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I have purchased the package. All the setup is done correctly. I managed to import your demo and txt file code but I failed to fine mentioned in point 5. the Main Navigation for Striking Navigation and Footer Menu item for Striking Footer Menu which you say must be in in Theme Selection module. I clicked on theme module and I got the icons of the themes only. Cant find those above-mentioned. I also have difficulty to understand what widgets you have used in your demo and where to drop them to. Could you elaborate please. How the demo code can be entirely removed when I finish playing with that? My goals is to build a company site, no blogging at this stage. What would you recommend to work on in terms feature enabling. Thanks for your advise.

I managed to add categories:)


Did you see my reply to you in our thread at the forum? You should be posting there rather then here. We only check TF at most once a day, and often less frequently, whereas the support forum is attended to several times a day.

Please post and follow for replies at the support forum.

Thank you and best regards. Striking Team

Great Support and Kind manners. I’m back on track!

Hi, I’m really interested in Striking, but so far it is not “responsive”. I was first wondering if I was able to get a view of how websites would look on various devices, and/or if there were certain setting I would do to make the shift effect not so bad.

But I read in another comment that there is a responsive version in beta form. I haven’t done wordpress before, even though I am handy with code (not an expert, but I’m not afraid of the stuff – XML, HTML, css code, java, a little). What should I consider before doing the fixed vs. responsive-beta-version? If I do beta, would it update automatically to the final Striking Responsive version?

I ask because after building the website I will have limited access to the client, and I want to have an idea of how much it would be for them to handle, or if I should prepare them for it, or if I should just be prepared to come back into the picture when that happens. (I assume the later!)


Hi zmalcolm

Thank you for your interest in Striking.

Here is some urls of sites from users who have already switched over to responsive:


They vary from simple to more advanced sites. Keep in mind they are all still using one version or another of the beta, and so there is potentially some fine tuning in css yet to occur, but it is good enough now for sites to go into live production.

If you decide to purchase Striking, you will then go our site: http://www.strikingsuport.com and enter your purchase code, and you can download the responsive beta, and you would just start from day one with it.

I can’t really attest to the last question – managing any website can be very easy, or difficult, depending on the users knowledge. Once you set up everything for them, if they are only adding new blog posts, etc, well then they should have no issues.

With the formal release of Striking responsive we are going to have a very comprehensive video series, which will be of great help. If you would like to see some older videos, out of date, but at least give you an idea of things, here is a link:


Hope my info above is of help.

Best Regards
Striking Team

Thanks, super helpful. You are right to say that it totally depends on the users regarding website knowledge… mine know very little. so i guess that answers my question. But everything else I will look into. Thanks a lot.

I’m having an issue on a few of my sites that happened in the last day or so. I am getting an error message at the top of the site just like if debugging is turned on, which it isn’t.
Warning: call_user_func_array() expects parameter 1 to be a valid callback, function 'twentyeleven_body_classes' not found or invalid function name in /home/content/47/9513447/html/wp/wp-includes/plugin.php on line 173

Warning: join() [function.join]: Invalid arguments passed in /home/content/47/9513447/html/wp/wp-includes/post-template.php on line 389
Export & Growth Dealer Strategy Board

This only happens with this theme on only certain sites (regardless of Striking version). It is only happening on two of several sites using Striking, but they are the only two with this ISP. I’m sure it is not really a problem with your theme, but with the ISP or WP install done there, however, it is only showing up using your theme, not when I switch themes. Otherwise, it doesn’t effect functionality.

Can you try to add a catch call to hide the message or tell me if you know why this error would be thrown?


It certainly is an odd error, since it does not even have anything to do with Striking – the error itself points directly to the twenty eleven theme and an invalid argument with wp itself.

You can log into our support forum and cross post this message, and perhaps include the urls to the sites which are Striking sites. As we note in the FAQ tab above, we provide support at our support forum only, not in these comments at TF, which are only for prospective user questions. The link is in the FAQ tab.

Best Regards
Striking Team

I would just like to reiterate how great this team is with support. Their support forum is top-notch and I have received immeasurable help from the team through Skype. A quality product that they want to make sure you are getting the most out of it that you can!

Hey Kaptin!

I just recently updated my domain from http://parkstreetbaptist.net to http://parkstreetbaptist.com and the email is support@parkstreetbaptist.com now. I also updated to Striking Responsive and have everything working great! You guys rock!

I just wanted to notify you of the changes so you can update it on your Striking Showcase. I have everything redirected properly but still wanted the listing to be up to date. Not sure if you need it or not, but here is a new screenshot as well: http://oi44.tinypic.com/3443vo0.jpg

Thanks again for all you do!

