest frame when going to the demo so you see the true urls).

Best Regards
Striking Team

I recently purchased this theme (but have not activated it yet) and was wondering about some font issues. First, does it support Google Webfonts. On the Themeforest graphic/ad it says it does, but I did not see any reference to Google Fonts in the documentation. Second, I’ve noticed on the sample site that the fonts will change as the page loads. For example, the “Striking” text starts off as bolded and then becomes normal weight as the page loads. I’ve tried it on two separate browsers in two different machines and the same thing happens. Is this something I need to be concerned about (before I shift over my existing site).

Hi tag2007:

Thank you for your purchase of Striking. I have answered your question below, but also direct you to review the FAQ tab above and address any future usage questions to our Striking support forum.

The addition of google fonts to Striking came long after the bulk of the documentation was written. Striking has a very large number of google webfonts included.

On the sample site, what is active is a Cufon font (Cufon Segan font), not an @fontface or google font, for font replacement of various “descriptive” type text in the site.

In the very simplest of terms, Cufon font works by using javasript to render an image replacement of the basic web font such as “Arial, Helvetica, Garuda, san-serif”, on a character by character basis.

So what you are seeing is the actual script “on the fly” as it performs the replacement of the descriptive types such as nav menu, portfolio, blog and widget titles, etc.

The lag on replacement depends on the cufon font, and also how up to date both the cufon generator (which cufon has not updated in a year) and the font copyright holder scripts are relative to the latest scripting standards. Striking is likely one of the few themes left that still supports Cufon.

In any case, there are hundreds of google fonts for you to use. Just remember that the font replacement is for descriptive text such as h1-h6, titles,(it is detailed in the help fields in the font panel) etc, and not paragraph text. Any other text replacement you would write some custom css to implement.

Best Regards,
Striking Team

I have got to say I really love this theme. It is worlds ahead of just about every other theme I have ever used and purchased. Kudos on an incredibly flexible and powerful creation!

I just have one question now though: I would really like thumbnails to be showing up in search results and categories.

I am not sure if this has been asked before but Google isn’t showing me anything and I’m not ready to read 194 pages of comments. I can probably accomplish this myself with a quick hack but I’m not sure if I am missing an option or a solution has already been posted.


Hi t3hh5x

Thanks for like of Striking! Glad you like strength and Striking R coming have even more – make all user very happy.

Thumbnail do show in search and all archive types. If not show, please go to forum and ask question and we assists you.

Best Regards

Hi, I bought your item and I am extremely pleased with it! I have two websites and because I like this theme so much, I would like to use it for my other site too. My question is: is this allowed or do I have to buy another license? Sorry, I am not English, but as I understand the terms I am allowed to copy it (I read: use it again) for my other site. Am I right?

Hi Meghan05:

Thank you for kind words of Striking and support.

If 2nd site a separate url, you need separate license. This is Themeforest license requirement. Is one site per license.

Best Regard

hi, I’m thinking of buying this theme and see that you have a responsive version coming out in the next few weeks. Could you let me know if this will be an upgrade to this version or a totally new theme? ie I don’t want to pay for this one today and find I can’t upgrade it to the responsive theme when it is released and have to buy that one as well. Cheers

Hi cdumbrell

It will be an upgrade to this version, which is being deprecated in favour of the responsive version. So it will not cost you a new amount.

Best Regards
Striking Team

Just figured out my problem! Thanks guys, looking forward to this theme!

I’m having problems installing a custom logo w/ striking. I have entered my purchase code but when I click add logo, nothing happens. I am using Google Chrome.

Hi orangefishmarketing

I am quite confused as uploading a logo has nothing to do with your purchase code. They are not in the same admin panels, and loading a logo is accomplished via the logo uploader setting. Its extremely rare for one to have an issue with loading up an image.

I suggest you go to the Striking Support forum, register, and post your question at the forum, and one of the support team will assist you.

BTW, apologies, we missed this little post of yours in our cursory review of the posts here at TF.

Best Regards
Striking Team

When I try to upload a custom logo, I keep getting the cheatin’ uh message. Please advise.


Go to forum please and post. We help you there.

Thank you
Best Regards

I have been using this theme for almost a year now and I’m not planning on changing any time soon.

It really is the ultimate site builder. The customisability is limitless and you can make your site look exactly how you want it. If you ever have a question / issue, the team at Striking are always there to help. I’ve literally just left a Skype call with one of the team (James) who was helping me with an issue I had. You can also post to their easy-to-use forum where you can expect a detailed reply to any question really quickly.

There hasn’t been a single question they haven’t been able to answer for me yet… You guys are far too intelligent for my liking… Lol!

Thanks for the brilliant theme guys – keep up the good work.


I LOVE the Striking theme and their support team!!!!

I’ve purchased the Striking theme for two sites now. This is by far my favorite theme to design in and work with—it is simply striking!

The guys on the support team are smart, super responsive, have the patience of a saint and are just great to work with. I am designer, not a programmer, they talk in plan English that I can understand. I had a serious issue with my site (eventually found out it was self-inflicted, user caused issue) and these guys worked with me round the clock to resolve my problem swiftly. If every developer of a theme provided the kind of rock-star support that the Striking/KAPTINLIN team did, the world would be a much better place. I am forever grateful for all the help that you provided me. Thank you!!!

Kind regards, Denise

Damn! I was just going to buy the Striking WP theme and I realised its not responsive. Do you have any plans to come out with a responsive version any time soon? I’ve seen the responsive HTML template but I need a responsive WP theme for this project.

Apologies I read from bottom to top ~ don’t ask me why I do stuff bass ackwards, I just do ~ and just read you have a responsive version in the works. I think you just found customer number 14586!

