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This theme and KaptinLin’s support are second to none and definitely come highly recommended!

If you’re looking for an fantastic theme at a great price with plenty of scope for configuration, an excellent back-end and very prompt assistance then look no further than Striking.

Thank you. I’m really very grateful to you.


Hmm, none of my portfolio items show breadcrumbs even though they are enabled…have I done something wrong?

Ok that’s fine, without the breadcrumb the sidebar appears to start further down the page….

Or you can make a breadcrumb manual by inputing the code below to the top of the content editor.

< section id="breadcrumbs">
<a href="http://kaptinlin.com/themes/striking/" class="breadcrumbs-begin" rel="home">Home</a> <span class="breadcrumbs-sep">»</span> <a href="http://kaptinlin.com/themes/striking/portfolios/">Portfolios</a> Portfolio Item Title
</ section>

Notice: remove the space before “section” tag

Hope this will help you.


Cheers for that, much appreciated. I will give it a go!

Ok i’m just about to roll out my website live and i’m really happy with it – just have a little query…


At the bottom of the home page there is a HUGE gap between the blog posts, can that be reduced?

Just wait please, I will send you the latest version after i finally done the work. It have reduced the gap between content and footer.


Ok I will wait….

Hi Kaptilin,

just bought the theme and uploaded it. I am using a Plugin to improve the Admin Panel view – Ozh’ Admin Drop Down Menu – . Is it possible that you add small icons, so that the menu entries for Striking are better visible?

I made a screenshot, that makes it hopefully easier to understand what i mean. http://yfrog.com/n7capturefwj The spaces between the usual icons are the Striking menus.

Regards A.

Hi andersoneo,
I get it. And it will be included in the upcoming release.

Thank you for your suggestion.


Hi, it’s possible to have this template only in pure HTML package? I onother CMS …

Hi mobby,

Sorry for the html version.


Great theme, i want purchase for translate to spanish. is it possible translate easyly this theme??

Regards http://www.colorvivo.com

Hi dcarrero,
Yes, Translate will be supported in the upcoming release. It will take 1-2 days.


Thanks can your me update for purchase your theme when do you add this feature for translate to spanish.

thanks http://www.velocidad.es

Hi dcarrero,

I just upload the newest version to Themeforest. It have included translate support. Please look forward to it. It will available in 1-2 days depend on the process of review.

Regards, KaptinLin

After seeing this theme, no other compares! You are an amazing developer and your service is A!. The only reason I have not purchased yet is because I need to have ads on my pages in the sidebar. That is an option that is coming as I understand it yes?

Thank you again.


Hi rmb305,

I will add ads widget for striking. But it will take some days. (maybe next week?)


ok kap have sent u an email :)


I am trying to add photos to the accordion slider, but all i have is the text and no image showing. I know its probably an easy fix but I can’t figure it out!

One more thing: I can’t seem to build a portfolio, I’m trying to do a portfolio with the ‘sortable’ feature. I don’t know how to photos and pages for each person I will promote.

Please help me out as I am running out of ideas.


Hi leaselink,

You should read the document first. That is under the zip package.

If you still confused about these, please contact me via email.


Sounds great!

I look forward to it.


KaptinLin can I suggest you creating a support forum, I think i’ve seen one on your website for discussion on this theme, this discussion system can really be quite hard to navigate.

To create a portfolio…

Go to the WP admin panel and select Portfolio’s Create your Portfolio Categories Add some Portfolio items. The “featured image” will create the little thumbs when the portfolio is displayed Create a page, give it a name (Portfolio for example) In the shortcode editor at the base of this page, click on the drop down list and select “Portfolio” Configure how you would like it displayed and add it to the edito. Publish the page…and it should work!

I have set up a support forum for Striking. You can see here

And thanks for your support.


Hi there,

one question:

How can it be changed, that the widgets in the sidebar do appear the same line as the tect in the body.

Now its like this: http://www.friedhofvorsorge.de/kontakt/

Please help.


Hi showknotor,

The link you post redirect to wp-login.php, so i can’t see what you described.

And you can post the question to Support Forum.


I can not put accents such as é any solution?

Hi alloxx.

You can use http://cufon.shoqolate.com/generate/ re-generate the font.

And put the js file generated to ‘striking/fonts/’ folder.


