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does Striking theme have a quick install? WP and theme, or do I need to install WP first; then run the theme install? Thanks, -sam

please disregard, I just purchased it and am reading the 1.1.2 file. That answered my question. thx -sam

Hi JetJouster

Glad our documentation and updates helped. Welcome to the Striking community. Should you have any other questions I would encourage you to utilize the Striking support forum.

I am actually unclear on what version of Striking you are using since we do not have a version 1.1.2 but hopefully you are aware that you are eligible to jump to the Responsive version of Striking for free, and all the information can be found at our support forum, and also my reply to “Fgundo” above has some links that are relevant to the responsive version.

Best Regards
Striking Team

it’s the latest download. I meant to say in the PDF at 1.1.2 is where I found the answer to my question. Thanks again, look forward to getting it up and going soon. thx -sam

I’m shopping for a theme for a client. A few questions…

How hard is it to set up a home page that doesn’t have a slider?

Are response forms built in, or will that require a plug-in?


And yes, contact forms, but the client is wanting something with dropdowns to choose various classes or dates. Do you have any plug-ins to recommend, that you know will work with this theme and not conflict?


As noted in our Item Description, all the major contact forms – Quforms (Codecanyon bestseller), Contact Form 7 (free plugin), Gravity Forms, Fast Secure Contact Forms (free plugin) work in our theme. We don’t typically bother testing out the minor ones but if they are correctly coded they should work as well.

I would suggest that should you purchase, you go right to the forum and follow the links to install the responsive version of Striking. It has literally 250% of the ability of Striking 5.2 series -> which in a few days is being deprecated for good in favor of Striking Responsive.

The responsive version is a free update for all Striking license holders, so you do not pay anything extra for it. In a comment above by “fgundo” I replied with some links, which I would recommend you surf. On the Striking Item Details tab there is a long list at the start of the description with a sample of recent sites built with the responsive version.

Best Regards
Striking Team

Thanks for your thorough answer!

I’m at a bit of a loss. The homepage is not even listed in the pages, I’ve uploaded 4 images and put them in the slider, none are displayed in the slider and one is on the home page below the slider.


thx -sam


I think Paul assisted you at the forum and you are on track. Please confirm.

Best Regards
Striking Team

thx for getting back to me, I had two questions that haven’t been answered. 1) How can I center the footer text? Nothing I seem to do will center it. 2) On http://summitcngllc.com/sample-page I have done everything I can to justify those paragraphs and they still will not display justified. Any idea? Thx -sam

Hi Sam

I will look for the forum questions when I get up in the morning (its 245am for me right now). I am unclear as to whether you mean text in a footer widget, or copyright text in the subfooter.

I looked at the text, and I wonder why you are applying all those spans? All you need is

<p align="justify">Paragraph text</p>

And you can change the body font size using a setting in the font panel, rather then having all these spans for font size (perhaps they are from the tinymce plugin in visual mode editor?).

If you jumped to Striking Responsive (its free for you), you can use a simple line of custom css to set a unique font size for any page if needed.

Best Regards
Striking Team

First let me say I build a lot of sites on wordpress using different themes. Striking has outperformed ALL of them in SEO. Content is easily read by google. However:

1. Can we use more advanced sliders like the other themes ie Revolution or Layer Slider? 2. When will the responsive version be out of beta? 3. Will the responsive version be structured differently when it comes to SEO?

I would GLADLY purchase a new license if the new version supported these more up to date items.



HI Jacob

The responsive version of Striking has not really been in beta form since the Nov 15 version which was released free to the licensed userbase via the Striking Support forum. At that time it was submitted to TF and got a “soft” rejection with they requesting written documentation to help them understand all of its features.

Given how close to the holiday season we were, we said “ok, well no use releasing it until Jan instead” and we used the interlude to build some features that were planned for future updates. Plus create some printed documentation to complement the documentation built into the theme (which is where it all was at the time of submission).

We have been working the last few days on tidying up odds and ends, and also getting feedback from some multiple licensees that we sent advanced copies for testing. By the way the feedback has been outstanding on how it is built and its feature set.

I think at some point this weekend it will be resubmitted to Themeforest.

BTW, we keep rough track of Striking users who have jumped from the 5.2 series to the responsive version. There are well over a 1000 sites running it now. That long list of sites at the top of the Item Details are all responsive Striking sites.

Have you been following the support forum posts? The responsive release includes the Revolution Slider built in as a plugin.

The responsive version framework is built using the same principles from an SEO perspective (which revolve around clean code) and your SEO performance should not only be maintained, but should improve. One of the very last steps in the journey to building out the responsive update is code optimization, and we did a huge whack of this in the last little while.

