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Are you able to edit the “about me” to say “About us”?

Sure. All the text is editable.

I just downloaded Strokes! but can’t find any manual or documentation inside the zip. Since I am only familiar with WordPress – where can I find a guide in how to set this thing up?

Thanks a lot!

There should be a folder called ‘strokes_help’ in the downloaded ZIP , with a ‘index.html’ file inside. This should get you started. Please feel free to send me an e-mail if you need any help. My e-mail ID is included in the help file.

is the psd of the design included? Yep in opera there is problem with the alignment.

Yes, the PSD is included with the template. I can provide more help with editing if required. As for the Opera issue, there is a simple fix courtesy bigguszeddus in the comments.

Awesome template!

Few questions before I buy this. Can I increase the width of the left and right element? I tried it using firebug and the text adjusts but the background images (the ones giving curved borders) remain the same. Can they be modified? I am no expert so I might be wrong about them being images.

Also are they using any HTML 5 tags that they might not work as expected in older browsers?

I’m glad you like the template. Thanks!

The background is in fact an image, but the PSD is included in the template, so one can easily change the width and them make the necessary changes in the CSS .

The template was built before HTML5 was all the craze and therefore does not use any of the newer tags.

I have a similar question to sabman83. I want to shift both the left and right div to the right and increase the size of the right div content to be wider. How would I do that? I tried a couple of things, but I kept jacking it up. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

The background is an image, so resizing it should be straightforward using the included PSD file. If you need help making changes to the CSS , please feel free to send me a message from my profile page with the specific issue and I would be glad to help every way possible. Thanks!

Thanks for your reply.

I plan to use it as an informational website for an open source project. It would have general information about the project, videos, links to other websites, documentation and so on. Do you think getting the Regular License would be okay for my use?

Also, is it okay to change the background image?

Sure! The regular license allows you to use the template for one project in any way you like. You can change the background and pretty much anything else you want.

I am trying to get the twitter feed to work. I am not sure how to do that. Did you provide instructions anywhere for that?

Also, I am trying to get the message box to work and am having trouble.


The template is pretty much all HTML & CSS with some jQuery functionality for the transitions, etc. If you can send me a message from my profile page at http://themeforest.net/user/abogawat/profile (or to the e-mail ID in the help file), I can try and help you with those over e-mail.

hi, wonderful template. a question: In Work section there are images with href to bigger images… through lightbox… in websites section i like to link images directly to the websites….i’ve tried to edit href tag but it open lightbox scripts loading nothin… what can i do? thanks and sorry for my english

If you do not want the lightbox at all, you can disable it by commenting or deleting the tag under <!- Lightbox implementation -> in the HTML . In case you need something more specific, please send me a message (from my profile page or the e-mail ID in the template’s help doc) so that I can provide an appropriate solution. Thanks!

i don’t want lightbox only for last 3 images…. i need to link them to websites… if i comment tag it disable lightbox for all images

In that case, we will need to make some minor changes in the code. Could you please send me a message so that I can get back to you with the updates? Thanks!

I’m trying to find out if this template can be used for video clips in the “my work” section. I see the lightbox comes up and they are all images, can I insert a video there?

The lightbox plugin I’ve used in the template doesn’t support videos, but I can help you switch to one that does. Matter of swapping out some markup in the HTML .

Thank you for your quick reply. I purchased the theme this evening. I’ll play around with it, is there a place I could find the code you mentioned about the video lightbox? Thanks.

Thanks, Tubaboy! Just send me a message from my profile page, or to the e-mail ID in the help document, and I’ll share the necessary details. If you have made some changes to the template, send me the files, so that I can guide you directly on it.

i have 2 question

what is this for ?cufon-yui ?

and why i can’t see menu in ie – in this link


but i can see them in safari

I’m using Cufon for font replacement, so that I can use the custom fonts for the navigation and some other elements. It was broken in IE9 for some reason, although it is fixed now. Was a matter of updating the JS file. Check out the preview now.

Can you provide the bg images without “my home” being embedded in the image? It would really be nice…as I do not own Photoshop and it would take me quite a while to remove this from the image.

Sure Amanda! Just send me a mail from my profile page on themeforest or to the e-mail ID in the theme’s help file, and I’ll send you the background without the text (or with whatever else you want the text to read).


The 4 navigation/links menu options on the left do not work in Internet Explorer.

Can you please contact me with the fix?

Thanks in advance!!


Site seems to not work at random times – the sliding aspect of it…. I would like to send you the site but would like to not post his site in the form. Please send me your email address so i can contact you directly and i will give you the url.

my client is disapointed, please help!


Please use the contact form at the bottom of my profile page at http://themeforest.net/user/abogawat to send me the URL of your site. My e-mail ID is also included in the help file that came as part of the template download.

Hi there – first of all thanks for your work! But I have a little problem: My name is too long… It splits into two lines. And the spacing is not right. Could you please check and tell me what to do? I tried a few things, but it didn’t work… (www.annikrubens.de)

You will need to reduce the font size of the text to make sure it fits in the available space. I can send you a modified version of the background with your name if you want. Just send me a message from the contact form my profile page at http://themeforest.net/user/abogawat so that I have your e-mail ID.

Hi Can we add more portfolio items, and also i need to add vimeo and youtube vidoes unde rportfolio in lightbox, (when you click on the thumbnail it shoul dopen the video in lightbox)

is it possible?


Adding more portfolio items should be possible, but there will be some minor CSS tweaking required to make that section scrollable. The lightbox script I’ve used is pretty basic, so to support videos, you might need to replace it with another jquery plugin that does.

Hello, I’m having a problem trying to get the social media icons to show.

I haven’t edited much of the files, but when I uploaded everything it just doesn’t seem to show the icons next to the text.

Nvm I fixed it.

I go to install theme and then upload the .zip file from my desktop. problem is here – it tries to connect to my domain and keeps on trying until it times out I guess. I tried with a much lighter theme (size wise) but it still just goes on forever. Any Ideas? tnx

Not sure if I’m getting this right, but are you uploading just the ZIP file directly to the server? You need to extract the template files from the ZIP , edit the HTML to your content and then upload those files to the server so that index.html is in the root of your web server’s public folder.