Support for Striking - MultiFlex & Ecommerce Responsive WP Theme

Support for Striking - MultiFlex & Ecommerce Responsive WP Theme

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Missing style sheet error when installing the theme

A common issue that can occur with users new to installing WordPress themes is a "Broken theme and/or stylesheets missing” error message being displayed when trying to upload or activate the theme. This error message does not mean that the theme you have purchased is broken, it simply means it has been uploaded incorrectly. Luckily, there is a very easy fix.

Q:  Do you provide any support for Striking usage related questions beyond the help documentation?

A:  Yes. We are famous for our support ethic, which has been widely noted in independent reviews of themes, and provide help for usage of theme features at our Striking support forum found at:

All one needs for registration is the License Purchase Code which you can obtain by downloading your “license certificate”. Go to your download panel in your account and look for the Striking Icon. You will see a “Download” button to the right of it. Click on this button and a dropdown will appear. One of the items in the dropdown list is the License Certificate and after clicking on it a download of the file will commence. Once you have downloaded your certificate (a simple text document) please open it up and your purchase code is found about 4-5 lines from the top.

Registration at our support forum requires your purchase code, an email address and your choosing a username. Its that simple! Please use the same username as you use here at Themeforest. We do not spam, nor do we sell this information to any third parties.

Please be aware that your license support with ThemeForest has to be up-to-date to be able to log into the support forum.

Q:  How often does Striking MultiFlex Update? Do you stay current with WordPress and browser compatibility?

A:  Quite simply, Striking has the best record of any theme in the marketplace for staying up to date.

If we look back at when we first launched in Oct 2010, of the top 50 WP themes,it seems only we still remain in the marketplace (by our quick count) with a fully supported functional product. Thousands of themes have come and gone but we remain, always updating, and 100% functional with WordPress, PHP and browsers in 2020..

Since inception, our theme has updated over 200 times, virtually at the avg rate of once a month! When WP updates, we update. When browsers update and change we update. We follow the changes to WordPress, PHP, Java & JQuery and more – we are always working towards ensuring compatibility: for example we are testing with early development builds of WP 6.0 and PHP 8 even though neither is expected for many months yet (as of this date of writing).

But most importantly, we listen to our users. We have introduced hundreds of settings or tweaks based on user suggestions.

If utility of a theme for longer then a year (the typical lifespan of a theme) is a consideration, then Striking MultiFlex is the strongest premium theme contender you will ever encounter.

Q:  Is it necessary to register at the Striking forum for support or can I ask questions here at Themeforest?

A:  Any question that comes from someone who has purchased a copy of Striking should be asked at our support forum.

We used to answer questions both here at Themeforest, and at the forum, and we ceased this dual support some time ago. The Comment pages at Themeforest are not searchable and we found that many questions were being asked repeatedly as a result. Our support forum is searchable, which results in a better experience for users, and improves our ability to provide timely support by not wasting time answering the same question over and over again.

So only prospective purchasers should ask a question at Themeforest. Everyone else > the Striking Support Forum!

Q:   I notice Striking MultiFlex is often referred to as a “Heavy Duty Multipurpose” theme and I am wondering if this means it is too complex for a beginner?

A:   No! Definitely not!

Heavy duty refers to the fact the Striking Multiflex & Ecommerce Responsive Wordpress theme has a very sophisticated code core enabling it to be used for a very wide variety of uses and functions, and has the ability to scale to all sizes of websites without incurring performance difficulties.

The theme includes an easy one touch install of demo content. It also has a “quick start” homepage panel for easy editing of a site homepage, and several content skins -> blocks of cut and paste content (found in the online demo in the “Get the Code” toggles) so that one can populate a site very quickly with some initial content.

You can actually have a full website with a homepage, about us page, services page, pricing page and contact us page up and running in minutes.

The benefit of Striking MultiFlex is that if later this 5 page site needs to become 100 pages, 500 pages, an ecommerce site, with events, a forum or whatever is required -> the theme core can handle these requirements all simultaneously. It is tested wot work with them all together – its even tested with having multiple plugins of the same purpose working together. This is not typical.

We often hear from users that they bought a basic premium theme (in the $40 to $100 price range) and found it was functional, but after some initial usage when they started installing plugins for eCommerce and other purposes they ran into issues and barriers from the theme. It is exceptionally rare to run into such problems with Striking MultiFlex – it was designed for this type of multitasking.

Q:   Is Striking MultiFlex an Ecommerce Theme?

A:   Often Themeforest buyers get confused on this matter.

Essentially there are 4 types of wp themes in respect of ecommerce:

  1. The theme provides no ecommerce support whatsoever in its code
  2. The theme provides some limited ecommerce support, at least to make certain that an ecommerce plugin will not cause a theme conflict
  3. The theme provides advanced ecommerce support, perhaps by way of both coding to eliminate conflicts with one or more ecommerce plugins, and potentially some specific code to facilitate certain features in one or more ecommerce plugins
  4. The theme is coded with an ecommerce plugin integrated into its core, and is styled to facilitate the look and workings of the integrated ecommerce plugin. Usually in this case no other ecommerce ability is available to this theme, it is restricted to the integrated plugin for ecommerce use.

Striking MultiFlex is a multipurpose theme, and it fits into the third category, being coded so that a variety of ecommerce plugins may work in it without conflict (this does not mean every single wp ecommerce plugin will work ->if you are concerned you should ask us in advance).

MultiFlex has custom page templates, features and admin functions for Woo Commerce. Both the catalog and single product pages are restyled, and have unique features and customizability.

HOWEVER, Striking MultiFlex many special built in features designed to work with any custom post based ecommerce plugin including WP-Ecommerce, Easy Digital Downloads, PayPal Simple, and more, including:

  • Product Carousel slider
  • supporting an alternative non-conflicting css class structure
  • custom sidebars for product pages, categories and taxonomies
  • custom feature headers and custom archive tittles and descriptions for ecommerce pages, categories and taxonomies
  • editability of Shop and product pages for appearence such as titles, custom backgrounds, colors, fonts, layout, etc (usually the plugin installable template pages cannot be edited or altered)

These are powerful abilities that allow for us to be one of the most popular themes for ecommerce.

One can and many hundreds have, build a sophisticate ecommerce site with Striking. It is a very popular theme for this purpose but gives the added ability of being a completely workable theme for regular purposes, a typical issue with a dedicated ecommerce theme.

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