You should visit the forum thread on the responsive beta ->one of the most recent posts I made was a head to head comparison of our initial load burden vs the WP 2014 default theme, the benchmark since it loads much lighter then the typical premium theme. Guess how we did?

Given that you are a designer, I would strongly recommend you log into the forum, and send me a personal message (click on my forum name “Websys” anywhere you see it in blue, and then the link to send me a personal message) with your skype id so we can talk.

Best Regards
Striking Team

I have to view the blog on the top page. I do not want to include the image display excerpt What should I do now?

English is not good at I’m sorry

Hi mainoko

I ask that you register at the Support Forum:


and post picture in new thread of “image display excerpt” that you wish to turn off.

I believe you mean you want to turn off the Feature Header? Or the single post featured image?

We will help you at the forum.

Best Regards
Striking Team

Hi, I am almost ready to purchase your excellent theme. A few questions first: 1.) Would I be able to substitute prettyPhoto in place of lightbox? 2.) Is it easy to change the style i.e. background color, text color etc? 3.) Will ubermenu plugin work with your theme?

Thank you in advance,


Hi hardpeter

Thank you for your enquiry into Striking.

There is a setting in the theme to disable the native lightbox script. Integration of the new one is up to you, unless you are using a plugin with prettyphoto.

The style of virutally everything can be changed. And if you use the responsive version of Striking (its free for licenseholders and available via the forum), the customization can be on a page by page basis.

The ubermenu plugin works fine with all versions of Striking, and in fact we have a forum sticky thread on ubermenu suggestions from us.

In the Item Details tab (the tab with all the theme info) at the top is a list of sites using Striking Responsive. At least 2 or 3 of the sites in that list have ubermenu running.

Best Regards
Striking Team

Looking to potentially purchase this theme, but need to make sure it is compatible with PHP 5.4 as my hosting site is upgrading now. Can you please confirm? Thanks!

The theme is compatible with PHP 5.4.

The theme is compatible with Wordpress 3.8.1

The support is really good.

Look, it’s been over 3 years since the theme is created, and they always update!


@ comeback

You hit the nail on the head! We are compatible to WP 3.8.1. We do feel our support is really good! LOL

And in fact we are compatible to php 5.5 (to the extent that WP itself is compatible with that version of PHP)

Striking is almost 4 years old now (since inception), and has had more updates then any other theme at Themeforest. Whenever WP, browsers, etc update, we update. And a constant stream of feature introductions.

Speaking of which, after this comment is complete, the responsive version of Striking is being submitted for review to Themeforest. HIP HIP HOORAY!!

A free update for all license holders, which means your valuable dollars got an even longer lease on life.

@ ChristineOcchino

Thank you for your inquiry. You are enquiring on the cusp of great tidings, as Striking is about to update to the most comprehensive, powerful, customizable responsive theme available. And that is not hyperbole, but are words straight from the mouths of our users, many of whom are professional website designers.

Hope you will joing the Striking family.

Best Regards
Striking Team

:O Wohoo! Thank you Striking Team, your responsive theme is amazing! Released finally! :O


Try to upgrade to striking_r but get an error :

Warning: require_once(.../wp-content/themes/striking/framework/slideshow/nivo_default.php) [function.require-once]: failed to open stream: No such file or directory in …/wp-content/themes/striking/framework/helpers/slideshowGenerator.php on line 46

WaiTing Fatal error: require_once() [function.require]: Failed opening required ’/home/welldeve/public_html/ecohk/wp-content/themes/striking/framework/slideshow/nivo_default.php’ (include_path=’.:/usr/lib/php:/usr/local/lib/php’) in /home/welldeve/public_html/ecohk/wp-content/themes/striking/framework/helpers/slideshowGenerator.php on line 46


I totally disagree on this, to me it feels like bringing our work down on our expense. People make mistakes, we do sometimes and we correct them as fast as possible. We are only humans, who like all the rest, are sometimes not 100% perfect.

Had you taken the time and opportunitty to visit our support forum (as we ask every one of our buyers to do so and which i believe is fair todo so.) it would have been solved in a split second.

The issue has been well documented in the support forum. But since you have chozen not to visit the forum please tell me how can we help? As that is our place we have chozen to provide support on all the issues we and you and all the rest of our buyers discover.

Here is the fix : Add this to your custom css field in the striking general settings until the next update

@media only screen and (max-width: 767px) {
    #header {
        height: auto !important;

We also provided another fix on the forum for a revslider file which got damaged /corrupted in the Themeforest build / download. We have no idea why this happened or what caused the issue, but it happened and so we fixed that issue by a download which you can also grab from the forum.