Super, thanks for the heads up. We are going to build a new showcase shortly and include many examples of users who have already jumped to the responsive version so appreciate the heads up.

And, your welcome! Our pleasure is in happy successful users.

Best Regards
Striking Team

Great theme but!!

In internet explorer 10 the portfolio featured images do not show, you just get the spinning circle waiting to display them.

This is the same for blogs too. and often the featured header in a blog or portfolio item.

please see… http://www.joshuanetwork.tv/blog http://griffon.me/nashi-sobaki/ http://www.safeharbourhomecare.co.uk/wp/portfolio/

I have deleted all plugins, still doesn’t work. Tested on multiple PC’s using windows 7 and 8 with ie10.

any ideas?


The first site joshuanetwork is running Striking Responsive, and the blog featured images are working fine in IE10 for me. Striking Responsive Beta is fully IE10 compatible, and this has also been confirmed by our users.

The 2nd site griffon.me is running Striking which is not fully IE10 compatible, but all it needs to do is jump to Striking 5.2 and which is 100% IE 10 compatible.

I checked the 3rd site and it it was was working in IE10 as well.

I did screenshots of the two that were working.

Err, why are you not posting on the support forum for user help? This is not the place to be posting for usage matters, as is clearly noted in the FAQ tab above.

Please go to the support forum, and if you have usage questions, or need help with another matter, post and we will assist. I can post my screenshots in the thread you start.

But the IE10 issue is very easily dealt with for any Striking site ->upgrade to the latest regular version which is 5.2, or if commencing a new site, just go to the forum, hop over to the link for the responsive download package (free) and start designing!

Go check out the site above user “heartattack247” as it is a Striking Responsive site, and it works just fine in IE10. And they are running a large number of plugins including Contact Form 7, All In One SEO, Jetpack, All in One Event Calendar…..

Best Regards
Striking Team

the Beta version has much improved this.. I have posted a new discussion on your forum. many thanks

Striking is simply fantastic! No compatibility problems, tons of options, straightforward to use and superb support. Worth every cent – thank you so much, highly recommended.

Hello Striking Team, I read some great comments about the beta-version of the responsive striking version. When will the next official version (officially downloadable via the Themeforest website) be available? The download contains version no. 128763 as yet.

Hi Lowtense

Just keep on following the responsive thread and also the notes in the forum header.

We caved, and decided to add a huge number of new abilities to Striking -> if Striking Regular is 100% as the baseline, Striking Responsive is about 250% vs the baseline. Thus many of the early adopters who have already switched over using one of the beta versions seem to be quite pleased.

Its been a long haul and to this date I am not aware of any other premium theme that has enabled users to go from a fixed to responsive format and keep their existing website. But with Striking responsive, this will be the case.

We are essentially done the beta versions, other then adding some very minor tweaks, but are busy working on updating the help fields, creating a video series. a new demo site, a new support site, a new installable demo, etc. This will all take about 7-10 days yet I believe.

So I am thinking about 2 weeks yet before we deprecate Striking Regular and load up Striking responsive in its place.

Now is probably a good time for users and prospective purchasers to pick up additional Striking licenses. The price of Striking once the responsive version has been loaded will almost certainly be increased to $60 by Themeforest, and it could conceivably be priced at $65 as it will easily be the most able and feature filled responsive theme in the marketplace. It is already WP 3.6 beta compatible fyi. There might be an adjustment or two necessary for the final release of WP 3.6 but that is not an issue for us of course – we always adjust to WP, as we have for every version since WP 2.8.

If you have any further questions, please log into the forum and post them in the responsive sticky thread.

Best Regards
Striking Team

hello I am looking for the contact form file in the FTP so that I can change the words displayed (Name…Email…Send…I need to change them to french).. is it possible to tell me where it is located please?

thanks in advance Yan

Hi Yan

Go to striking/framework.widgets/contactform.php.

But why are you doing this in this way? You should be using the french language files found in the Languages folder. We have language files for every major language in it including french.

Should you have any further questions regarding this matter, we require you use our support forum. I made an exception this time but if you have any followup, register at the support forum and create a thread. We detail in the FAQ where to go, and why we supply our support there.

Best Regards Striking Team James


I am planning on purchasing this theme to migrate our old site over to. I am not in a huge rush, but I would like to get started if possible.

Would you recommend downloading now and starting with the responsive beta or waiting a couple weeks for the “official” release?



Hi Nick

Thank you for your interest in Striking.

