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Hi Imaginem, Awesome work, is it possible to place a search box on any of the pages (especially the homepage) but NOT in the footer. Love the mini slideshow in post feature 5*. Rgds AL


You can place a search box in the home page by editing the index.php and placing the search code. The search bar can be added by placing search widgets from wp-admin or inserting it manually – the code can be found in the sidebar.php file.

Thanks :)

Thanks for creating such a great template. I want to have the light skin for the Wordpress version, but before buying, can you confirm for me that the accordion sliders can be set to “auto” slide, and do not have to be clicked on by the user before sliding?

Thanks for your time.

Cheers! Mike

Hi Mike,

The accordion works on Hover, so in a way the users don’t need to click to move them. Auto sliding is not supported with the accordion slider.

Thanks :)

Finnaly :)

Few questions, if you can take time to answer, please.

- Studiobox featured style: what kind of options are there?

- if I want few pictures to scroll there, must they be marked as “featured” or some kind of category? Not possible to enter 4-5 pictures mannualy?

- is it possible to have on first page all three boxes as latest three posts from blog?

- how are the images used? One size for everything? Automatic resize?

- how are images in Advertisement setting resized? I should do it mannualy or it is automatic?

Thanks for reply.


1) The featured style has -Accordion Slides -Loop Slider -Gallery Slideshow

2) I’ve set it so that Categories can be featured. This way you can have a Category for example called Featured, which can then be set to be used for the Home page featured. Any items added to this would be picked up by the theme and displayed there.

3) It’s One size for all mostly. The Post gallery needs images as attachments set to size as you can have them displayed in full-width too. I’ve set it this way so that the Post Gallery can be used on Wordpress Multi-user editions which use a slightly different uploads path for media. So except those its One size for all images.

4) Advertisement images need to be set to size manually.

Thanks :)

Hi – I found the detailed installation instructions (Help Guide) but I am really lost regarding the cache folder. I manually adjusted the permissions for the cache folder and for the new folder that I created called ‘scripts’ (which I put under wp-contents – both folders now have 777 permissions). The scripts folder has the original source code for the TimThumbPHP script.

My questions are:

1. Did I put the scripts folder in the right place? (Under WP-Contents)

2. Where does the code below go?

img src="/scripts/timthumb.php?src=/images/whatever.jpg&h=150&w=150&zc=1" alt=""

I’m laboriously finding my way as I try to set up this theme. I am not a web developer, but I have been tweaking my blog templates for a few years so I can get around one with a little assistance. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks! Sue


1. Studiobox WP theme already has timthumb.php file in its theme folder. All files relevant to the theme are in the studiobox folder. Everything required for the theme to work is preinstalled. There is no need to manually download files. You’ll only need to activate theme for it to work. I’ve mentioned on the files in use in the Help file as a guide for further customization.

2. I didn’t understand your point 2 question. The theme uses dynamic requests based on the image to display and resize. It’s already coded to the theme.


Thanks for your prompt reply. #2 was based on the instructions given on the Tim Thumb PHP script site that your help guide sent me to so I guess it isn’t relevant anymore since you are saying that I don’t have to do that manually.

I am unable to get any images to appear on the slider/gallery on the front page and I am unable to get any of the images to resize or appear as a mini gallery. I do not know why.

I did send an email to you through your profile describing the difficulties I am having and giving you a link to my website so that you can see what I am talking about.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. It is a beautiful template – I just don’t seem to understand how to make it operate correctly (been at it for hours already).

Thank You!


I checked your website and it seems you have a jquery conflict. Could you disable all the plugins you’ve activated and then switch them back on one by one to see what’s causing the conflict. Once resolved you’ll have the featured section working.


Thanks so much – it was one of the plugins. I expect the rest of the setup to be relatively easy. Your prompt support is most appreciated!

Cheers :)


Post Options error generated in the edit of the post. It seems to be an error of CSS . I use WP version 2.9.2.

I used the same WP version. It works well for me. I also checked on WP MU edition with no problems. Will check on it though.


Beautiful theme! Thanks so much for all your hard work.

I’m using the skin that’s light red. Could you tell me where I would change the background color from black to a dark grey?

And could you explain in more detail how to do a list with links in the footer, as you show in your example.

Many thanks.

You can find the file bg.png in the images folder. Over-writing this file with your image will change the background image of the theme. You can also find individual skin files in the images/skin folder under its own folder name.

The Links can be created from WP-admin. You’ll find the choices listed in the sidebar under Links ( After the Post creation Options ). You can create the links and add them to Link Categories of your choice. This category of links can be displayed by adding the Link Widget to the footer section and choosing which category of links you want displayed from the Widget options.

Hope this was helpful.


Thanks for your great work. This was well worth the wait.