May i suggest you just try to contact us on the support forum if you experience any further issue as that is the place we provide support to all our customers.

Best regards,
Striking Team,

It is not a matter of support. It is a matter of your problem solving attitude and quality.

I am as a old customer purchasing several copies and was happy to receive a release notice from ThemeForest after waiting for several months, yours supporting attitude is very stocking to me. I did gave a 5 star rating but definitely not for this new version.

I don’t have an urgency to upgrade for there are lots of responsive theme out there and I don’t mind to pay. My conclusion is to not to upgrade and same advice for others.

Hi WaiTing

We released early today an update of Striking MultiFlex to version 1.0.1. We had 4 reports from users (you and 3 others) of they not seeing the mobile menu (this issue did not afflict all). With the kind assistance of the other users who granted us access to their sites, we were able to determine why it was occurring, and from this drew some inspiration on not only eliminating the cause, but also making another improvement to the refinement of the scripting order.

We note in fact that the default scripting burden of Striking MultiFlex is 25% lighter then even the default WP 2014 theme, which is quite amazing given that it has many times the utility.

We tested this on the other user sites, and the issue is eliminated (and they have confirmed such as well). So it seems that you have the possiblity of updating, and this matter resolved.

It is incumbent upon you to update correctly, as the manner you described above would result in errors. I believe, given your remarks above, you have corrected your error in this regards.

We pay attention to the advice of all users, irrespective of how it is put, as ultimately it is the functionality of the product that is of the utmost importance.

Best Regards
Striking Team

hi! how to download Version ?


Striking series is now deprecated. . Please contact us via the forum on this should you still have a need for a copy.

Best Regards
Striking Team

Unfortunately you can download only the latest version – now it is Striking Multiflex. The non-responsive version is no longer available for download here on TF.

were is the xml file kept to install the demo ?


The demo is actually installed using the button found in the Advanced Panel. It is the first setting in the panel and the first thing visible once one lands on the Advance Panel.

The demo content is not in xml format. This is because it is actually built into the theme files, and some 3rd party plugins interpret (erroneously by the way) any xml file built into the theme as potential maliscious content. This false warning was confusing novice users, so our xml demo content is actually in another format so as to not cause alarming questions on the forum. Our experience is that whenever a user cries “foul” irrespective of how far off base they are, it takes an immense amount of work to overcome it.

But you can make a request at the form, and we can send you the xml file should you have a reason to need it. Please log into your id at the forum, and send a pm to me for the file.

Best Regards
Striking Team

Striking strikes again! Congratulations on the new release guys.

I am not too sure about the new logo – it looks very cheap to me. You should probably re-style the demo front page, as it doesn’t seem to bring out the best of striking.. for example the pricing grids page looks better than the homepage!

Good luck with the new version, hopefully you climb back towards the top of the weekly best sellers!

Hi Simon

One man’s steak is another person’s poisen, or something like that. I am sorry you don’t like the logo, but at least for now, its what we got!

We note in the opening content that the sales page and demo content are a work in progress. The team had been hard at work on coding right up to the moment of submission (which was Saturday about 2am my time if I recall), and it was expected that TF would take 3-5 days to approve MultiFlex (during which time we would finish up all the other stuff) and instead they to 5 hrs. I woke up to skype from users saying it had been approved!

Once the team gets back into the office Monday, the demo content and the sales page will be brought up to snuff very soon afterwords. Visit back a week from now, and hopefully your opinion will change. What you see right now was just our the result of our adding core content as we built out features and we never even got to the front page.

In any case don’t let our situation being caught with our pants down deter from your use. We are in for the long haul (4 yrs is on the horizon) and a day or three here or there is not the end of the world when your looking beyond tomorrow.

More important to everyone I think is that they just received a massive theme update, beyond anything ever delivered before certainly in the history of Themeforest, at no additional cost to them. That is just good ethics, and hopefully more people will shout out such positives.

Best Regards
Striking Team

I was not trying to be mean or anything.. I actually love your theme and you’re one one the main reasons i got into WordPress in the first place. I recommended Striking to a lot of clients / friends and it has always been in my favourite themes.

I have enormous respect for you guys and i don’t want to come out as rude or downgrading to you!

Looking forward to working with the new version and seeing what you do with the homepage! Get some sleep if you can, too :-)


Sleep? What is that? LOL

Simon I am aware that you have posted very positive comments in the past about Striking both here at Themeforest and elsewhere and sent us customers – I recall working in the past on at least one of them when an issue arose. No worries.

