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Outstanding theme! The theme is more or less flawless for any kind of website but even better than that is the support from the Striking team. Thanks guys for all your help!

Hi Kaptinlin, I’m constructing my friend’s site and he bought your theme. I don’t have his login info otherwise I’d post a ticket on your support forum.

Is there a way to: 1) move the custom logo above the menu items and center both the logo and the menu in the header? 2) remove the “home” button from the menu items (it appears so long as a static page is set)? 3) remove “home>>[page name]” from content when featured header is set to Disabled?

You can see what I’m referring to at www.blakechorley.ca.


We are pleased to advise the support forum is an open forum in respect of viewing threads, and all of the questions you asked above have been answered on the support forum – in the header are suggestions on how to search for threads using google, which should bring up answers for each.

Your friend can easily grab his purchase code from his account in order to register for the forum, and give you access at that time should you have any followup questions. Between grabbing the purchase code from the account, and registering takes all of about 90 seconds. Quick and easy.

Best Regards
Striking Team

Hi Kaptin Lin. Since April 2012 my twitter widget is not working..been asking in the sup page but got no solution. :confused: Have you solved it, if yes, I would love to get a hint how to solve it. Thanks a lot in advance

Hi Nomadin

I recognize you from the forum, but I don’t recall any recent posts – although it might be Paul who last interacted with you?

Indeed the twitter widget changed due to the changes in how twitter operates back about that time, but the twitter forum thread (its one of the sticky posts in the All Discussions Category) as step by step instructions on how to go to twitter and create your necessary secret id which you post into the twitter fields in the Striking Advanced Panel/twitter tab. Did you do that yet? We updated Striking and posted the solution within hours of twitter changing its methodology.

If you tried, and it did not work, then you should send me a pm via the forum. Although the twitter methodology is a pain in the ass now, and confusing for some, we have not had any reports of actual functionality issues in many months to the best of my knowledge.

Best Regards
Striking Team

StrikingR is fantastic. Amazingly flexible and easy to learn. So many typography options and some great new image features. And it’s ROCK SOLID! Support is the best I’ve experienced.

Hello Striking Team and Users!

Sarah and I are professional website developers and we have been beta testing Striking Responsive for months now. We have been absolutely thrilled with the upcoming release for a number of reasons and we like to give credit where credit is due:

First the theme continues its beautiful ascetic look and continues to abound in features. The theme has more features (shortcodes, widgets, settings, sliders, embeds, etc.) now than any other theme we have worked with and your shortcode generator with inline howto/instructions makes using your many features very easy. The theme still loads quickly too, especially if you are able to use the combine js feature (certain plugins may interfere). Additionally, the theme has more settings in the admin panel/dashboard area giving users greater control over their website’s look and features. This has meant less time installing and configuring plugins, and less time programming in CSS, HTML, jQuery and PHP for us, and also means easier control for a non-developer user.

This is truly a responsive theme! The parameters for when the theme jumps down to the next size are better than other themes we use because content is not partially obscured before the jump occurs (this has saved us much time and effort in not having to correct the media query parameters in the CSS). Striking Team, you have done this correctly – better than we’ve seen, out of the box, then anywhere else. Additionally Striking offers a nice area to load different logo images depending on the device/viewport/media query size. You also rebuilt the layout for Woo-commerce and greatly improved the look and feel in a few subtle ways that make me want to use woo-commerce again.

Lastly, working with the Striking team has been a real pleasure. Your commitment to excellence and great customer service is legendary. Thank you for a great theme and a fantastic beta testing experience!

Warm regards, Brian & Sarah Peterson, kismetwebdesign.com


I have just found your Multisite theme.

May I ask how the Envato licensing applies to your theme and multisite ?

My understanding – even if incorrect – one would need a separate licence for each site/blog that uses a Theme Forest product. With that model, wouldn’t each user or site on the network need a separately purchased theme licence ? If so, would that not be prohibitively expensive for the network?

I am confused, but interested very much in your theme :)


Regretfully, all licensing questions have to be addressed by Themeforest directly, and you can visit their FAQ on this and contact them if uncertain about the info.

I can advise that if you are mapping domains to the multisite, and each one of those domains is built using Striking (or Striking Responsive) then a separate license is required for each. But any other multisite licensing questions have to be answered by Themeforest.

