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They plan for the next version also integrate with bootstrap?


Hi Crichh

I am not sure what “next version” you are referencing. Striking Responsive does not use bootstrap. We have something else in development that is going to use an open source framework, but it may not be bootstrap as we find that framework to be very heavy – it has several thousand lines of css right out of the gate. We are testing various frameworks at this time.

I keep on wondering why you do not post over at the forum in the appropriate thread for your questions.

Best Regards
Striking Team

Hi, I loved your theme, but I am having trouble using woocommerce with striking. Woocommerce , Also I was having trouble with the portfolio when I selected greyscale effect. Please help me with this.

Thanks, Chan

Hi Chan

Not the most informative of messages! Are you having trouble because you don’t know how to do something or is something not happening in the manner you anticipated?

Woocommerce up to version 2.05 works like a charm in Striking but as is noted in our FAQ tab above, please go to our Striking support forum ->link is in the FAQ tab, register and post a thread about your trouble and a member of our support team will assist you.

Please include your Striking and WP version numbers, your url, and detailed info on the nature of your issue.

Do not do it here as our support forum is what is monitored and the only place we provide support.

We have hundreds of users (maybe even more) using woo, so whatever the trouble, it most likely is usage related and we can walk you through resolving it. But should you have found a bug, then we will of course fix it. But we have no Woo related bug reports in a long time.

In respect of the portfolio grayscale matter, we note in our error log for version at the support forum that a bug was detected for grayscale when doing a portfolio list.

This has since been fixed, and you can download the version 5.2 beta (link is on the forum) which has the fix or wait for the official release in a few days to obtain it.

See you at our support forum!

Best Regards
Striking Team

What will the search box widget search…posts? or all items too? And how do you set the results page?

Hi dentedelion:

It searches the entire site.

Should you have any other questions about this or any other matter, per the instructions in the FAQ tab, please go to our support forum and we will answer all such usage questions at the forum.

Thank you for your purchase of Striking.

Best Regards
Striking Team

There are 4 main ingredients I expect of a great theme. In no particular order, they are (1) flexibility, (2) features, (3) stability, and (4) support. Striking meets and exceeds all expectations. Whether you want a theme you can use right out of the box, customizing it while you grow to know it, or you want to jump right in and make the look and feel your own, you can be comfortable knowing that you’ve invested in a very stable product with outstanding support. You won’t go wrong with this one.

Hi Rcbaird

Thank you for your observations and kind words. You hit the nail on the head -> one can whip up a quick site in a very short period of time, but as one’s abilities grow, Striking will always be able to match with its tremendous flexibility and customizability.

In respect of non-responsive themes, Striking is almost certainly one of the most feature filled, flexible and stable themes one may purchase anywhere, from any provider or marketplace.

But the best news is that the forthcoming responsive version of Striking, already in an advanced beta mode and available to any owner of Striking, and it takes the features, flexibility and support to a new level that we think will be unsurpassed. Hope you enjoy it!

Again, thank you for your very kind thoughts and observations. Best of luck with your web endeavors.

Kind Regards
Striking Team

Amazing theme, amazing service – if only all themes and developers could be like Striking and Kaptinlin!! Thank you so much for your product!!!!

Hi Strikethrough:

On behalf of KaptinLin and the Striking team, thanks! We aim to please.

Best Regards
Striking Team

I need to ask something I’ve been having a lot of problems with. I installed Wysija plug in for mailing list.When you go to the website and you try to join in and sign with your email, the text in the box(email box) shows white and it makes it look as if nothing appears in the box. I could not figure out what to do to fix the problem so asked them. This is what they told me: The problem is caused by the file: http://www.peachyapricot.com/wp-content/themes/striking/cache/skin.css Line 427

I suggest you include these lines into the end of file http://www.peachyapricot.com/wp-content/themes/striking/style.css

form.widget_wysija input.wysija-input { color: #ccc important! }

Don’t forget to clear your browser cookie before refreshing the page.

The problem is, it did not work for me. I wanted to see if you have any suggestions. Please let me know. Best.

Hi peachyapricot:

What a name! I love it, and your site!

Peachy, I suggest you head over to the forum and cross post this into a thread.

