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Please forgive my ignorance. I am really new to WordPress.

Would it be possible thru the custom posts, to have a page of products with pictures, buttons and descriptions?

I would like to use this theme to link to affiliate pages.

Thank you in advance for such an incredible theme.


Hi rmb305,

Of course for the custom posts, You can use shortcode to compose the page you want.

Thank you for your kindly word.


Also, can I add images without frames?

Thank you again!

Of course again.

You can use html code for image without frames:

<img src="http://yoururl/yourimage.png" alt="your image title" />


What are the correct image dimensions when using the picture_frame shortcode? I have tried many different sizes but they always appear stretched.


Are the images being resized on upload somewhere?

Hi ianforest,

The dimensions I write in the file have a mistake.

Please open “striking\framework\shortcoeds\images.php”

locate line 54.

return '<div class="picture_frame"><img src="'.THEME_INCLUDES.'/timthumb.php?src='.get_image_src($content).'&amp;h=109&amp;w=130&amp;zc=1" height="126" alt="'.$title.'" width="106" /></div>';

change h=109&amp;w=130 to h=106&amp;w=126

Sorry for the inconvenience.


I think you mean h=126&w=106 ;)

:superbashfulcute: You are right

@kaptinlin – When using the portfolio shortcode and select multiple categories, no images show up on the page.

My categories are set up like this…

- landscapes
- city scapes
- portraits
- etc….

-client shoots

I will have two pages (portfolio, [public] and client shoots, [private]) and on the private page I’ll display the title and more info button but not on the public pages (this is fine with some CSS in the page body). I’d like to be able to select specific portfolio categories though.

Any help would be much appreciated

Hi dotjuice,

You should update Striking to 1.6.1. I have fixed the bug. Sorry for the inconvenience.


Hi again,

On this page on your preview…


You have a header image for the post which is 628×250 in size. Is this available as a featured image only for POSTS ? It doesn’t seem to work for PAGES .

I have tried using the image shortcode to display a 628×250 image using the “size=large” attribute but it’s still quite small.

How can I make it appear as big as the one on the preview?

Hi ianforest,

You can specific height and width to image, e.g.
[image width="628" height="250"]your image src[/image]


Hi there,

I’m in love with your theme but I need one question answered before I purchase:

Can I embed and autoplay a youtube or vimeo video in the homepage slider? I need to know this asap.


Hi leaselink,

Sorry. But i will support it in future.



Im trying to upload your theme and I’m receiving the infamous “are you sure you want to do this” error message… which clearly takes me nowhere and doesn’t help me solve anything. Any idea as to why it isn’t uploading??

I found this topic


But I can’t quickly edit my files since I’m not the one handling the backend, its outsourced.

Any ideas?

Hi leaselink,

Thank you for purchasing Striking.

For the issue, First check you are using the latest wordpress version.

Then make sure you install Striking properly.

To get more info about install Striking you can read the document which under the zip package you downloaded.


Hi kaptinlin, it would be great if styled lists could also have custom color (ex: #0052a3) like buttons do. Often you want to match things up on the color. Let me know :-)

Hi fredromano,

It’s impossible, I don’t know how to make a shape with transparent background have custom color.

You can edit “psds\misc\list_styles.psd” to generate the color you want.

Regards, KaptinLin

I absolutely Love this Theme – Great Work! And you keep improving it so fast!

But I have one Question/Suggestion. Is there a possibility to include a Video File directly into the portfolio. For Example a FLV , MOV oder other File Format.

I dont know if Colorbox can do this. Otherwise I whould be happy with the possibility of using iframes.

Regards Phil

Hi drzook,

I’m glad to see you love it. Thank you! I will cover the usage you described, just look forward to the updates.

Best Regards, KaptinLin

Hey kaptinlin,

first of all: Great Work! I Love the Flexibility of the Theme. Especially that you really use that Shortcodes to make customizing a matter of minutes.

