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Wow cb-theme, this is a really sweet looking puppy with a lot of great options.. congrats
One thing that is MY personal opinion, I am not sold on the menu, is it easy to for example to make it fluid ( full width ) or even centered boxed, AND a level of transparency??
Great theme, and deserves a lot of sales… Good Luck.

Thanks, if you mean left menu area- in options no. Only in fixed/boxed width option. But you can add 2 css lines and its done.

Refreshing, neat and unique ideas. Welcome to the Forest.


Welcome and good luck with sales :)


Great Theme cd-theme,

welcome to the forest…you make a very impressive join…i will purchase your theme soon…

i wish you the best, Kind regards, xrisxal2000

Thanks, I hope you will find it appealing

i am sure about it! Just remember…the most important thing is support!!! Keep this in mind and you will be great.

Kind regads, xrisxal2000

Nice theme, congrats! The background images on the background pages are all broken on my end. Just a heads up

Thanks, I have just fixed it.

Anytime, my pleasure.

great theme, really nice work. good luck

Great theme. I like the background images. Where did you find them?

Free commercial stock mostly :)

Just purchased the theme! Do you plan on making this compatible with WooCommerce 2.0?

Hi, it is already. 2.0.7 compatible.

I have an issue with the theme, my web is http://eaods.com.mx. I tried to use the Demo Content. In the wordpress page appears Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /home/content/52/10459652/html/wp-content/themes/cb-stringer/inc/widgets.php on line 61. Thanks for your support.

Hi, update is on its way- waiting for approval.

How do I install revolution slider? I dont see a plugin file to install but the site keeps informing me that i must install it.

Hi, update is on its way- waiting for approval. For now you can find revolution slider in the theme folder/inc/revslider.zip . Unpack it and upload manually to /wp-content/plugins

Just purchased.

The theme is full of glitches. Your theme screwed up my entire wordpress installation when I tried to install demo content. I had to wipe it and then re-install it. Keeps giving me errors about

Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /home/firstcla/public_html/wp-content/themes/cb-stringer/inc/widgets.php on line 61

Warning: Cannot modify header information – headers already sent by (output started at /home/firstcla/public_html/wp-content/themes/cb-stringer/inc/widgets.php:61) in /home/firstcla/public_html/wp-includes/option.php on line 568

Warning: Cannot modify header information – headers already sent by (output started at /home/firstcla/public_html/wp-content/themes/cb-stringer/inc/widgets.php:61) in /home/firstcla/public_html/wp-includes/option.php on line 569

Update for it is on its way. You will receive email with information.

is this update going to be approved tonight?

download new file. It has been approved.

Hello, Just puchased, and I faced with all the problems are listed above. Finally, here is another one, what haven’t mentioned:

Import WordPress Failed to import Média “cb-stringer.zip” All done. Have fun! Remember to update the passwords and roles of imported users.

I tried all the packages you have sent. Could You tell me what’s wrong? Thank You, Zsolt

I have just send you a message. I see that you already imported demo content and everything is ok. You cannot import widget contents though. If you want you can copy them from documentation into correspoding widgets in wordpress dashboard. Then configure Revolution slider as you want and you are all done. If you need anything contact me again on email.

Thanks, Paul

Hi Paul, I found a bug in the template. There is a wrong image src calculation also on the demo site: http://cb-theme.com/demo/stringer/fermentum-lacus-elementum/ —> imagecreatetruecolor. Could You make a patch (not only a full package) to fix the problem? Thank You, Zsolt

Hi, thanks for the heads up. I have already submitted update. If you dont want to wait you will need to edit cb-single-templates.php file and change ’.$ph.’ in line 64 to just $ph.

Hi Everybody, quick info: Every slider besides Revolution Slider,Shortcodes and Page Builder work on featured images. You will need to add featured images to posts in some category and then select this category in slider settings.

Logo – When uploading make sure you select full size-not a thumbnail.

Any idea why when i upload my logo as a transparent png file it fills the transparent part with the color style color?

Heres what i did and i’m still getting the blue in the background .logo_demo {background:none!important;}

Please wait for updated package.

Ok, download now.

I have purchased dozen’s of themes from here. This is the most difficult and challenging theme to use to date by far. Can you please create a tutorial for us how to replicate the home page as your import does everything accept that page and you documents provide zero help with actually creating a page layout. The other page layouts are very easy to recreate. Your homepage however is very difficult and I’m confused why you wouldn’t of shown us how to have the front page since that is what we are paying for.

It is in the documentation. Copy widgets content into corresponding widgets in the wordpress dashboard.

Then only thing is to select posts category and sidebar in Stringer Settings->Home. In demo I have used Custom Menu Widget in sidebar. If you have any problem contact me on my profile.

First of all great theme but I’m having some troubles setting up.

I can’t add text layers on revolution slider. I also can’t have full screen slider on home page and revolution slider on the rest of my pages, in fact I can’t use full screen slider at all because I get the message to config revolution slider on my home page when I have it disabled. Very frustrating, any ideas?

Hi, thanks. 1. Layers- when editing slide click on captions and restore original css file. 2. Have you set up slider type in Stringer Settings->Slider? If you want to use page templates disable slider in Stringer Settings. If you have any questions message me from my profile. Paul

While editing a single slide in revolution slider click edit CSS file at the bottom and add in the popup

.tp-caption.clear {


or click restore original.

Hello, When i choose no tittle for my home page it takes away the slider. Any ideas why?

Hi, send me a message from my profile- your url and login details

I have a lot of issues with the theme:

1. Why can I Put the search bar in the home page? 2. The sidebar doesn´t appear. Anyone of the possible sidebars. 3. The wordpress category pages doesn´t appear properly 4. Why can I change the color in the middle part of my web?

My web is http://eaods.com.mx

Thanks for your support.

P.S. I already download the last version of the template.

Hey, I dont understand most of this but I will try my best :) 1. I have already told you that you can add search widget to top-widget area like in my demo. 2. Ok, have you set this up correctly? Is there any content in this sidebar? Is the sidebar set in stringer->home settings? or in sidebars tab? 3. ?? They appear correctly. You must have set someting not correctly. 4. ?? If you mean white background its inside styles tab- middle background. Thanks, Paul

PS. You dont have latest package.