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Demo not working !!!

Your comment is extremely distasteful, if your going to make comments like this:

  1. Provide an explanation of why it isn’t working.
  2. Provide some insight of your browser environment your using.
  3. Make sure your comments are truthful.

Demo works fine there isn’t anything wrong with it.

How well this theme is SEO optimized? Just wondering, because parallax styled sites are nightmare for Seo, but this theme seems to be much simplier versus parallax sites. Wanna be sure before i buy.

This template does provide some parallax style effects although they are simply CSS3 effects.
There is no need to worry about SEO nightmares :)

This theme ROCK$!! I like your design Style ThemeDreams… any chance you may be doing any WP version..?!

:) Ill keep it updated!

By the way SO uncool of MetroThemes to say (and THIS is a Theme designer!! jeez of all people who should know #NOTCool) #Hater I checked multiple times and always worked great laptop and smoooth on my iphone!

Hello ThemeDreams,

Very nice theme and I have enjoyed working with it. Client is thrilled. One question I have is a css question concerning the H3 headings.

In design.css line numbers 75-100, we have the section css. When I Inspect Element (right click Chrome browser). I see that the browser appears to be reading the last section first and assigning it to all sections. The site is giving preference to section.sendit, line 97 on design.css for all of these classes.

If I move the actual css code for section.sendit up to before section.light then it reads section.light for all the classes. It seems to be reading the last first and applying it to all of them.

Can you have a look at this?

Basically section.sendit seems to be overriding all the other sections because of it’s place (last of the sections, line 97) in the design.css file.


I have viewed your request and don’t completely understand what it is you are trying to achieve?

Hey, really? No response.

I’m going to guess you’re on vacation or you looked at this and figured…ah..yeah..too much work.

People, know that this theme limits your ability to make easy changes. It is what it is..15 bucks..Not bad for the price. But not completely supported.

Yes, Vacation is correct.

Also your announcement is extremely negative. “Limits your ability to make easy changes”.

You have full control over the source, nothing is restricted nor blocked from anyone making changes to the theme. You can change the theme anyway you wish.

If you need some changes made that are beyond your capability of basic CSS and HTML I am available for freelance work.

Any way to work around the jquery.tweet.js? Apparently this doesn’t work anymore.

I will be pushing an update, you can no-longer use the Twitter 1.0 API.

Very good looking design. I have a problem with contact form. I edited my mail on the mail-it.php form, however it did not work. Would you please inform me. Thanks

are you sue you have send-mail capable on your server? send me a link

Great template. It seems there is an issue on smaller screen sizes. Blank space appears between the nav bar and the first section (fine on desktop). Also, is it possible to have the navigation button (the one that appears for mobile) appear on the same bar as the logo instead of creating a new bar as this takes space away from the content on mobile devices.

It seems the email form is also not working for me.

Does the mailchimp newsletter look the same like that template? Thanks

You can manage html email templates through the MailChimp interface.

Will this theme work with wordpress? and if so how?

My client likes your template but is there a way to make the page breaks be straight rather than jagged pattern that’s on the demo. Thanks in advance.

I hope you’re still offering support :)

Nice looking template, but please don’t say it’s IE6 compatible when it’s not. I tested this in IE6 and not only did it look really bad but it also crashed the browser.