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Hey again – Video playback question.

Is it possible – that when you click the video “play” button – that the player immediately goes to full screen without having to click on the bottom right “expand” button on the player.

Thanks again – Tony

Sheesh – sorry – 1 more.

When I create a link in a page for example: http://www.fairesasekiya.com/wp-content/resume/resume.pdf It works ok in Safari – but in Firefox the link tries to goto http://fairesasekiya.com/www.fairesasekiya.com/wp-content/resume/resume.pdf

And of course I get an error – how can I fix this please.

Cheers – Tony

not a theme question. Ask your host about this or read online about htaccess www redirection.

I am interested in buying this theme, however, I had some concerns about the “shop” section. I notice it says “WooCommerce Ready” what exactly does that mean? Also, I will be using this theme for a automotive accessory store, and will need to filter results by Year, Make and Model, is this possible with this theme?

Thanks, Nick

Of course, you can add image in wordpress editor- for example in post or page. And then link it where you want.

Thank you very much.

Not a problem

Is there a way to change the color of the middle tabs section of the homepage? It’s bright red in the demo, but the red showing up on my site is much duller. Thanks!

Im just asking because you dont have “purchase” badge. Color in demo is: #e42320 . Check out firebug for firefox and inspect element in chrome. This way you will see all the colors used on any website. Regards, Paul

Ah, that’s what I thought. Thanks for the help. Much appreciated!

Not a problem

Hi. How I do to have like your demo? I just tryed and it doesn’t appear the red squares like yours.

Thank’s Miguel

Hi, read the documentation. There are videos as well. If you dont see videos in the html file then download new stringer package from TF.

Note: Twitter API is no longer supported. You can however generate your own widget here: https://twitter.com/settings/widgets and then place your code in some widget.

Hi Support, firstly, excellent design! I would like to add the black and red tab below the banner like the demo site. Which shortcode provide the tab?

Thank You

in the documentation… /docs/stringer_documentation.html , if you dont see them download new package

So sorry there. there are no answer in the vid to the bar I am looking for. I am referring to div.htop_container which contain “Why Stringer”, “Still not convinced?” & “Buy Now on ThemeForest” in the live demo site. Sorry for the confusion. Is there a shortcode or widget to do that? thanks

Like before: “Hi Kenny, its in the documentation. Widget home-top-wide . Or just watch the videos. Paul”

And yes it is in the video.

Go to docs, go to demo widgets part, find home-top-wide and copy its contents, paste to appearance->widgets ->home-top-wide.

Even this is in the documentation

Where do I change the color of the back ground of the tabs section in the middle wide section?

Changing the over all color scheme changes it, but I just want to make the “bright-red” color of the active tab a little darker.


Sorry, one more quick question. How do I add a slide to the dragdealer slider? by default its not loading any.

its based on posts from a category. post must have featured image set. its in the documentation too i think.


Great looking theme if only I could get it to work. I have followed your information in the documentation and copied over the coding that you say to use for each of the sections on the homepage but the home-top-wide section on the homepage is not working. If I take this text code and place it in other widgets it shows up but will not work in the home-top-wide section at all.

If anyone else is having any issues with getting some of the widget areas to show up on the homepage as they do in the Live Preview – make sure you haven’t set any Static Page in the Reading settings.

Yes, its in the documentation :)

how to create a popup with the theme resources?

just use javascript or jquery, its not a theme question.

Got one problem with the theme.

If you change the “floating header area” to yes, and leave the “fixed position background” on yes. when you scroll down to the bottom of the page, then back up to the top, the header goes up a good bit higher than its starting point, and messes up the background image.

Any clue on how to make the header not go higher than its original starting point when you scroll down then up like that? I need to layout to stay consistent.


You can test what I’m seeing here: http://www.greylanstudios.com/Eagle/factoring/ Just scroll down about halfway, then back up. You’ll notice it.

Any luck on this so far?

Hi, i will upload new package this weekend

Hi, update just got approved.

Hi, when I try to insert the “recent tweets” widget this error appear:

( ! ) Warning: DOMDocument::load(http://api.twitter.com/1/statuses/user_timeline/con4biz.rss?count=4) [domdocument.load]: failed to open stream: HTTP request failed! HTTP/1.0 410 Gone in G:\Websites\Con4Biz\Consulting1\html\YS\wp-content\themes\cb-stringer\inc\widgets.php on line 569

Hi, read my previous comment. twitter disabled their api


I am having problems with menu when i see on smart phone. It doesn´t appear all. What should I do?

Yhank’s. Miguel

Hi Miguel, have you set up menu in the appearance menus? Main menu on the left on that page. If you did then try changing your main menu name to “main-menu”

Sooo…. I cannot get a user to post something other than Admin. I have tried every single other type of user none of them work. The page is just blank and I can’t type anything….

Thank you.

You are right, thanks for that. I will post update this weekend.

Hi, update just got approved.

The Revolution Slider was working just fine, then I got the error:

view (slides) error field image should not be empty

Now, no slides are visible on the homepage. I deactivated/re-activated, but the slider is not functioning.

Any solution, thoughts would be helpful.

Please send me an email with your login details. Thanks, Paul

Hi I am thinking of purchasing this, but just have one requirement that I need to meet. is there a way of displaying multiple images under a single “project/portfolio” detail page. such as using a slider for the image of each project.

Hi, single project/portfolio is just a post. So you can set header image like in the demo and then add some content via editor or page template. Slider, video, shortcodes etc..

When putting images in a table on a page they are distorting by being stretched horizontally. Is there a style for the images that is causing this and how can I override this setting? I’ve tried adding H+W values inline and it’s not working.

Hi, add class=”aligncenter” to the image.



I cant’ figure out why the navigation menu switches to only ‘HOME’ when shrunk to a screen size for a mobile device. Why won’t it display the main menu?



I only have one menu. The name of it is ‘Main’, however the permalink is main-menu. Should I actually change the name of the menu?

2 Options: 1. try changing name to main-menu. 2. Is that wp 3.6? If so there can be a problem. If there is one then i will post update this weekend.

Hi! I purchased your theme, but the icons do not seem to render in Firefox (ver 23.0). They render fine in any other browser. Any idea why that might be the case? Thanks for your time.

works fine for me, can you send a screnshot to my email? use my profile page

Couldn’t find a way to attach a file, only send a message – uploaded the screenshot to Dropbox here: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/11735456/ScreenShot2013-08-16.png This is Firebox 23.0 running on a Mac system (OSX 10.8.4). Thanks for taking the time to check it out.

Ive tested that and its ok, please send me your wordpress admin login details- use my profile page. Paul