OK, I have done a little more research and I have 3 questions for you before I become #14586 ~ the new responsive version ~ is it 1) Retina Ready? 2) got a home page/content builder or is it just widgetized, and 3) does it come with a child theme?

Hi James,

Thank you so much for your comprehensive reply and your honesty.

I understand your position with Retina images. I guess some sites ~ and therefore some types of themes (portfolio?) ~ are more likely to be visited and used by the Mac crowd, like designers, photographers etc.

Just trying to keep my plugin count to the minimum.

This next site I am planning is actually for non-profit in the US ~ in fact I have to deliver it this month ~ and they have some rather specific needs which I would prefer to deal with ~ as I typically do ~ via separate CSS and functions.php, in order not have hiccups when its time to update.

Anyway, I will be able to see how it goes and make my own mind up shortly. Maybe, if I do decide to stay with a child theme, I could get yours as a sample to keep me on the straight and narrow?

I’m going to break open my piggy bank now and see what all the fuss is about… 8^)

Terence. aka #14586

By the way ~ I didn’t bother to install the standard Striking theme and went straight to the Strikingr responsive beta 0.945 and it looks to me like its very nearly ready to release. Very nice to work with, really simple to find your way around and work with ~ and best of all ~ a super powerful and flexible framework to build on. I like it!

Hi Terence,

I replied to your pm to me btw. And yes, it is quite close – there is some tweaking we are still doing, and there are some minor bugs to be squashed, but it is getting very, very close.

Best Regards
Striking Team

Hope all is well brother, Let me know where is the setting to change width and height of of the slider?

I could not find ind admin


Thank you!

Hi SBI Marketing

I am hoping you have hopped over to the forum, as we have numerous threads on this. If using a default slider in the feature header, one can change the height only, since it is a fixed width container. BUT! If one sets the feature header type to Custom Text Area, then one can use a shortcoded slider in the feature header container, and the shortcode allows for both the width and height to be set.

As per our support policy outlined in the FAQ tab above, I as that you surf over to our support forum and post any other questions you may have on this or other matter at the forum. We have plenty of threads on this topic, many of which include screenshots done by myself showing the users the appropriate settings.

Best Regards
Striking Team

WooCommerce 2.0 has just been released, will there be an update to the Strinking theme soon (because the CSS is completely messed, after upgrading to version 2.0) or will you do (if you haven’t already) this in Striking Responsive theme?

Thanks a lot and keep of the great support :-)

Thanks, Martin

Hi Martin

Striking Responsive is already Woo1.6+ compatible. We will be making it Woo 2.0 compatible, but we cannot say whether this will be concurrent to the official release of Striking R, or whether it will follow in an update.

Please post on the forum such questions, as we monitor the forum on a constant basis, and this is where users should be posting all questions, per the notes in the FAQ tab above. We have a dedicated Woo sticky thread, as well as a thread about the forthcoming responsive release, and all such matters can be dealt with in more detail in those threads.

Best Regards
Striking Team

If you have made it thus far reading the comments (or skipped some pages), you will know by now what an amazing job Striking does in supporting those who purchased their theme.

I can honestly say, I am an extremely happy purchaser. Whenever I need help, the Striking team is always there to lend a hand. They go above and beyond.

I personally could not be happier with my decision. This theme allows you to do pretty much anything you want to. I don’t think I’ll ever need to purchase another theme again.

If you are considering purchasing this theme or another, consider the community you are entering. The support forum is very active (similar to Wordpress in general) which means finding help is always easy when needed (like when you brake your site like I did yesterday… the Striking team quickly got my site back online).

Thank you Striking team. I am one very satisfied customer!

Hi, after scanning, searching and sorting, I have singled out your product as my #1 choice. Your template is more than I need to start with, but I hope to grow into it.

Also, I am new to this so I have a few simple questions I may have missed scanning the various questions and looking at your FAQ.

1. I see that you support widgets. But do you have any plans to integrate any mailchimp or other packages that allow sign-up for email notifications.

2. For the Metadata on Blogs, can HTML be used to make the # of comments or other items a different font or maybe even embed the # comments in a “comment icon image” with the number?

3. For Blogs and maybe pages, do you have a widget or shortcode that lets you show categories? I see on your Blog Admin screenshot how to exclude them but I don’t see a way for the category list to appear on the sidebar. Maybe the way you show “Admin Panel Options” is the “Category” option, I just don’t see it listed anywhere though.

4. Same as above for Archive. Ideally, a monthly archive option.

Thanks for your consideration. The answers will help me with my last bit of due diligence.

Raymond J.

Hi Raymond

Thank you for you interest in Striking. Our response to your questions:

1) Other then the built in contact form, we have not considered any integrating any other packages that can be used for email notifications. Its an intriguing idea, but as mailchimp integrates well with Striking, I think we have never felt the need. I would say it is not on the immediate agenda.

2) yes, you can use custom css to style the metadata for font size and color. But, to be clear about this so you are not deceived, normally custom css would affect all the elements in the meta. To target specifically one item in the meta will be more difficult, you would have to write a class, or it might even be necessary to modify some of the core php. Targeting one specific aspect of a number of items (category, tags, # of comments) that are all part of the same class already is more difficult then had the # of comments been its own class, which it is not.

3 & 4) Striking includes a category widget and an archives widget, plus widgets allowing for custom menus. Striking also allows one to change the archive titles and text for each archive type.

We also have something new coming in the forthcoming Striking Responsive release -> the ability to set custom sidebars for each WP archive type, so that one can have a specific sidebar in each archive page. I don’t think I know of any other theme that supports that degree of customization for archive pages.

Again, thank you for your interest in Striking.

Best Regards
Striking Team