But I have 2 Questions/Sugesstions

1. I have Problems with special Characters using Cufon (like äöü <—umlauts)

2. I don´t know if colorbox could do it, but is there a way to use own Video Files (like Mp4, mov, mkv or flv) in the portfolio. That whould be really great.

(if not possible the iframe could help)

Regards Phil

Hi drzook,
Thanks for your compliment.

For the questions,

1. you should use http://cufon.shoqolate.com/generate/ to re-generate the fonts. After done the work, move the file generated to ”\striking\fonts\” folder.

2. I will add html5 video support for portfolio.

Many thanks for your suggestion.



before i buy this theme I want to ask

Can I turn the slider OFF ?

Hi sebastya,

You can disable slider easily through admin panel.


Hi. I’m having a problem accessing the Homepage tab in the Striking configuration panel. I get the following error:

PHP Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in [...]\wp-content\themes\striking\framework\helpers\optionGenerator.php on line 197

I’ve tried a clean install and it didn’t solve the problem. Any ideas?


Hi paulgandrews,

Please contact me via email. I will help you check the issue.



Total newbie to wordpress themes etc… Is it possible to have a version of this which has content? like the demo version here… to allow for quicker setup of a site?

If not… how can i make the footer and slider feature backgrounds the same as in the demo… according to my color settings the feature and footer background are black… however they display as white on the site at the moment… ??

Template looks good… just hope I can make it fulfill it’s potential…

Thanks Terry

Hi shed,

You may have made a mistake with install. Please re-install Striking follow the document.

If you still have issue with color, Please contact me via email.


can i see what the homepage looks like with the slider turned off?

You can contact me via email that i can send you a screenshot.

Regards, KaptinLin

For the 3-column portfolio, what size of images does timthumb use for that?

I get it.

I forgot to refresh cufon replacement after re-sort the portfolio items.

It will be updated in the next release.

Sorry for the inconvenience.


Hey, no inconvenience at all! This is an exceptional theme!

Just one more thing, because i’m not using a footer only really the bar across the bottom there is a huge gap between the bottom of my content and the actual footer bar. Can that be reduced with CSS ? What do I need to edit?

Hi ianforest,
Thank you for your kind words,

I will reduce the gap between content and footer in the next release. Please look forward to it.


Is it possible to add a cell-phone field to the contact widget?

Hi ianforest,

Well, it will included in the next release.



first of all: great work – this theme really combines lot’s of great features.

Please help me with the following:
  • Creating a page and selecting “Left Sidebar” lets the content disappear but the sidebar is shown.


Hi aostheimer,

I’m sorry. This will fixed in the next release. You can email me to get the latest version at once.


HI there. Just got your template and look quite versatile.

My website will be in french so i need to change the “Home” in the navigation bar for “Acceuil”.

Usualy i find it in the editor but not this time.

Can you help me?

Hi matonvu,

You can Edit “striking\framework\helpers\themeGenerator.php”

Locate to line 37. You will find ‘Home’ String there. Then you can change it to you want.

And Striking will support translate in the next release, please look forward to it.

Best Regards,

Hey Kaptilin,

Anything you can tell us about included features / fixes in the new release and maybe also when you plan to release it?

Btw, due to your very good support here I will buy your theme for my current major project.

Keep on with the good work.

Hi andersoneo,

Thank you. I very much appreciated it.

And i plan to release version 1.7 tomorrow.(will available 1-3 days later depend on the review process).

It contains features / fixes below:

Added : Translate Support
Added : Featured Image for Portfolio Item
Added : Next-prev buttons for video portfolio Item
Added : Height control for Portfolio item thumbnail
Added : Align Control for Button
Added : Cellphone for Contact Info Widget
Added : Control for the gap between posts
Added : Custom icon for social widget
Fixed : Refresh cufon replacement after re-sort the portfolio items

Maybe i will post some announce on the Description for what to do next.

Thanks again.


How does the theme support multisite? Are network site admins able to modify theme options?

Hi ubsolutions,

Striking support timthumb with multisite. And network site admins can’t modify theme options directly since striking use serialized data for options.