There is no reason to not commence building your new site now. The current version of Striking Responsive has only very minor errors still outstanding in it. As you may be aware, users are already starting to convert to it from their existing non-responsive version of Striking.

Some things for which you should be aware:

Striking Responsive has 5 sliders in it including 3 so called “premium” sliders being the Revolution Slider, the Ken Burner Slider and the Unleash Accordion Slider as well as a Roundabout slider and the Nivo slider. So most of the sliders are different then the current sliders in Striking being sold at TF at this time. The Nivo and Ken Burner sliders are shortcoded plus the Revolution Slider can also be used shortcoded.

It will still be about 10 days at a minimum before we have any instructional videos for Striking Responsive. We do answer questions on our support forum for usage, and the current beta does have some updated help fields in it, but the full task of revising all the help fields in the theme is not yet complete.

The final release will still have more abilities in it versus the current beta, but we believe nothing in the current beta will be removed.

Timing for release of the “official” version is approximate. We are hoping for 7-10 days for official release, but we have blown our our timeframes previously, in part due to the complexity of converting an non-responsive theme to responsive (a first here at TF to the best of our knowledge). Also, as we delved into responsive more fully, it became apparent that in order to continue the abilities that Striking has traditionally been renown for such as being feature rich, flexible and being highly customizable, some very advanced and time consuming coding was required.

This work is now virtually complete, but even the ancillary items such as building out the new demo, installable demo, new support site, revising this TF sales page, etc, may take us longer then anticipated, delaying the official release. I just wanted you to be aware of that.

On the plus side, we are in the process of rolling out another beta curing the errors on the current ToDo list, which should be the last. So we are very, very close.

I am assuming that you are likely monitoring the forum threads and are pretty up to date and have hopped over to the responsive beta download page and have reviewed our progress over time.

If you have any other questions, please do not hesitate to ask.

Best Regards
Striking Team

Hi Kaptalin,

I have also contacted you via email 5 days ago. But unfortunately no reply.

Feature images aren’t loading. Can you help with this.

Here is the url : http://goo.gl/lcvFN


Thank you for your purchase of Striking.

Email? We don’t use email and not quite sure why anyone would email us when we explicitly state in the FAQ tab above that support is by way of our Support forum. So if you have emailed regrettably it has been to no avail.

However, although you should be posting at the forum, I believe your issue is easy to diagnose. Please go to Striking/Advanced Panel, and the first two settings are for Timthumb and for the Striking Cache. I checked your page source and you have timthumb OFF, which is correct.

But I need you to turn “ON” the Cache setting. Then save. Also go to the JavaScript & CSS Optimizer Options in the Advanced Panel, and turn all those settings Off as well and save. And then check to see if your thumbnail images return.

If they do not, then you most likely have a plugin conflict. You have a number of plugins running, and the culprit is likely one of them. I suspect it would be Shareaholic, as it often conflicts in premium themes or perhaps your copyright plugin, but the normal process is to turn all of them off other then your SEO plugin and askimet, clear the cache again, then assuming your images are back, start turning them on again one by one until you find the culprit.

If you turned off all your plugins, and they are still not restored, then you have a server permission problem.

BTW, virtually everything I have noted above is detailed on our support forum, and had you gone to it, you would have had your answers a long time ago. Even had you had to post a thread to ask a question, you would have been answered within an hour or two of your posting.

You have some other issues as well – if you check your fontface fonts, you have them all enabled in the “Choose @font-face Font” setting in the Font panel. Please “x” out all the fonts you are not using and save. Right now you are loading every fontface font which adds to the page loading times.

Should you have any other questions including followup on this matter, please register at our support forum, and post away. We are glad to help, and our support is daily. We want our users to succeed!

Best Regards
Striking Team

Hi James,

Thanks for the reply. I have disabled JavaScript & CSS Optimizer Options in the Advanced Panel this solved the issue. Also i have disabled the fontface font and enabled cufon.

may i understand where are the pages you show as built in on your preview demo site? there is no way to find them in the striking config. i purchased the package just because of those pre-built pages. the doco doest talk about home page only.

ok the main issue remains – it is not clear where the Striking Demo is located. I have many pre-built pages, true but I cant get hold of the code area as you advised. exact location please. on the top of my original issue there is persistent old MENU (deleted all menus) in the header.

im on track now! there is the small bug I found. Basically when there is no theme location selection the demo will load by default all the demo menu content. As soon as a new menu created (even without any pages added) and selected in theme location the demo menu content disappears from the header. it is a desired outcome. So I can proceed now safely into building. Please advise when the responsive will have the demo or will work with demo code.

Support and product is great. Thanks James and the team. I was setup for good in no time. More than expected feature wise!


