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Hi, kaptinlin

I sent an email privately to solve my problem when I create a slider on the right item.

Some of you happen to have this problem when you create a slider item:

” You have no rights to access this content. “

Where I’m wrong.



Hi ugo,

I just send you a new update. Please check your email.

Regards, Kaptinlin

Hi, Thanks for the Theme!

1. I´ve find problems to show my images inside the slideshow:


I do everything accord to the documentation, what´s up?

2. Where can I Download the latest Version 1.5.1? How is the recomended process to update the previous version?

Please Hurry Up!



Hi mmiguelalbadan,

I can’t access the link you post.

And you can download ver.1.5.1 through the “Downloads” tab in your ThemeForest admin panel. Just upload “striking” folder to override the original. It won’t remove the configurations you have made.

Best Regards, KaptinLin

Hi, I´ve installed the 1.5.1 version. thanks!

But, I continue having problems to show the Featured images and inside the slideshow, send you again the link:


Waiting for your answer..

Best Regards,


I don’t know why the link apper diferent that I wrote it, I wiil send you an email. thanks again.


Hi guys,

There seems something wrong with slider image ?

I’m working for this now.

And i will release a update for it when i fixed it.

Sorry for the inconvenience.


Just want to say thanks for this theme, I look forward to customizing it over the next few days and will post my work here for you to see.

Looking forward to your work!!!

Sorry for this simple question but where can I find the psd files and documentation for the theme?

Thank you, Costin

Hi costin,

Please re-download the zip package through the “Downloads” tab in your ThemeForest admin panel.


Does this version solve the preview button issue?

No. preview button issue have been fixed in version 1.6.1.

It’s still under review now.

I just email you the new update. :)

Thanks, that was super fast, as always. Are you ever sleeping or taking a break from the theme these days? :)

I just want go to sleep now. :)

It’s so busy after i release the theme.

Hope things go all right with it, then i will take a relax .

Is it possible to add a description under the title in the Nivo slider?

Hi ianforest,

I’m Sorry about that, But you can use accordion slider instead.


I’d like to have a framed box underneath the slider with a h2-styled heading with a nice button at the end of it. If I try to do it the button always appears on the next line.

Any pointers?

Hi ianforest,

You have to made some change on the theme files.

First, open striking/framework/helpers/themeGenerator.php

locate function “slideShow_nivo” () add
<div style="overflow:hidden">
    <h2 style="color:white;float:left">Ready to start with us? Click to learn more</h2>
    <a class="button large blue alignright"><span>Learn More</span></a>
    < /div >
    <div class="bottom_shadow"></div>
< /div >

second, you should reduce the height of slider. or change make the feature bg height enought.(by edit resource\psds\misc\feature_bg.psd then save to striking\images\feature_bg.png)


Hi there, fantastic thanks for that. I didn’t like the way it looked so I moved it out of the dark area and into the white below the slider and it looks quite nice…so thanks for that, much appreciated!!!

With the following code you gave me…

class="button medium alignright"> Click For A Quote [/code]

how do I change the background color of the button?

I’ve tried using a button shortcode instead but there is no “right” attribute for “align”, only “center”.

Hey, kapitnlin, great theme! Just wanted to let you know I’ve sent you an email earlier today,will be waiting for your reply. thanks a lot

Hi utopia87,
I have send you a mail. Please check for it.


Hi Kaptinlin,

Is it possible to have the homepage with the “Why choose us” section, and then the blog & sidebar below? I like both homepage layouts and would like to have it all show on the homepage.


Hi CdnBook,

It’s possible to put all things show on the homepage. But not like you described. Homepage have 3 type layout. (Full width, right sidebar,left sidebar) You can choose one for the homepage. Then use shortcode to compose the page you like.


So I could choose a right sidebar layout (for the blog and widgets), and then use shortcode to put blocks of text above the blog like the “why choose us” area?

Hi Kaptinlin

Superb Theme – best I’ve purchased on ThemeForest so far. Looking forward to your next, when you get time to release it!

I have an question regarding single-portfolio.php. The script appears not to display the featured image for a Portfolio item.

This is the way the live demo works but can you recommend what I would need to edit to make a Featured Image appear (when set) in single-portfolio.php or is this a feature intended for a future release.

Many Thanks


Hi ChrisGair,
Thank you for your compliment.

I will add featured image as a option for portfolio item. Thank you for your suggestion.

It will be available after 3 or 4 days.

Please look forward to it.


I’ve already praised this theme but I have to reiterate again just how fantastic the technical support is.

I’ve had a few minor difficulties (caused by my own lack of knowledge) with the theme and the author has always replied promptly (literally within minutes rather than hours) and has always patiently helped me find a solution or explain where I’m “doing it wrong”.

I don’t think the guy ever sleeps!!!

Outstanding easy to use theme and outstanding support. Good luck with your sales matey you deserve every cent.


Many thanks!

Thanks for your quick replies Kaptinlin,

I think the only other thing I need to know before I buy is, can the big slider on the homepage be replaced with a video instead?

Also, will you be adding rounded boarders, “next” and “close” buttons to videos in the portfolio?

Cheers and thanks again!

Hi cdnbook,

Now homepage slider doesn’t support video. Maybe i will add a new slider like anything slider for it ?

And the next & close buttons to videos in the portfolio will available in the next release.

Please look forward to it.


When you release a new version of this theme (I downloaded yesterday 1.5.1) is it available for download through themeforest immediately after review?

If I go to “my account” and download the theme again, will I get the latest version or will I get the version available when I purchased the theme?

Hi ianforest,

Yes, When i release a new version, it will take some time waitting for review (1 or 2days), and it will available immediately after review.

If you download the theme through “my account”, it’s the latest version that approved by reviewer.


Ok so is 1.5.1 the current version?

Hi ianforest,

Now is 1.6.1.

It’s just approved by reviewer.



Cool… the free version of Slidedeck would be awesome: http://www.slidedeck.com/wordpress/ ...as well as the Anything slider. How difficult would it be to include both for video?

Would love to see the same portfolio navigation plugin as the one used here: http://www.eurekamx.com/themeforest/alabastroswp/works/

Cheers and thanks again!

Hi cdnbook,

Slidedeck is wonderful.

I have imple navigation of video portfolio on the demo site. see here

It will be available in the next release.


Oh, It seems disable the buttons on the video.

I will take a look at it.


Went to post in the support forum and it’s asking for you to setup captcha key for your forums script…. Just FYI .

I went ahead and emailed you directly instead.


Hi monsterdevelopment,

Thank you very much for captcha. I just set up my forums, and don’t know exactly to manipulate it. And thank you for you reminded me of this matter, forums is available now.

I have replied you in email, please check it.

Thank you again.


Thank you!!

Is it possible to re-order the slider entries?


You can change the order of slider entries though page attributes

Regards, KaptinLin

I don’t understand “page attributes” – there is page attribute for any of the slider items or have I missed that option somewhere? If I click on “quick edit” for the slider entries, attributes is not an option.

You can learn more about page attributes here.