Could you please tell me how to make the 3 boxes at the bottom link to a particular page rather than the category page.

And how to remove the portfolio and gallery pages and if there is a way to make pages full width.

Thanks again


Edit index.php

The category blocks start from line 42 to line 94

You can change all the <a href="to-your-page-path"> so it will link to your pages.

If you meant remove the portfolio and gallery links from the menu you can do it through the theme options.

Make sure you downloaded the latest, i’ve done an upgrade which gives you more control over the menu. It will let you populate all categories and pages plus exclude any categories or pages from within it.


This is beautiful theme, I have a question. Is it possible to have the homepage slider AND the blog posts on the main page? Obviously with customization, but I need to have a rotating image up top with the blog postings below on the main page. Would that be very hard to implement? Thank you for your time.


Could you send me a mail via my profile. I’ll try to send you instruction for this change. It would not be so difficult to have the post-summary list displayed anywhere as i’m using it as a separate function file. It’s in the includes folder by the name post-summary.

Do leave a message.


Hi There,

I’m interested in purchasing this theme but have a few questions first. Instead of an image and caption, would it be possible to pull in various featured blog posts into the slider? Similar to this example (image, heading, paragraph) but using the slider effect:

I’m very much interested in the funtionality rather than the design or layout. My design is quite different, have you designed the theme with flexiblity and adaptability in mind?

One final thing, I’ve noticed you’ve no current or selected states built into the menu, would this be fairly straight forward to implement.

Thanks for you help.


That would require customization of the slider to pull in the title from the post. Customizing of the CSS styles for the slider would also be required. It can be adapted to have that function with the changes.

The selected states and pages are set to be displayed as a heading category title in within the page – this was done as the menu supports subcategories and categories within the subcategories too which can be difficult to have selected states to be highlighted.



Great template. Very elegant.

Question: I don’t want to use ‘Portfolio’ or ‘Gallery’ top nav menu options, I would rather they be named something else to serve our purposes. Is there a PHP file or a setting or a page setting that I’m missing? I can add pages of course, but can’t get rid of ‘Portfolio’ or ‘Gallery’.

Thanks so much.


You can populate all categories while excluding the ones you don’t want to appear. This way you can customize the categories that are in the menu.

The other method would be to edit menu.php file in the includes folder.

You’ll notice the Portfolio and Gallery words in Lines 18 and 33. Rename them to your preference.

Thanks :)

Thanks so much!

Nice theme. Just wondering why certain text (or is it text flattened into an image?) on the site is previewing quite pixelated. For example, the “products”, “company”, “about” at the top of the footer area.


The theme uses cufon font replacement. It renders nicely in all my tests. Cufon is also one of the best as it does the replacement while keeping the texts readable by search engines in the source code. Good for SEO .


Hi, congrats on a very nice looking theme. On the “Gallery” page, each time the slide show moves to a new image, the page refreshes and jumps back to the top, which makes it pretty impossible to read anything that’s below the slider. Is there away to resolve that?


The Gallery slideshow stays in focus when it’s in autoplay. When a thumbnail is clicked it sets auto play and focus off – the galleria script puts it in this mode once in autoplay.


Could I ask what jquery gallery you use? I’d like to find out more about it before I purchase so I understand how flexible it is it my requirements.

Thanks again, Matt

Hi Matt,

It uses the galleria plugin for the gallery slideshow. I’ve added some extra features to it and comes packed with the theme.


Why does the whole site shift a quarter inch when switching between gallery categories? A glitchy image appears as well. Not very visually appealing. I love your theme, just picky when it comes to things like this. Is there a way to fix this?


Sorry i didn’t notice such. The site for me stays intact. Maybe it’s the live-preview iframe bar on top that’s causing it? I tested the site with it too, doesn’t occur.

Hey Imaginem, you were right. When I disabled the iframe bar the issue stopped. Thanks.

I sent you an email through your profile – but I figured out the issue by reading the comments here. Contact-Form-7 causes the Jquery conflict that doesn’t allow the image to be shown.

Any work around? since you need that plugin for the contact page right?


I’ve provided a Contact Page template that is jquery validated and sends mail without reloading the page. You can set the contact template by Creating a New Page and selecting the contact form as the template. No need of Contact 7 plugin to get it working.


Yea – I got that working initially, but then your help file mentioned contact-form-7 and thats why I installed that plugin.

Anyway, all well now!

Thanks :)

How do i remove the top links, portfolio, gallery and blog.

I only want to show selected links.

Also how do you make pages full width.



One way is to populate all categories to the menu and excluding those you don’t want there through theme options.

Manual method is to edit menu.php file in the includes folder.

Remove Lines 18 to 49

To have fullwidth you need to create a Page and select fullwidth as the template.