The Wysija developers are excellent but on this they have steered you wrong. But we can get you on the right track no problem, and also tell you where you need to post the line of custom css they have provided.

Please go over to the forum (link is in the FAQ tab above), register (you only need your Striking Item purchase code which you can get from your download page – you download the license and it is found within), and post your thread, and one of our team members will assist you.

As well, I might like to use your site in our forthcoming revised showcase, and will need to obtain more info from you, which I can do at our forum.

Best Regards
Striking Team

Today I purchased the theme and I encountered the following problem: In the sidebar of options Strikin click on any option: “General, Background, ... etc” and perfect. But when you open the window, the menu does not work inside: “General Header Settings, Navigation Menu Options, etc…”. That happens in all cases … Can you help? thanks. That happens in all cases … Can you help? thanks

Hi escalandolos:

I am sorry you are having this difficulty. It sounds like an incorrect installation, but I will not know for certain until we obtain more details from you.

As per our FAQ tab above, please head over to our Striking Support forum, and post a thread including a link to your site, and a support team member will assist you. Please include your country and timezone so we have an idea of time for you, and don’t try responding in the middle of the night.

Installation issues are generally straightforward to resolve, and we will get you up and running.

Thank you for purchasing Striking, and do not worry, we will get you on track.

BTW, if you go to this link:


It will give you a zip containing some videos, including 2 on correct installation. This may be a help in the interim to our assisting you directly.

Best Regards
Striking Team

Striking is reaaly a nice theme, i’m very happy for buying it. Beside this powerful, easy managable theme you also get a Quick and efficient solutions from Kaptinlin Team.. Thank you guys!...


It should be noted for all that Ayqi actually brought his/their site live (an NGO in Turkey researching ancient civilizations) using the Striking Responsive Beta.

All license holders have access to the beta for free. And we are now very close to formal release.

As Ayqi pointed out, the key to Striking Responsive is “powerful”. It is extremely powerful, far beyond the $45-$55 themes (Striking Responsive is anticipated to retail at $60-$65 but any license holders prior to the release receive the update for free) in respect of flexibility, features and customization ability. In fact, most responsive themes provide no ability to customize, as responsive is a whole order more difficult in respect of customization then non-responsive. But Striking Responsive is fully customizable – customizing does not refer to layout or colors, etc, but to being able to tweak, manipulate, and granular control. Its what allows for differentiation, and longevity. This is Striking.

Ayqi, thank you for your kind words. I am glad I was able to assist and I should note to you we released another beta of Striking Responsive yesterday, and another update will be released in 2-3 days, so keep your eyes open on the support forum.

Best Regards
Striking Team


I’m having a look at many themes, to find the right one for me, ( this is my last enquiry before deciding ):

1] do you think is it easy for a beginner (knowing only a xhtml and css basis) to customize this theme for a small hotel business? That means: could the most of customization be done via admin panel? (for example, my own background-images, resize header, sliders, and so on).

I bought a short java script to implement an effective on-line booking with secure transactions. They say it works easily with WP, I just have to insert it before the body tag: I will test it soon. It seems that the script sellers will support me with that, but…

2] eventually, will I get some help if, after inserting my script, something goes wrong with the theme? I mean some extra-support, with charge.

3] If I will decide to make some changes touching the code and face a problem, will I get some guidance about location of files, number of line in the code, and so on? Or better is it possible to make some changes just using a built-in custom.css box?

4] If I want to use my own PSD images to personalize, how does it work? Should I just place my files instead of yours, maybe by renaming them?

Thank you in advance.

Thank you so much for your detailed reply.

About background options via admin panel: if I upload a full screen image how will it be displayed? I mean: the boxed layout version has enough space left to display a image? Maybe the main box should be resized to do that? Is it possible, actually, to resize it? Is it possible to regulate the opacity level of the main box or other parts of the theme?

About photoshop files: I really don’t know what “sprites” are :) I probably would not need to do too deep changes, I just would like to experiment, and was just wondering how to edit those psd files. If I have understood…it’s necessary to give my images the exact name you used. Is it possible to try this kind of customization on a child theme, wich won’t damage the core theme?

Thank you.

Hi, you have a wide variety of choices in respect of displaying a background as we supply the full array for background settings for each background -> position x, position y, repeat, attachment and size (auto, 100% auto, cover, contain). One can load backgrounds for the box mode, header, feature header, page, and footer.

