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Very nice!

¡Gracias hermano!

A nice addition to the Email Template Category.



There’s a blue line at the bottom of the box, which I don’t think’s meant to be there, apart from that though, nice.

good eye… will update

is it possibel to add this styled email into php Code?

I’m not sure if that is possible, but rule of thumb for html mail is that you code it like it’s 1999. I would assume not, but you can try.

Does this have inline styles? My understanding is this is necessary for deployment from deployment applications…



I like this template. My question iis how easy – or difficult – it is to install for use with Gmail?

Do you provide installation directions?


Hafiz lukemuhammad@gmail.com

To use this template you would edit it using an HTML editor of your choice. You can edit the header with Photo Shop. When ready to send you would use a campaign email client like campaignmonitor.com. Then you are able to send emails to all you want.

Hello I opened up the psd for this header and was able to make adjustments. i did the save for web and devices and obtain the png for the header. When I place the header into the html ready folder it does not have the transparent background and the formatting does not look correctly.

Can you provide some step by step instructions on how to customize and export the header from the psd file?