As for cost, that is all a matter of perspective. If a business, $55 is a negligible cost I would think.

Thank you for your interest in Striking.

Best Regards
Striking Team

I need some help with this theme please.


James reply to your last skype when you skype him Monday nov 4, which Tuesday morning for you – but 9.32pm for him – and he tell you more then once there be 12 hr time diff but you seems to ignore. His prior message to you in skype advise you he available monday/tuesday, along with advice on 12 hr time diff, which you seem to completely ignore.

I have log of entire skype, including he tell you when he available, etc. Paul try twice to add you as skype contact, no success. James ask you in skype in previous messages for you to give him times when you may be available, which you not do.

I quote from skype message to you:

[11/4/2013 9:38:54 PM] t….m2010: [Saturday, November 02, 2013 9:22 AM] t….m010:

<<< Hi

just a heads up that our time diff is 12 hrs. What I will do is ask Paul to assist you as the time diff for him is 6 hrs so you will have more time to gether in the same day.

If you can let me know your availabilty on Monday & Tuesday, I will get him to skype you directly.— t…...m2010, Saturday, November 02, 2013 9:22 AM

He also ask you to post on forum specific questions in other skype, which you not do – you have one post on forum from time ago – nothing in last while at all.

I see you have full site – we have screenshot of all pages, walk through and test – only issue we see is you not appear to know how to use Woo, have incorrect certificate on page – this not Striking related but woo matter. Only other appear to be you give page feature headers custom title for store pages. To do select custom title in feature header type for each page (Page General Options metabox/ General Page Setup tab), and type in custom title in custom title field setting. Help fields in theme say same thing.

Understand please. And it say in Striking help as well. Product support free. But is voluntary. Themeforest have no support requirement at all for theme. All we do is voluntary. To teach someone how to use, when they not read help fields, and offer voice support, is extra special help. We do for free now as well, but only if person meet half way. NO other theme developer offer any voice support whatsoever. WE only ones, and famous for suppport. But cannot help those who not want to help themselves.

So this final suggestion. Reply to either James or Paul (my spoken english no good). Paul closer in timzone to australia. Skype date in advance of when might be available and request for help. Give more then one time please. Wait for confirmation of time by skype. If possible, right list of questions. Reasonable list, not 20 questions. In conversation they may have time to more help, but a short list to start. Give pages of what want to change.

They will reply.

If you do suggestion, we help. If you post on forum, we help (one question per thread per forum policy). If do not, then we not help. We willing to help, and tell you so. Hope this time you help us to help you.

Thank you
Best Regards


I wanted to know if they plan to add to version responsive, multimedia support for outstanding image of the blog,

Like for example this template: http://strictthemes.com/strictone/blog/ http://alvarez.is/demo/good/blog.html

Hi Crichh

Its not on the immediate horizon, although its an interesting idea. You should post it on the forum. I believe support for multiple featured images is going to come soon after the official release of Striking Responsive.

Best Regards
Striking Team

Hello James,

Do you have the Striking theme translated in french, Spain or Russian languages? Unfortunately we aren’t enough strong in English

Thank you very much in advance for your reply!

Hi Dom

Yes. Can you please go to the Striking forum and repost and we will guide you. I think we have 19 languages give or take.

Best Regards
Striking Team


With your theme, is it possible to put my logo at the center of the top menu ?

Thank you

Hi Moea

Thank you for your interest in Striking.

Of course. Be advised it is done via custom css, but the code for this is posted on our support forum and it literally takes 30 seconds since Striking has a custom css field built into it.

Be advised for Striking Responsive, the logo centers automatically when viewed on mobile devices. Striking Responsive also has a separate mobile logo uploader function – one has two logos: desktop and mobile.

Striking Responsive is a free update for all Striking owners.

Best Regards
Striking Team

I have been using this theme for two websites and I love it ! Cherish on top, the most valuable thing that comes with the theme is the incredible support the team gives !

I posted questions several times on their forum and they sorted out ALL of my problems and amazingly quickly!

I strongly recommend using this theme and their support.

Keep up the great work you do Gentlemen!


Hi KaptinLin I couldn’t let yet another great experience dealing with James and Paul to go unsaid.

If I got the type of service that I get from you guys from local retailers and everyone else that I deal with in life I would be a very happy puppy! You guys rock.