The opacity level of everything can be regulated. If you go to this link:


you will see an example of a background, and the inner div with a level of opacity. This example is in Striking Responsive – which does have more background options then Striking Regular

Striking Regular has a child theme, but Striking Responsive will not have a child theme available at initial release. We have gotten tired of users who do not know how to work with Child themes constantly getting into trouble and needing to be rescued when they demolished their sites on updates or experimenting.

As long as you have your master that you download from Themeforest (and you can go download it again at any time) if you find your changes don’t work, then just reinstall the original master file.

Best Regards
Striking Team

Thanks a lot for infos.

It’s a good solution the possibility to re-install the original theme.

Kindest Regards

Hello. I love the Striking theme. How do I get rid of the “Home” navigation on the top menu. I created 2 custom menu’s in wordpress: one for top and one for bottom. But the home link keeps showing up on the top (it doesn’t in the bottom navigation). This worked fine on the last version :-) Thank you.

Hi Oceanislemusic

I ask that you go over to our Striking support forum and post your question on the forum and include a url. One of our support team will reply back. Also include details such as the Striking and WP versions you are running, etc.

I am sure the matter is easily resolved. It is not happening to anyone else, so I think there is something not yet done in your situation, and we will help you correct the usage here.

Thank you for you kind words about Striking. I look forward to getting the url and visiting your site.

Best Regards
Striking Team

We (Breakthrough Training) have been using the Striking theme for about a year now, and I have to say, it has far exceeded our expectations and it has been a breeze to streamline development of the content. I can spend more time on providing excellent content and layout, rather than spending hours and hours building functionality.

I highly recommend this theme for any interested buyers looking for the best starter platform for your next project. A responsive version is coming very soon from what I can tell, and when it does, it will blow every other theme out of the water. Can’t wait.

Thanks to the Striking development team for your hard work!

You are the best team ) i just want to say thanks a lot and good luck in not easy work friends

Striking Rocks my world. Explore Meditation is my baby. I have never had such a versatile theme, and the imminant release of the Responsive version will take it above and beyond. More than anything else – THE SUPPORT this theme receives from some very dedicated developers has built a community of loyal fans. Love It Love It Love It.


I just need a template with modern design in mind and for company business presentation purposes only, no eCommerce. Do you have option for a web quote that customer can fill and send over the web to business owner? can customer create an account?


hi VitaliKon

Thank you for your interest in Striking.

Striking is both a multipurpose business, and ecommerce capable, theme. So one can of course use it for a traditional business that does not have ecommerce ->this in fact would be one of its most common uses.

I am afraid I do not understand what you mean by “Do you have option for a web quote that customer can fill and send over the web to business owner? can customer create an account?”.

Could you explain further?

Again, thank you for your interest in Striking.

Best Regards
Striking Team

Sorry James. I was not clear. Basically, I have a service/product quotation form in PDF that a customer must be able to download from site and fill it. I want to implement an online form which doesn’t require any downloads. As a start ‘contact us’ can be used but I want to understand if you code is flexible to add an online fillable form. do you have in your template a capability to create a login account for a potential customer. I mean a customer creates it if required. thanks

Hi VitaliKon

Well our code is very flexible, and users can add very sophisticated forms using software such as Quforms. One can also embed pdf documents either as a portfolio item, by a link, using a lightbox with iframe, etc.

We do not have an online fillable form as part of the base theme, that you would have to undertake either via custom coding, using software like Quform, or in some other manner.

As well, we do not have any special login customization in Striking. We rely on the default abilities of wp, and users to engage a 3rd party plugin for this purpose.

Again, thank you for your interest in Striking.

Best Regards Striking Team James

Hi, i bought this theme in 2010, i have version 2.2.3 in a website i haven’t updated since, i want to recover that website, how can i update to version 5.x from 2.2.3? thanks!

reply this, plis, has the option to send me an email when you do it

Hi eberthtorres

I ask that you first go to your downloads page in your account, and download your license certificate, and then go over to our support forum register, and we will provide you any guidance you wish.