My name is Heather Smith.

I am a real person you can check out my website here:


I have had a business website for many years. I decided to move to WORDPRESS and used a free theme for about a year. It was great, but some things were a little frustrating. Whenever I needed to do something, I needed a plugin. When I wanted to get creative it would not play nice. I also hated the limited fonts!! So I decided I needed more and investigated other WORDPRESS themes.

I wanted something that would be visually attractive, easy, simple, professional, clean, crisp and approachable. I wanted an ecommerce site. I wanted people to be able to easily approach me. I looked at lots and lots of themes, and I kept returning to the Striking WP Theme. Looking through the Striking WP Theme demo – I was amazed by how different the websites could look.

Nothing else offered what I found in the Striking WP Theme; I especially liked the SLIDERS, and you can see I have used them on a couple of pages of my website. Here are a few of the features that I liked:









I love the PINK colour!!!

I was able to work out how to do most of the elements of the Striking WP Theme on my wordpress site. I found it offers lots of useful features, sliders, contact us forms, blogs, advertising block, page templates. I am using the Woocommerce, Gravity Forms and NextGen Gallery plugins plus an email responder and several utility and admin plugins with excellent results in my site.

My ecommerce site, took a bit of tinkering to set up, but once it was set-up, it was set and forget, and the money just started rolling in. It is thrilling to see money arrive in your bank account from selling e-products!!!

The Striking WP Theme has a comprehensive support site here: – http://kaptinlin.com/support and I have found answers to any issues there. They probably don’t want me to tell you – but the awesome support NINJAS even jumped onto SKYPE and helped me through a blonde issue I was having.

I love working on my website and I love the Striking WP Theme I have installed. I think I have only scratched the surface of what it is capable of doing!

Feel free to drop me a line if you want to check out if I am real, and how awesome my website is!!

Heather Smith Brisbane AUSTRALIA

Striking is, without a doubt, the best theme I’ve ever used! And if that wasn’t enough, their support system is top notch! I’m so so glad I purchased this theme!

I installed Striking WP Theme for a client and she loves it! 5 stars!

I have purchased no less than 4 copies of Striking under my clients’ login at Themeforest because after trying many other Themes and templates, I am so confused about how other authors create their Dashboards, Pages or overall Settings.

Striking is easy to use, the support is as good as you could possibly want and all of the updates over the years make it as state-of-the-art as a custom written program.

There many themes and templates out there but eventually you will find that you want to change or tweak something to your personal preference.

How good is another theme’s support?

I can honestly say from experience that the Striking support team is First Rate. :bigsmile:

Hello, my name is Ruslan. I bought the templates for my clients and they like it, but they want home page like on the example screenshot #2. There are 3 columns

Please help me, i don’t know how i can do it using only wordpress


HI Ruslan

Thank you for your purchase of Striking.

That is very simply done using a layout we have already set up for you. But we ask that you go to our support forum (see the link in the FAQ tab above), register, post your question at the forum and we will post an answer walking you through it step by step.

Best Regards
Striking Team

Ok, thanks!

How can I move the menu so that it is either centered or left justified? At the moment, it leans to the right and looks off balance.


The answer to this is posted on our support forum. Even if you did a google search per the instructions in the forum header:

kaptinlin support navigation center

you will find the answer.

Should you have any more questions about this, we ask that you post on our support forum per the instructions in the FAQ tab. We provide our support only at the forum.

Best Regards
Striking Team

I am a huge fan of this theme and am hoping it will be usable for a site for a new client. They would very much like the site to be as clean and minimal as this one: http://mono-1.com/

Is this possible? Could I have the slider effect with no shadow or arrows or anything, and no separation between the footer, main body/slider and header? Thank you very much for your help.


Yes. You will have to turn off some of the shadows by css, and make all the backgrounds transparent in the color settings, but I see no reason why you cannot accomplish that look.

Should you have any further questions on this matter, please post at our support forum. On the forum are threads about removing shadows, etc.

Best Regards
Striking Team

I can’t Apply for Membership on page http://kaptinlin.com/support/entry/ because i do not know where is Item Purchase Code. I do not have a button “License Certificate”. Only “Regular License” and “Help with wordpress install”



Sorry, I tried to answer to you last night before I went to bed, and the TF interface crapped out.

Download the Regular License certificate from your account. It is a live link so just click on it, and you will get the download dialogue.

Open it, as a few lines in will be your item purchase code listed. This is the code you use to register at the forum.

Please reply if you have any difficulties otherwise we will see you at the forum.

Best Regards
Striking Team