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Having an issue with Jquery. I have seen it now on 4 computers I own on Chrome.

When you enter the website it says “blockUI requires jQuery v1.3 or later! You are using v1.10.2”

Update 2.. Never mind. I installed the plugin called “Jquery Updater” and it fixed the issue.


Thank for theme.

Hehe, ok.

This problem is from WooCommerce. Not related to the theme. Im sure they will post and update.

Hi , I tried to install the demo content from the theme option , but nothing installed , no pages like your demo is installed also the menu too any idea how i can fix this problem ? Thanks

i replied one hour ago…

Thanks , but cb-stringer.zip is failed to import it

You are talking about the theme zip package or zip you created with demo_content.xml only ?

Good morning.

I’m having an issue with a zoom feature on my portfolio page. Can I keep the images the same aspect ratio as the default image. They are currently zooming and changing aspect ratio. Please view http://skm-inc.com/dev/capabilties/ for example.

Yes, I need all the images the same aspect ratio as that image, and no zooming effect. Where is your profile page?

hi footer lower text widget content never show up , any idea what is the problem ? http://www.integritycorp.org/clients-testbed/sinai/ Thanks

Hi asamra, i see that you have “Copyright © 2013 Sinai Marble. All rights reserved.” in footer-lower already. btw: website looks very nice.

Please take a look at this page http://skm-inc.com/dev/capabilities-2/. I am trying to make it mimic the ajax portfolio page. The page is set to Portfolio and the option Ajax is selected.

“Yes, I need all the images the same aspect ratio as that image, and no zooming effect. Where is your profile page?”

Zooming effect- thats what I thought you meant. Send me an email with your login details again.

Much better. Thanks!


I’m contemplating buying this theme. Do you have any plans to release an update to make it wordpress 3.6 compatible?



Hi Bob, Stringer already is 3.6 compatible

ok, thanks!

Just heard from client that the text on this page isn’t showing at all to the right of the large image, once an item is clicked. She’s on a Windows machine running Google Chrome.


what windows and what chrome?

Windows 7, and just updated Chrome, so the most recent version.

Tested on 3 different computers and all is good. It may be some plugin related.


The following code only works properly if the woocommerce css styles are enabled. BUT, doing so, some css sections of the shopping template stop working properly.

code: [recent_products per_page=”12” columns=”4” orderby=”date” order=”desc”]

Could you help me to fix this issue? Thank you.

Hi, contact me via my profile page and post some urls to the elements you are talking about.

Hello, first of all I apologize for my english that is not the best. I’m a web designer and contact you on behalf of a customer that bought your theme (by the way, congratulations!). I installed the theme and content of default as per your instructions and everything seems to run fine, except for a few small things that do not work and we were not able to solve: - The thumbnail on the post is not generated (I tried using a different theme and in doing so creates them regularly). - In the revolution slider does not make us add layers, but if I try to add an image layer works - In the section of the menu I can not assign other menus created if the default I state that our installation runs on the last verisone available prior to 3.6. You can help us to understand or resolve the reason for these problems? Thanks in advance.


Hi, 1. Can be server related. It works 100%. 2. Click edit css and restore original css while editing single slide. 3. Try changing menu position(appearance->menus->menu location).

Nice theme, just bought it! Sorry about my poor english – I´m from Brasil and not so god with your language. The theme was working properly but now the slide images don´t load any more. I´m using the full screen slider in the home page – but none of the slides load images. Can you solve that for me please? Send login information to your mail box.


There is another bug… the menu doesn´t appears in smartphones. I liked your theme a lot, and want buy another, but I need help with these questions. =[

Menu- fixed, needed to change menu name. Front slider- send me your ftp details from my profile page

The menu bug was solved, thank you! But slider still not working! ftp details sent!

The slider still not working. Ftp details was sent to your mail box. thanx

I’m having a hard time getting the site to function and look good on mobile devices. Any advice?

Hi, sorry about late answer. Menu – try changing menu name to “main-menu” and assign it to Main Menu postition. Responsive behaviour- you can disable it by clearing css/responsive.css file in the theme directory.

I cleared the responsive behavior, but now the right 1/3 of the homepage is not viewable on my ipad. How can I make the responsive behavior work properly?

If you want you can show scroll by deleting “overflow:hidden;” from html,body in style.css on line 13.

Can you please help me with home slider? I´m using the Full Screen Slider, but none of them ar work. I did what you recommend but still not working. Sent the login ftp yesterdaty tou your profile. Thank you.

Menu is ok on mobile devices, just the slider that isná work – in any device! www.grcineaudio.com.br – I´ve done what you say and nothing.

Hi, i will upload new file to your server today. Sorry about the delay.

Does this theme have the facility to upload Documents and the let someone download them.such as sponsorship forms?.. And is there a form builder option?



No, but you can just upload document via wordpress media library and then insert them where you want. Or you can install media manager plugin (free). Regards, Paul


ZVD Purchased


The theme is great but doesn’t seem to work properly with NextGen gallery (blank pop-up on insert button). Is there any known workaround?


Theme does not invade any plugin or wordpress functionality. Its not written that way, so the problem must be related to something else.


ZVD Purchased

It’s theme related for sure. I’ve tried shutdown all other plugins and I test with Twenty Thirteen theme : no problem there. The problem only appear if I activate Stringer as a theme. Maybe it has something to do with the Add shortcode button in the text editor? It’s overlapping the NextGen button. Could it interfere with its display?

send me your wp login details (via my profile page) and describe what is exactly wrong. – In the message as well.

Hi, I told the was uploaded the file yesterday, but nothing until now. The sliders don´t work! Please, help me solve that bug. Thank you. Ftp info in sent to your mail box.

I have sent an email yesterday… Ftp details are not correct

sorry about that! the new ftp details in your box. thank you


How did you add this section http://screencast.com/t/2sqddGdM like you live preview?

Please contact me by skype randall_sa


Hi, Sorry, I downloaded again the theme and it is still 1.0 version.


Hi, dont look at the style.css info (or in apperance->themes). Version now on TF is the newest one.

import slider in Revolution slider settings dashboard- file is located in cb-stringer/docs/import/slider.txt

Thanks, Regards.


is a really nice theme, wis buy it but for me it is important to be compatible with WPML

It is, no wpml config file but every string is translable.


I love the look of your demo, but none of your documentation videos work. I have changed the quality to be lower thinking that it might help but I still keep getting an error. I tried figuring out how to set things up without them but nothing is working. Even my menu bar isn’t correct even though I changed the navigation and its 1 column but the tab bar isn’t in the black anymore. Here is a link to my clients website.

I hope you can please help :)


Oh and I can’t find the revolution slider plugin to install it.. I am not sure what is going on but I’m hoping the videos can be resolved so that hopefully they can fix all the problems I’m having..

Thanks again!

Hi again, I’m sorry but I’m panicking a bit, I have a deadline for this website and still nothing is working.

I finally got the revolution slider working, and suddenly I have an error. I did not change anything.

Also my navigation bar isn’t working even thought I set it as the main menu.

and none of the documentation videos are working so I have nothing to work off of.

Hi, thanks for contacting us. Support is handled here: http://support.cb-theme.com/ Post any questions on our platform, but first check other threads or use search function at the top of the website. Videos are working, do you have internet connection when viewing them? or maybe some security plugin or antivirus is blocking them. Revolution slider- go to stringer->slider and choose the correct slider name. Nav bar- change the name to main_menu and then go to apperance->menus and set menu location (second tab at the top) other question- please go to our support platform