Great Theme -

So far my only issue is that I have followed to docs on the slider images and I get nothing – the image is not coming up – I can see it in the slider admin area but no image…


Hi stevenmunoz, Please contact me via email. I’ll help you check the issue.

Regards, KaptinLin

Great theme!

One question:

We’re looking to have a unique color/pattern on every page where the title/feature is. Is this possible? Does it have to be the same one across the site? Please advise.


Hi oasis,
It’s not very difficult to implement it. But you must have some knowledge about php & css.

open ‘striking\framework\admin\metaboxes\page_general.php’

you will see some array like
        "name" => __("Feature Background Color",'striking_admin'),
        "desc" => __("If you specify a color below, this will override the global configuration. Set transparent to disable this.",'striking_admin'),
        "id" => "_introduce_background_color",
        "default" => "",
        "type" => "color"        

You can add more options easyly by adding arrays.

Then goto striking\header.php

add some code like below to the bottom of the file:

<?php global $post;
if($post?>ID !=null){
    $feature_bg = get_post_meta($post->ID, '_introduce_background_color', true);
    echo <<<CSS
<style type="text/css">
#feature {

Hope this will help you.


I’ve been trying to implement this for a couple of days now. Can I pay you to help set this up? Please let me know.

I really appreciate your help.

When I install the theme. All I get is this…


Is there something I’m missing? I just uploaded and installed it like I’ve done successfully for pretty much every other theme I’ve ever used.

Hi zissou,

Please read the documentation about install Striking.

The documentation is in the zip package of ‘document’ folder.


I just want to post a recommendation to buy this theme.

I have a lot of experience with Themeforest and the themes sold here for Wordpress and I have to tell you that this theme is amazing!

Beyond that, the author’s willingness to help and prompt support is something I personally have only experienced with a handful of other authors that I have worked with.

This author has gone above and beyond with any requests I have made and this theme has some of the most powerful features of any theme I have purchased. The admin area of this theme is fantastic. If you are thinking about buying this theme, I would say BUY IT !

Just my two cents, thought I would share my positive experience.

Thanks for the cool theme KaptinLin! 8-)

Thank you so much!!!


First off, let me say, I absolutely love this theme. I love all the ability you give us to make customizations. Your theme is the first one I’ve seen that shows an easy way to adjust the column layout in the footer area. That’s what I’ve been looking for! And after reading all of you support posts here you give excellent customer service. Great job!

I’m on the brink of purchasing it but there are a few things that hold me back.

1. Video support in the slider. There seems to be a huge demand for it based on the number requests in this comment section. There are probably many more that need video and have yet to comment. I need it too. And I need it to AUTO -PLAY and individually time each slide to prevent movement until video is finished similar to http://themeforest.net/item/dynamix-premium-wordpress-theme/full_screen_preview/113901

2. Video Shortcodes to insert videos at the top of a page or post similar to href=”http://themeforest.net/item/softshell-unlimited-colors-great-video-support/full_screen_preview/120702” target=”_blank”>http://themeforest.net/item/softshell-unlimited-colors-great-video-support/full_screen_preview/120702

3. Gallery Shortcode for pages similar to http://themeforest.net/item/nebula-premium-wordpress-theme/full_screen_preview/125007

or http://themeforest.net/item/market-leader/full_screen_preview/120525

Hi dhardy03,

Thank you for your suggestions. Really much benefit!!

All the features you mentions will be added in the future. (it won’t take a long time)

Thank you again.


This is the best theme I have ever come across the backend features and controls are amazing. If the idea of editing css and html makes you want to run for the hills then this is the theme for you. Completely customisable and very easy to navigate.

Well done you are a very talented developer!

Many thanks!!!


Just want to say that this has been a WONDERFUL theme to work with. Everything’s looking really sharp thus far and I’m enjoying all the customization options.

I just need another customization… For the blog page I’m setting up within the site, the approx 600×250 featured images size won’t work (we won’t be using images large enough to do this without weird pixelation issues)... I was wondering how much you would charge to do a blog template where the featured image is a 150×150 thumbnail to the left of the post similar to this setup:


This would be a great option for those who won’t always be using large images.

Please email if you’d prefer to discuss details off the boards.

Many thanks — and again, great work. SL

Hi StaceyL,

Well, i will add the option for it. Please look forward to next release.

Best Regards,