It seems no matter what the time of day or what day for that matter, I receive an instant response from you and help which goes far beyond the call of duty and what should be expected from you.

I just wanted to let you know that your help and advice, especially when I am at a crucial point and stressing to the max, you guys step in, always fix the problem (which more often than not is an outside issue, not related to Striking) and calm me down

For this, I thank you. Keep up the excellent work! kind regards and thanks parisadele

Congratulations on a great launch! This goes far beyond a mere update, it’s a huge upgrade FOR FREE! for all of us, you guys really know how to get fiercely loyal customers. This theme is a real investment. I wish you the best in selling many more licenses.

Thank you so much


hey Kaptinlin, Can you tell me how I can hide the slideshow whilst keeping the background image? Thanks.

Hello Abonawas,

May i ask you to post a support request on our forum? http://kaptinlin.com/support/

We will be glad to help you !

Best regards,
Striking Team,


Bluehost is upgrading to PHP 5.4 in the next seven days. Any issues with this and Striking?

Hi William

No issues at all of which we are aware. You can raise the question at the support forum and we will go into more detail.

Best Regards
Striking Team

I have purchased 15 Striking themes! Can you tell I love it? Actually even better than the theme is the tech support provided with it. The guys are AMAZING! I don’t know when they sleep or eat. They are always there to answer my questions and lead me in the right direction. Just wish everyone I dealt with provided this kind of customer support!

You CAN’T go wrong getting and using this theme.

Hi, I purchased the theme and am interested in downloading the final responsive beta. Can you let me know how and also when will the final responsive release be available?


All answers are found at the forum:


The first sticky threads have the download details and need to know info.

Thank you for purchasing Striking.

Best Regards
Striking Team


I have a question. I am using Striking for two different sites – of course, I love the theme and its flexibility. However, I cannot find a Cache plugin that works without breaking the website.

Do you have any suggestions?


Hi Chesa

Can you please go to the support forum and post any questions you may have on this matter?

Both of the main caching plugins, plus a variety of lessor known ones all work fine.

One has to remember that with any caching plugin, certain features in the plugin may not be applicable to a particular theme, or web host.

As well, a common mistake is using the wrong settings in the the minify group, since Striking already has most of its js minified. So if you try to minify what is already minified, then you break things.

The default wp theme, which has no advanced js in it, is what some plugin features are designed to be used with.

It gets down to a users knowledge of wordpress, actually understanding the background and intent of each feature in a caching plugin, and the environment in which they wish to deploy those settings.

I can also advise that having been in thousands of user sites using caching plugins, such plugins and Striking work fine together. Further proof, if you look at that list of sites posted at the top of the Item Details tab, and head over to the forum to the thread “Tell us about your Responsive Site” from where this list is drawn, you will see that most are employing a caching plugin (they all list the plugins in use), and their sites are humming along just fine.

Actually, Striking Responsive in particular, has extraordinary plugin compatibility. We would be willing to wager that no other theme with the scope and complexity of Striking is as plugin compatible. And its what we are advised by the many designers who use Striking in their day to day work (many have remarked upon this in their comments).

And also remember one cannot use a plugin, and the built in optimizing functions found in the JavaScript & CSS Optimizer Options tab at the same time.

Thank you for loving the theme. Should you have questions on how to employ a particular setting in a caching plugin, ask on the forum.

Best Regards
Striking Team

Are all updates free once this theme is purchased?


Yes. Is that not the case with all themes at Themeforest? I suppose many authors don’t actually update very often. The preferred methodology by many is to release updates as a new theme, but that is not how we work.

We update continuously, and have an outstanding track record since releasing Striking.

Thank you for your inquiry into our theme.

Best Regards
Striking Team

Hey guys, it’s been weeks since you first said you were submitting the responsive version. Can you give us an update, please?

thanks chad

Hi Chad

Themeforest came back to us and said they were unable to review the update without written documentation. This was an issue for us as we moved much of our help to built-in help fields, and had planned on doing up a new set of external docs after the initial release.

So we have been busy writing (its a slow process).

I think we are going to resubmit this week, based on what we have written. Its about 100pgs so far (Striking Responsive has a lot of features) and should be enough for them to grasp the basics.

Thank you for your inquiry and interest in Striking.

Best Regards
Striking Team