There are a certain number of steps you should undertake when making an upgrade across that many versions, and this comment thread is not the appropriate place to do into such detail. The support forum is monitored daily by our team, and you will receive a reply and assistance in a timely manner at the forum.

Best Regards
Striking Team

I am having problems with adding a slideshow to a page. (This is the page) The only way the slideshow works properly is if I have my header set as a slideshow. I don’t want the header as a slideshow. If you go to that page, it is bunching all the images up in one, so it’s technically not doing a slideshow right now. This is what I’m using for the short code:

[slideshow type="anything" source="{s:billsfavoritespage}" width="529" height="394" toggleArrows="true" align="center"][/slideshow]
Can somebody please help me out with this?

I would have posted this in the Kaptinlin Themes Support website but I am having a problem finding my Purchase Code because I don’t see a “License Certificate” link anywhere in my downloads section for this theme. I can only see “Regular License and “Help with WordPress install”

Thank you for the fast response, I will check out the video!

For finding my purchase code, maybe I’m blind, but I cannot figure out how to get this code. This is a screenshot of my downloads page so you can see what I see: (here) If I click “regular license” it takes me to this page: http://themeforest.net/licenses/regular

Also, the link for the videos you just sent me is not a valid link. It takes me to a 404 page.

I just realized you meant to do .zip instead of .com – I found the videos. I sent a support ticket to Envato to getting my purchase code.

I actually do have each image set up in the slider options, with the featured image set up to show. My problem is that the slideshow only works properly (showing each image separately, with the dots to go to the next image) if I have the header on the page set up as “slideshow” and I don’t want a slideshow in the header and in the page body. I will watch the video and see if it helps.
If I can’t figure out the slider with the videos I’ll go to your forum once I get my purchase code.
Thanks for your help!


I’m just blown away with this theme’s incredible raw power and customization abilities out of the box and would like to say something to the potential buyers- Are you confused wheather to buy this theme or not? Thou shall not waste any of your precious neurons and time, go for it immediately!

The list of features you just saw on the theme’s description page is just like ‘a drop of water in the ocean’. The actual feature count is way ahead, ming boggling and awesome, that you’ll never ever going to expect in any other theme.

I’m sure you might now be familiar with the news of Responsive version being in developmental stages, infact already out as beta and that Loyal Users (Licence Holders) will receive the Final Responsive free. The current Beta (which you can check here), just works amazingly and is already my daily driver.

Now regarding the individuals behind this project and after-sales support, are a bunch of intelligent, amiable, diligent, dynamic, exuberant, humorous, hard-working, resourceful, versatile and friendly geeks; Hats off to Kap, James and Paul for their outstanding after sales support.

If this is your first buy at Themeforest, I’ll bet you’ll not regret this theme posession for this would actually turn out your best first and the last buy at Themeforest. The theme is worth every penny and way ahead than a $55 theme out there in the wild and also way ahead than uDe…


Kudos for an incredibly flexible and powerful creation. A+

Vive La Striking!

Hi, I have just started up with Wordpress and Striking and in just a few days I have a full website up and running without being very used to web design and more or less being a beginner in this area. I must say that this teme really corresponds to my needs for presenting a portfolio of my work. SECONDLY a great thank you for the fantastic support from James in the Striking Team. He did a great job fixing my problems very rapidly and I would never have been able to do that on my own. So it feels really good to have chosen a Wordpress theme were you can get support in case of problems.

Thanks very much James. Best regards Thomas


Theme looks great. Can this theme with regular licence be used with wordpress multisite?


Hi ecee

This is one of Strikings great claims to fame. It is completely multisite compatiblevin every respect possible. Every function works correctly in multisite, and it has been multisite since its day of inception.

And equally good news, the forthcoming responsive version of Striking – already available for all users and a free upgrade, has 100% multisite compatibility as well.

Striking is built for multisite. Striking is built for multilanguage. Striking is built for portfolio use (7 different portfolio types), Striking is built for business, Striking is built for blogging, Striking is built for ecommerce. Its rare indeed that one cannot do something in Striking – not impossilbe! But rare!

And we have an almost 3 yr track record including over 50 updates to our theme to substantiate all the above.

Thank you for your interest in Striking. Good luck to you whatever your decision may be.

Best Regards
Striking Team

Striking is THE BEST! <3