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Is there a preview for the page instead of screenshots ?

I just noticed the live preview missing. The file just got approved, so I’m wondering it’s on it’s still being updated. Anyways, I’ve logged a request for the update and should hopefully get the live preview soon.

A lot of people are posting new html templates without live preview.

I for one would not consider a template with a live preview attached.

A lot of people are posting new html templates without live preview.

I for one would not consider a template with a live preview attached.

I’m sure he meant to have a Live Preview up and running, he clearly wanted it to be available.

Looks like a really nice theme, anyway. Good luck with sales, looking forward to the preview :)

Nice. Would like to see the Live Preview though. You just need to click EDIT and put your URL there :)

Kudos, very nice. Can you post a link to an external html site, until T….Forest updates your upload? Bookmarked.

This template is awesome!

One question: How can I set up the tweet-text-section to import my latest tweets auto”magic”ally???

Here’s a tutorial on how it can be done using jQuery (which is already included and being used for the effects): http://www.carronmedia.com/display-your-latest-twitter-update-with-jquery/

Here’s a link to an offsite live preview for the default red version of the theme: http://bogawat.com/strokes/

I’ve marked this for edit, but till the time that happens, please check it out here. My apologies for the mix up.

Ok, the live preview is up now. I didn’t realize just adding the URL in the ‘Edit’ form will update it without going back for a review. Anyways, it’s there now. Should hopefully help sales a bit. :-)

first of all really gr8 stuff just too cool….one question does it work in IE7 ?

It does, except the transparency effect on the navigation links. Please do let me know if you come across.

is it possible to put this into some kind of CMS ?

Like cms ms ?

Sorry WL4 , I’m not exactly failiar with cms ms. But it should be easily possible to integrate in an LMS . The theme is basically a single HTML file with CSS styling, so as long as a CMS supports that, it should be fine.

Sorry, I meant CMS , not LMS . :-)

Is it possible to increase the number of images shown in my work? such as an arrow to a next page or some kind?

It should be possible, although I haven’t built it in. Each set of images is an unordered list, so it can be converted into a slider using jQuery.

this is so nice… great work mate…

There are problems with IE 7 . The right content hang over the transparent image effect. The pictures in the gallery are not in line.

Thanks for the purchase, Roland. As discussed over e-mail, the issue should be resolved now. I will be posting an update on ThemeForest soon.

Year! Great support and very fast.


Media Social Icons by Kadom.net :)

Yes. It includes icons from: 1. Glyphish 2. Kadom 3. Function social media icons

I reviewed this item in IE 7 and see the same problems that Roland discussed. Has this issue been resolved?

I’ve fixed the live preview now and raised an update request with ThemeForest. The template files should be updated sometime today.

I’m trying to figure out how to add prettyPhoto to this so I can play videos from the works section. Would I need to remove the slider application in order to get the prettyPhoto css to work properly?

here is what I’ve been trying (just borrowed the prettyPhoto code from another of my sites). Any suggestions? I’m a total newbie.


link rel=”stylesheet” href=”css/prettyPhoto.css” type=”text/css” media=”screen” title=”prettyPhoto main stylesheet” charset=”utf-8” />

Great item, dead simple and easy to follow by design and use.

great work