We are aware that our demo content does not reflect the full majesty of Striking MultiFlex. What is acting as placeholder for the Themeforest Demo (which is supposed to be a “sales” type demo) is the much more utilitarian installable demo which shows one where everything is, how to use, etc. Drier stuff not nearly as “flashy”.

We will get it up to snuff as the week progresses. We really had thought we would have a few days to put to bed that piece of the puzzle, instead of a few hours. We bad!! :D

Please enjoy Striking MultiFlex. I recall that you had at least one ecommerce site in the past. Did you know that in MultiFlex, you can run more then one ecommerce plugin simultaneously? MultiFlex is very, very plugin friendly. We already have feedback on hundreds of the most popular plugins running great in it. And we coded to relieve conflicts that sometimes plugins inflict due to poor coding (enqueueing scripts incorrectly, etc, although we can only do so much about that at the theme level).

And watch out, a major US based organization has just chosen our theme to be the new home of their online presence, including a store with several thousand items in it. Not many themes can handle an online presence that big and MultiFlex was selected as it was stress tested and determined to be the theme that could.

And we have also just word that a very well known university is going to use MultiFlex as well, for the same reasons, very clean highly optimized code, but very easy to use for the many contributors, as they will have a lot of author and custom administrators level users. And we were the theme that passed the test.

I like to believe signs of good tidings. We fit the bill from the DIY and independent web designers who need something that has many features and good built-in help dialogs, to the big orgnizations that need something really well coded and carefully crafted with a high degree of flexibility and strength for stronger applications.

Hopefully we will see you on the forum in the near future.

Best Regards
Striking Team

I updated all of my installations from Striking to the new and amazing Striking Multiflex and everything went fine!

I have been looking to lots of themes, but there is nothing like this! It is definitely the most advanced, flexible and comfortable theme! Everything is at the right place and has been thought to the end. No other theme gives me the flexibility to do every design i want in that easy way. But what would a theme be without support? And that is the important second fact: The amazing support! The friendly team is giving quick help, listening to the customers, implementing new features permanently and pushing this great project forward. So I can say it in short words:

The best responsive Theme by the most responsive Team


Very kind of you to say such Airpics. Thank you. In the end, as you can see, our userbase received essentially a new theme, with 250% of the original Striking, for free.

Our gift to our users for their kind support over the years.

Best Regards
Striking Team

Hello Striking Multiflex Team: This is the most flexible and easy to use theme I have encountered and on top of that it is RESPONSIVE as well, something that many themes are lacking these days. I have upgraded five client websites to this theme and clients are thrilled. Thank you for developing a great product that continues to make my web designs shine. :)

Hi Petester:

You are one of many website designers who has sent us happy messages since receiving the release. We hope this incents you to buy more!!

Thank you for your kind words.

Best Regards
Striking Team

This is my reply to your comment posted here –
You can talk about some insignificant bugs of the theme (Name me a theme where they do not exists on initial launch). But to talk about bad quality of support of Striking team??? LOL . Have you ever been on their support forum? And if you have, why did you post your comment here?
I tested this theme from the very first beta release. It works like a charm. Of course there were some errors, but but often it became clear that it was my (USER ERRORS) but not the theme bugs. All my questions were solved immediately on the support forum by support team or very friendly Striking users community (about 17000 users)

Hi Mishka48

Thank you for your support.

Indeed, in a perfect world, even a product with as complex and functional a core as Striking MultiFlex would release 100% free of errors. Alas, there are actually over 1 million potential feature combinations in Striking MultiFlex (excluding unlimited colors of course), and it would take our small team years (and years) to invoke every possible combination.

Today we released Version 1.0.1. To date 5 errors out of that million combinations are found, and all are dealt with. No doubt there will be one or three more, time will bring them out. But all to date have been quite trivial, and if nothing else, all the major bits seem to be in the right place, and doing what they are supposed to do!

We are proud that every one reported to date was resolved very quickly after reporting (I think within 30 minutes on average). And we added some new features per suggestions of users (we listen to our userbase).

So we do like to think we go the extra mile for support. I do understand we are the only themebuilder who provides live support.

Best Regards
Striking Team

@wtli2007 http://themeforest.net/item/striking-multiflex-ecommerce-responsive-wp-theme/128763/comments#comment_5817751

I like to reply and comment on this as well. I can only say this is the best theme and support team i have ever seen. They always go 100%, above & beyond to help people out.

Reading your remarks does not justify that at all. moreover if i read all correct and understand (which i do), you totally inflicted the first crash after updating, on yourselves.

On the support forum there is a step by step documentation on how to migrate. It has been there, as far as i recall, for more then 6 months for all people who already wanted to testdrive the beta version of this theme and could not wait. In the meantime the team was adding more and more abilities and adjusting the working of the theme according their customers feedback they received.

Instead of getting your grieve here you could have participated in that beta test and maybe had some of your idea’s implemented like i got.

This theme and team has the best support i have ever experienced and they always go all the way to help everybody out. They even contacted me in a one on one call when i started with this theme and needed some extra explaining as i was a wordpress noob. They did not have todo that as all my issues were not related to the theme at all.

I do not understand what your problem is about going to the forum and post your issues in there. You sound more like a theme developer trying to bring another better theme down.

Hi Merksatr:

Thank you for your observations and kind words. Glad our live support was available to assist you.

Yes, we have a video on how to update properly, and several past threads with a step by step tutorial.

After I finish replying to these comments I am going to update that very video, to the latest MultiFlex 1.0.1 usage.

We note in the Support Tab above, per Themeforest requirements, that our support is at the forum, not here at Themeforest. The Striking Themeforest comments are for pre purchase and, when we get them, words of praise (or otherwise…..).

I believe that the user you are referring is not English first language, and it may just be that in his culture, his conduct is considered acceptable. We prefer not to judge, but instead focus on doing what we can to always improve our product, and draw inspiration from all, irrespective of the method in which it is proferred.

We at Striking hope you obtain many more happy years of use from our theme. After all, when the avg theme only has a shelf life measured in months, and we are already hitting 4 yrs, with no end in site, how can one not be happy with Striking!! :D

Best Regards
Striking Team


First I want to make clear I am a just a regular Striking user since 2011, having participated actively in its support forum since then. I have built and manage quite a few sites using this theme and have successfully updated them to the new responsive version.

I was about to leave a comment to congratulate the Striking team for the release of such an awesome responsive update when I saw these comments by wtli2007 that seemed to me absolutely unfair and even almost offensive, so here is my response to him.

To WaiTing

Hi WaiTing,

I must say your statements perplex me. For example:

It is a matter of your problem solving attitude and quality.

Really?? And that is being said by someone whose “attitude” is to complain before asking for help at the right place (the forum support). And, moreover, what it is hilarious is the fact that the issue you have experienced is the result of your own wrong actions.

Clearly, the only one here who seems to have a poor “problem solving quality” is you as you have not been able to do something that hundreds of people have done with ease –to find the instructions to update, either the written ones or the video, and be able to follow them– so please do not try to teach “problem solving” lessons to James, Paul and Kappy (the Striking Team) who have a proven record of thousands and thousands of successfully solved questions on the forum –plus more outside it– 99% of them related to personal customization not related to the theme at all.

Here another one:

This bug definitely reflects the new version’s quality. It is very disappointing.
  • Do you really think you have the technical skills to evaluate the quality of this theme? From reading your comments it is pretty clear to me you do not have them.
  • Have you thought for a moment that “perhaps” you have made serious mistakes while updating your site? Come on try to be humble for a moment.
  • Do you realize you are unfairly damaging the reputation of a product and the people behind it (who, by the way, are proven great professionals and the kindest people you could ever come across)? Please, think twice.

I have two hypothesis here. Either you had a bad day and just wanted to vent your frustration –then please publicly rectify– or you are a theme developer trying to bring another better theme down as merksatr said –then I have no words for you–.

Striking has been my choice because of the quality of its code, its flexibility, functionalities, robustness, amazing support and now StrikingR Multiflex, a free update, is the theme I have been dreaming of. Thank you Paul, James and Kappy.

Hi Diego

Of course I know who you are, and thank you for your support. We hope we can continue to earn your trust and goodwill with the quality of our product.

Best Regards
Striking Team

Just another site using Striking:


Best regards,

Joel Galvão


Yes, the site is for a political cabinet.

It’s true, not been in Skype for a long. Lot’s of work to do. Now I’m no longer a lone designer, I’ve established a company here in Portugal.

I’ve been using striking whenever I have the chance to choose the theme. For now, I’m starting two new projects using Striking.

Somewhere in near future, I’ll be posting some suggestions in the forum that, from my point of view, can make Striking even better.

Best Regards,

Joel Galvão


Just one question: Any particular issue to address in case I want to update the 15th November build of Striking Responsive to the latest version available here in TF? Just replace theme with FTP? Or any particular issue to take care of?

Thanks a lot for everything!

Hi Joel

I believe Paul advised me he dealt with some posts from you.

The site looks great. I see you have Contact Form 7 and All In One Event Calendar plugins in use.

Best Regards
Striking Team